Delta Phi Omega Sorority Inc. - South Asian Interest Sorority


Nationally: December, 6 1998

Locally: February 24, 2010

Delta Phi Omega is a local South Asian interest sorority at UC Davis. Our five points of focus, our Pillars: * Sisterhood * Respect * Honesty * Loyalty * Friendship

"Sincerity of conviction and purity of motive will surely gain the day, and even a small minority, armed with these is surely Destined to Prevail against all Odds." -Swami Vivekananda

Purpose and Mission

The purpose of Delta Phi Omega shall be to foster unity among South Asian women, build community awareness, and gain a greater understanding of oneself and others. The sorority aspires to instill leadership traits, excel in all academic endeavors, to encourage an active relationship between the sorority and its respective university, and shall do so with the utmost compassion, dignity, and fortitude.


Delta Phi Omega Sorority, Inc. is steadfast in its mission to transcend the traditional notions of a sorority by utilizing the power and passion of our sisterhood. This mission is put to action in every colony and chapter across the United States, creating a collective force of positive social change on both the college campus and surrounding communities. Through our commitment to service, the sisters of Delta Phi Omega reach beyond the box of university life, remaining connected to the world around them and proactive in efforts of human progress.

Our Partners in Philanthropy

  • ASHA FOR EDUCATION: Asha for Education is a secular organization dedicated to change in India by focusing on basic education in the belief that education is a critical requisite for socio-economic change. In keeping with this focus, volunteers are involved with and support projects that are secular and have an education-related component to them.
  • PRATHAM: Since inception the goal of Pratham has been to ensure that "every child is in school...and is learning well". Over a 9 year period Pratham has reached out to a million children. An accelerated learning method, in which an unlettered child starts reading and computing basic mathematics in 3 weeks, has been in use since late 2002 and has taught over 160,000 children since then to become literate.
  • CARE: CARE is a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty that places special focus on working alongside poor women because, equipped with the proper resources, women have the power to help whole families and entire communities escape poverty. Women are at the heart of CARE's community-based efforts to improve basic education, prevent the spread of HIV, increase access to clean water and sanitation, expand economic opportunity and protect natural resources. CARE also delivers emergency aid to survivors of war and natural disasters, and helps people rebuild their lives.

DPO Facts

  • Colors: Red, Black, and Silver
  • Gems: Diamond and Red Ruby
  • Flower: White Orchid
  • Mascot: Bengal Tiger
  • Motto: We Dreamt, We Saw, We Conquered
  • Number of Chapters and Colonies: 50
  • Number of Affiliated Schools: 54
  • Total Membership: 2000 +



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