122 B Street (near Fast And Easy Mart)
Saturday & Sunday 7:30 am - 2pm
Monday, Tuesday 7:30am - 4 pm
Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 7:30am - 11pm
Brunch Every Day 7:30am - 2pm
Happy Hour Daily 3pm - 6 pm
Dinner Wend 5:30pm - 10pm
(530) 753-8639
January 1993
Payment methods
Cash, credit or debit cards

Delta of Venus has reopened after its COVID-19 closure!

Delta of Venus
is an independent coffee shop, restaurant and pub in downtown Davis. In addition to coffee and espresso drinks, the Delta serves food all day for vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores. It also serves a range of beer and wine (and mimosas!). There's wireless Internet and a bunch of books you can browse through.

The Delta serves organic, fair trade coffee from Davis' own Pepper Peddler, organic tofu from Sacramento Tofu Co., and fresh bread from Davis' Village Bakery and Sacramento Baking Co.

Be aware that if you drive to Delta of Venus, don't park in spots designated for Dr. Tomaich's practice next door. They're pretty nice about it, and they have been known to leave notes of admonishment on cars' windshields (which is better than having your car towed).


There is a really nice outdoor patio area that's great for sitting and shooting the breeze. The place has a social atmosphere, and is one of the only cafe in Davis to serve alcohol. It's a place for friends and good times.

This is what the average delta employee looks like. Smoking is clearly prohibited by Davis Municipal Code/34.02.010 both inside and outside in the patio area. There is much discussion on the subject.

Live music has been an important element of Delta of Venus from the start, with historic past performances by Jolie Holland, Ozomatli, Fred Frith, Jason Webley, Brightblack Morninglight, and many others. In 2004, KDVS DJ Michael Leahy began his now famous "Down at the Delta" folk series, featuring local favorites the Mad Cow String Band, as well as regional and national touring acts such as Sean Hayes, Hillstomp, The Devil Makes Three, Tom Brousseau, Obo Martin, Iron and the Albatross and even Shannon and the Clams back in the day. This scene quickly established itself as one of the best kept secrets in Northern CA live music. In 2005, KDVS DJ BrendanBoyle started the continuing "KDVS Presents..." shows, featuring independent touring acts of wide acclaim and variety. See the list of past performers at the Delta.

The California Aggie did a feature piece on Lee Walthall, owner of The Delta. Sacramento News & Review declared the Delta "Best place to rediscover Sacramento's Americana scene" in its 2005-09-29 issue. Michael Leahy gets a mention as well.


The Delta is actually a hybrid restaurant and coffeehouse. Studiers and other people who just want to linger over a cup of coffee are welcome, but there is a big selection of hot and cold food if you want it, which varies by time of day and day of the week (be sure to know the schedule if you plan to come for something specific to avoid disappointment).

There are many vegetarian and vegan options. The most distinctive offering is the Caribbean menu, offered weekday evenings. Brunch is available seven day a week. See the menu for full details.


Delta of Venus was opened in January 1993 by Ruth Fankushen and Audrey Park. There was no espresso machine, just brewed coffee, wheat walnut bread, and live music on the tiny "Willow Stage" in one corner. Fifteen years later, it has become a Davis institution. There have been three changes of ownership in that time, but the overall "vibe" of the place has remained same, true to the original vision of Ruth and Audrey.

Ruth writes: "We thought of how Delta can mean 'change' and that Venus conjures images of love...we wanted to create 'a change toward a more loving time.' We wanted everyone to feel comfortable at D.O.V. Delta of Venus was named not for the book (although the title was definitely taken into consideration)...we were inspired by the Saturn Cafe of Santa Cruz and other cafes in San Francisco and Seattle."

"We did have live music then, and (current owner) Lee among others, played on the "Willow Stage." In fact, I fell in love with my husband Roger when he sang and played a Leonard Cohen song on the guitar. We opened in January 1993. We had no espresso machine when we first opened. We served Sacramento Baking Company's wheat walnut bread. Hello to any original employees and customers! Thanks to Lee to continuing the dream and doing such a great job."

