The DeCarli Room is one of the meeting rooms on the second floor of the Memorial Union. It is named in honor of Dean DeCarli. The DeCarli room was located on the second floor through the MUII lobby. The DeCarli room was equipped with a drop down screen and projector that could be used in meetings for an additional $15 charge for student groups and $50 charge for campus departments. This upgrade could be made through Events Services  and would be set up by the Information Desk Attendant prior to the meeting. The set up of the room included six rectangular tables and two half-round tables that sit roughly 20 people. The set up could be changed with your reservation, popular set ups include lecture style with rows of individual chairs and a podium at the front of the room or panel style including rows of individual chairs and a panel set up in the front of the room. 

While the DeCarli Room was not reserved, it is open for study spaces. Included in the room was a white board that students have access too. If students needed dry erase markers or erasers, the Information Desk would check them out to you. All you needed to do is ask and provide your Aggie Card as collateral which you would get back once you have returned the markers and eraser. Thirty minutes prior to reservations, the Information Desk Attendant would ask you to leave the room in order to clean and set up the room for the reserved meeting. 

Closed for Construction 

As of June 30th, the DeCarli and Smith rooms were both closed for construction of the Chicanx and Latinx Retention Center. These space where these rooms will be remodeled as a meeting room and offices for the retention center. The current plan is to relocate the DeCarli meeting room into the MU II lobby space and the Smith meeting room to the fourth floor in the old Operations office.