Sometimes you just don't feel like leaving your den. For those times, it's nice to know that there are businesses offering delivery in Davis, including restaurants, grocery stores, and florists.


Everyone is familiar with pizza delivery, but restaurant delivery hasn't caught on as much. Wouldn't it be nice if someone compiled a list of such restaurants so that next time the fridge is empty but you're too tired/busy/drunk to go somewhere and get food, you knew what your options were? Indeed it would be. Phone to confirm details as this list gets out-of-date. Some places even support online ordering.

List restaurants with phone numbers, delivery charges, minimum orders, hours, and any delivery area restrictions (for example, some may not deliver to West Davis past Highway 113, or to South Davis past Pole Line Road.)




  • Kathmandu Kitchen — $4.00 delivery charge for both lunch and dinner time, online ordering system

Yeti Restaurant — Free delivery for orders over $30.


             Cindy's Kow Thai $3 fee minimum $15, whole menu available including         American food 

  • KetMoRee — $20 delivery minimum, $5 delivery charge for orders under $40
  • Thai Recipes —$5 delivery charge for orders under $40


  • Farmer's Kitchen Cafe — Online ordering for lunch and dinner - for pre-paid subscribers. Gluten free.

Grocery Stores

  • Safeway - Safeway delivers within Davis and often has some special or coupon which makes delivery free (e.g., free delivery on your first order, or with a minimum purchase). Delivery is free for orders of $150 -just enter the promo code "FREEMR", it's all on their web site. Here is their undiscounted delivery price structure:
    • $9.95 - Delivery within 2 hours
    • $7.95 - Delivery within 4 hours
    • $4.95 - Delivery for orders over $150 (presumably within 2 hours?)
    • Coupon Code: FREEDEL4 - Free delivery with $50 order (possibly expired)