In 1996, Ruth and Audrey sold the Delta to Marek Reavis and Susie Kong, who installed the front patio and deck, and began the trend of painting each dining room a different color. Two years later, the Delta was sold to Greg Didio and Willis Jones, who expanded the popular weekend brunch to seven days a week. In 2001, while living in the basement of the Turtle House, Lee Walthall bought the Delta of Venus with a small business loan and has been the proprietor since. Lee expanded the live music and DJ dance scene, added daily happy hour, and brought in his longtime friend Chef Iwaca to cook the Delta's famous Caribbean cuisine.

At one point Adam Veal was a morning chef here.

The payphone of Venus was on the Delta patio until mid 2007 and rang frequently, but was almost always dead air.


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Amazing Caribbean food is served Wednesday-Friday 6pm-10pm. In my personal opinion, it is the best food in Davis...or...maybe ever! -Dina

Word to the wise: the food at Delta is tasty, but certainly on the pricey side. Expect to pay $10-15 for the Caribbean dinner and $8-10 for breakfast.

  • I'm not sure that I agree with this. I took myself and a friend out to breakfast there, got a breakfast burrito + coffee for myself and a bagel with pesto + an americano for her. The total was almost exactly $10. Maybe it depends on what you order, but my breakfast burrito was fantastic. - PhilipNeustrom
  • I've managed to get both expensive and inexpensive food at "The Delta." It really does depend on what you get. I personally recommend the "Potatoes et al" for breakfast, or the bagel "with the works." The first is $5, but the bagel with the works is only $3.50, delicious, and filling. - SharonZimmerman

Awwww man all the food is organic and oh so filling - I am rarely able to finish a full order of most things. The sandwich bread (from the Village Bakery) is so chewy that my jaw hurts after I'm done from the work-out. Iwaka's food is so original you can't even find anything like it in Davis. I wouldn't ever want to work there, though - where would I go when I want to skip work and get a beer? Oh, that article in the Aggie pretty much hit the nail on the head. Thanks Lee for creating such a unique space. - AriesAries

  • I don't think all of the food is organic. It's really good food, but i don't think Sysco does much organic. -Pxlated

-Very little of the food comes from sysco, canned tomatoes and artichoke hearts pretty much. It's mostly things like paper towels and cleaning products. The produce is primarily organic and local, from produce express in Woodland. -danpedersen

I would have to recommend the Plum Baked Chicken. The plum sauce is very spicy on its own, but if you put all the sides into the cup of sauce and eat it that way, it's fantastic and just right. I have always found the employees exceptionally friendly, it's almost got a "mi casa es su casa" sort of feel to the place. The music is first-rate on Thursday nights, usually a double header of top local and sometimes not-so-local folk musicians. Fridays can also have a good band early in the night, with a DJ it out. The Mad Cow String Band, probably Davis's best known non-rock music band, was among the first in recent times to bring popularity and attendance this venue on Thursdays, now they play about once a month. There is nothing better to do on a Thursday than eating plum chicken and drinking a pint of Wolavers, sitting outside at the Delta V listening to Madcow just after sunset. —JustinRau

The cheese pesto sandwich is the best thing that's ever happened to me. don't tell my boyfriend. —EllenWoodall

After wanting to try this place for half a year, I finally ate some Carribean food here a week ago. I was tempted to ask them to make it spicy (as most of the time I'm underwhelmed by the spiciness level), but I refrained from it and the food turned out perfectly. The Plum-Baked chicken was very delicious, the amount they give you is pretty fair, and the small touches (fried banana) really enhance the dish. I thought the sauce was slightly too sweet, but other than that pitch-perfect. My roomate Quoc had the spicy chicken (had a taste) which was also very good. My roomate Cameron and friend Liz both had the Breaded chicken, but were a bit envious of what Quoc and I got. We went on a Thursday and the atmosphere at Venus was great. —AlvinTsao

