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Size: About 10.5 square miles Elevation: appx. 50' above sea level County: Yolo County Nearest major city: Sacramento Geography: Not quite flat


Population: 65,622 (as of 2010), not including the on-campus population of 5,786 (2010) UCD Student Population: about 32,500 (appx. 25,000 undergrads and 7,500 grad/professional students) Median income: $42,454 (source: 2000 US Census) General political leanings: mostly liberal, 'progressive' in the city core, trailing to other shades of mostly liberal as you head toward the outskirts.

Racial breakdown: 2010: 64.9% White, 2.3% Black or African American, .5% American Indian or Alaska Native, 21.9% Asian, .2% Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander, 5.4% bi/multi-racial, 4.8% other. "Hispanic or Latino" is considered an ethnicity and is supposed to be chosen in addition to one of the previous categories; 12.5% self-identified as Hispanic or Latino.

2000: 70.1% White, 2.3% Black or African American, .7% American Indian or Alaska Native, 17.5% Asian, .2% Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander, 4.9% bi/multi-racial, 4.3% other. In addition, 9.61% self-identified as Hispanic or Latino.

Education: According to a 2006 CNN Money Magazine article, Davis is the second most-educated city in the US with 34.6% of residents having graduate degrees.


Mayor: Joe Krovoza Chancellor of UC Davis: Linda Katehi


Year founded: 1866 (as 'Davisville') Incorporated: 1917 UC Davis opens: 1908 For more info, see Town History and Davis Timeline.


Zip Codes: 95616, 95618 Area Code: 530


Climate: Mediterranean climate


Spring: 60-70 degrees in early spring, to lower 80's in late spring; some rain Summer: Mid 80's to over 100 degrees; very dry Fall: 70-80 degrees in early fall, 50-60 degrees in late fall; occasional rain Winter: 50-60 degrees in early winter, freezes occasionally at night; rainy (snow is rare)

Other Facts

Official designations: "Bike City, USA", "A nuclear-free zone" Emblem: The old-tyme two-wheeled bicycle, also known as a penny-farthing Sister Cities: Inuyama, Japan; Qufu, China; Uman, Ukraine; Wuxi, China; Los Banos, The Philippines; Sang-Ju, South Korea; Munoz, The Philippines; Rutilio Grande, El Salvador Well-known for: UCD, bike-friendliness, Picnic Day, the Toad Tunnel, very flat topography, the Whole Earth Festival, summer heat over 100 degrees