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Monday/Wednesday: 8-10 pm

The Davis Wushu at UC Davis is a recreational club formed in the year 2000 by students who wanted to train Wushu. The club is a Chinese martial arts club that focuses on flexibility, strength, endurance, as well as traditional and contemporary forms. Throughout the year, the club participates in performances, exhibitions, and competitions. We welcome members of all levels of experience.

Be sure to check the first Facebook link for events and practices on our calendar!

An attendance photo from Winter 2015.

Past Events

  • Collegiate Wushu Championships, 2000 to 2015
  • CMAT at UC Berkeley, 2000 to 2015
  • Davis Dance Revolution 2015, Traditional Category - 3rd Place

Regular Performances

  • Paul Hom Asian Clinic
  • VSA Lunar New Year Celebration
  • APIDME Welcome Week
  • Basketball Half-Time
  • Tae Kwon Do Tournament Intermission
  • Picnic Day Multicultural Children's Fair


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