Delta of Venus is the best place in Davis to nurse a hangover. —PhilipNeustrom

All I got to say is that I'm not too big on the whole hippie scence, but this bunch of hippies makes the best damn breakfast burrito in davis! —MikeKuwa

2005-08-06 19:21:58   so who are all the hot guys and hot girls who work there? someone post a list —ApolloStumpy

2005-08-24 03:21:01   Unless tonight was a fluke, they don't seem to have a problem letting people stay after they close for a bit. Got some nice studying done here after Mishka's got so full it sunk into the center of the Earth. Just ask whoever's in charge. —JesseSingh

2005-09-21 08:45:36   My partner and I went to the Delta for dinner a couple of evenings ago. I had the jerk chicken which was very good - just the right amount of spice. However, the chicken was, as I call it, cooked to death. My partner had Coconut Curry Chicken Stew that we both thought lacked in curry and coconut - rather too bland for our tastes. —PaulThober

2005-09-27 15:28:11   Delta's toast, which is made from Village Bakery bread, is some of the best damn toast in the universe. —ArlenAbraham

2005-09-28 01:13:21   I could be wrong, but I think that the brunch toast at Delta is actually the Wheat Walnut made by the Sacramento Baking Company. They sell it at the Coop. —SarahKlinger

2005-10-28 10:43:06   Guinness + a shot of espresso = most delicious thing ever. It tastes like a chocolate milkshake, only it's more delicious. —ArlenAbraham

2005-10-29 16:43:35   I kept hearing how wonderful Iwaka's cooking was, so I went there and had a bowl of his stew ($3.50). It was good, but hardly memorable. YMMV. —SteveDavison

The stew is filling, but not that flavorful.

I think our stomachs must be very different...

2005-11-15 17:18:31   Does anyone know why the payphone at Delta rings all of the time and there is no one on the other end? —JackHaskel

2005-11-15 17:51:41   You didn't pick up the phone, did you?? The person who answers that phone will die in seven days! —AlphaDog

2006-01-04 18:21:30   What's up with Delta? There's a sign on the door saying it's closed till further notice, but that they'll still be open from 8-10pm for people to play. —JessicaLuedtke

2006-01-04 18:47:19   Well the Irish music group plays Wednesday night. I'm sure it was just for today because Lee, the owner, and a few other Delta-ites just left for a month-long trip to Thailand today. It must have something to do with that. —RobRoy

2006-02-19 15:41:46   I've been to Delta of Venus once ... the entire reminds me of something beachy. It's like I'm waiting to look outside and see the ocean instead of cars zooming by. I have to say I like the people working there, and the setup of the menu and what's offered and all of that. I do think the management is entirely too laid back, though. While they have fan-freaking-tastic sandwiches, the fact that they only serve them at certain times is kinda B.S., as is the hours they're open. The food was a bit underwhelming as well. —SS

2006-02-19 15:42:02   I mean, it's good food, don't get me wrong, but for $8.50 I was expecting a bit more— I got the Coconut Curry Chicken Stew. The texture of the stew itself tasted very homemade; like someone cooked up some Campbell's Select Mexican Soup and added chicken to it. I do love their sandwiches, though; a lot. In my limited experience, I don't reccomend this place as a study place. It seems to attract the pseudo-intellectual "I'm going to talk about nothing important loudly enough so everyone in the place can hear me talk about nothing important" types. I won't hesitate to return, I do like it, it's just not my favorite. —SS

2006-03-06 19:32:14   I'm a little pissed off about the recent price hike here. It would have been justified had they not axed the potatoes and toast that came with most breakfast items. Now the only item that I think is really a "deal" is the curry stew, which is quite good (and filling!) but always needs salt. —AviBirns

2006-03-27 12:12:45   I was in Delta Sunday and who is the new girl working there? She has longish brown hair and is really cute... I've only seen her on Sundays. Last Sunday she looked at me and smiled; I would have said "Hello" and asked her name, but the manager interrupted and ordered her back in the kitchen. —JasonMyer

2006-06-28 23:08:28   Their black iced tea is the best i've ever tasted. —PattyLouieJunior

2006-07-24 13:49:31   Does anyone know the history of this establishment? I can only cover 2000-2006 ... —ChristopherMckenzie

2006-08-17 18:51:24   Is the name in reference to Anais Nin's Delta of Venus? —EmyFargey Venus is Rome's goddess of Love and Delta would be referencing her vag. Dunno about the book tho.

2007-01-24 15:12:01   Really delicious breakfasts. The toast is excellent. Family members swear by the breakfast burritos. I have never tried them but they look good. The wait staff are friendly and helpful. I have never had a bad experience eating here. —AyjaySmith

2007-01-31 11:54:10   What the heck is up with delta being closed on sunday? I've been in Davis for almost ten years, and the sunday morning delta brunch was an institution in my book. Now there is no place decent to nurse a hangover on sunday morning. wtf? Please tell me that these hours are just for the cold winter months... —MistressAlthaea

2007-02-22 12:48:10   Great vibe, great music. I like their sandwiches, but they are always out of bread in the afternoon. Always. —BriannaBetancourt

2007-03-03 00:08:00   Delta needs scones. With gluten. —ArlenAbraham

2007-04-09 17:20:11   I too would like to see Sunday breakfast come back! —VaileAdams

2007-04-15 21:03:03   i go for sharon zimmerman. —JessicaRockwell

2007-05-02 20:38:53   Wonderful laidback hippy atmosphere; nice music, even for an old fart professor. Breakfasts (veggie omelet is outstanding), sandwiches for lunch (the tofu-curry sandwich sounded weird but was deliciously sweet and tangy) and dinner (Carribean food — we tried the jerk chicken and the plum baked chicken — we especially liked the latter). There are so many interesting things on the menu that it's guaranteed we'll be back many times. —CovertProfessor

2007-05-04 13:32:20   I went to Delta after an exhausting Saturday morning run and thus opted for the vegetarian omelette. Since I wanted some protein, I requested tofu (requires additional charge)...but that apparently replaced the eggs? I'm not sure how it can still qualify as an omelette if there are no eggs. In any case, the breakfast was huge! 1-2 slices of wonderful toast with roasted potatoes. The "omelette" had curried tofu and a decent amount of veggies and they didn't skimp on the cheese! =) It was all so tasty and very substantial/filling. Breakfast cost me about $10 =( but it's probably the best breakfast you can get in Davis (Who goes to IHOP anyway?!) -VT —VivianTang86

2007-06-11 12:52:24   Finally I have gone to this wonderful little place. It is kinda cliquey, but it the food, atmosphere, and staff seem pretty awesome. The brunch was delicious (Mexican scramble was very spicy, but not too spicy, it was amazingly just perfectly enjoyable), though the coffee was a bit off, it was still fair enough a cup though Mishka's is better in this minor regard. It seemed like a nice place to chill, study, and relax. It is a bit pricey, but it seemed worth it, much better than spending money elsewhere, the sammiches seemed a bit oily, a friend had one, eh, it just wasn't my thing. —DavidPoole

2007-06-17 17:34:20   the mexican scramble and the sandwiches are all good here. The portions can be on the smaller side, but they are still reasonably large. The atmosphere is great, and i get a really good wireless conection here. Way better than any other place in davis. The only negative is the lack of free parking near by. Warning: if there is no parking on the street, do not park in the Ho viet lot, or the quiki mart lot. Both places will have your car towed within a minute of seeing it there (i learned the hard way, it was breakfast and ho viet wasn't even open). —MattHh

2007-08-11 19:29:02   there isnt a better place to eat breakfast and play bones on a sunday morning —rusty

2007-08-18 16:25:04   Good: Outstanding breakfast! Quite possibly the best in town. Decent coffee but they need to keep an eye on the freshness. Lee and all the staff are delightful and friendly. Bad: I'm sorry, but the 'Caribbean Cuisine' is not good. Boiling something in allspice and cayenne pepper does not caribbean food make. Ugly: The smoking, and the snooty pseudo-hipsters doing the smoking. There is not a lovelier place to catch a cup of joe and a bagel on a beautiful summer morning. Then some jackoff lights up a cig 3 feet away. —BillyBudd

2007-08-26 15:42:45   OMG, Iwaca'a Plum Chicken is sooooooooo good. They make a mean soy mocha, too! —ElisaWeller

2007-09-08 13:54:24   I had a latte there and it was a bit more like a cappuccino. If you have a latte there, make sure to ask for just a litte foam on the top. As a side note, they did not serve regular or decaf pot coffee while I was there, so be prepared to order a specialty drink for a little more. They servers are friendly, and the atmosphere is delightfully bohemian. —AnnaF

2007-09-12 00:35:35   I've been here twice now. Once for brunch on Sunday, which was great. I had a very good cup of coffee and a mimosa, with great OJ, in a pint glass! I had a breakfast burrito, which was good, except for the fact that it was full of big hunks of onion (which I don't like) and I'm pretty sure the list of ingredients didn't include onions. Maybe they were in the salsa, though. Anyway, I'm used to extracting onions from things before I eat them, so no biggie. My friend had the scrambled eggs with pesto - that was great. I am picky about homefries, and I thought theirs were very good, soft in the middle and crispy-charry on the outside with plenty of seasoning, but not overly salty. The toast was to die for. Really, I would go back and just order toast. 2 coffees, 1 mimosa and two breakfasts so large that neither of us could finish = $22+tip. That seemed very reasonable to me, but I'm used to San Francisco prices. I loved the quiet, relaxed atmosphere on the patio and there were a few people smoking, but none close enough to bug me. The girl who took my order was friendly and the guy in the kitchen smiled.

The second time I went to work on my laptop for a few hours on an early-September weekday afternoon. I find that I concentrate better when it's kinda noisy and chaotic around me, and this was perfect for that. The music was loud and often the rasta-guy in the kitchen was singing (better than I can, we'll just leave it at that) louder than the reggae that was blaring, and I could hear the conversations of people around me (phone and otherwise.) Perfect for me, but if you like a quiet environment for working or studying, then this is probably not the place for you. I couldn't connect to the in-house wireless network, but I got on the Aggie Inn's network just fine. I ordered a mixed greens salad with blue cheese and artichoke hearts. It was very good, veggies were tasty, crisp, and fresh and came with plenty of (unexpected) very good bread. I also, at the recommendation of a previous poster, ordered the black iced tea, and it was delicious! Again, the service was very friendly. I like that you bus your own table - I always try to spend plenty of money at places with free wifi, but not having someone come around makes me feel even more comfortable about hanging out there for a long time.

I really like this place, but I'm new to Davis, so I can't compare yet. —EvoDiva

2007-10-04 20:57:34   History: 1993 approx to 1996 was run by a woman named Ruth. 1996 to 1997 was run by a man named Mark. During that time the door was to the left of where it is now, but Tues and Thursday noon concerts were held by various local groups, Diana Patterson Sextet. Essentially the same clientel of that era, and I agree a nice place to jaunt off campus for coffee and a bagel. Lots of characters there always, on both sides of the counter. —swanson

  • Actually, it was Marek, not Mark. He had been Marketing Director at the Davis Food Co-op. He sold ownership to two men (names escape me) and they ran it for several years until Lee W. bought it. I forgot about the door being to the left (and 90 degrees off) from the current location. —DougWalter

2007-10-13 14:51:42   Amazing cheese omelets, especially with both jack and cheddar. I eat there every morning, the eggs are far better than e.g. baker's square. (For some reason, Baker's Square uses fake eggs, or seemingly fake eggs.) It's a great place to study when you get the large coffee: free refills! They're coffee is great, full of flavor. Davis is the capital of great coffee in California. —AlexNelson

2007-10-30 02:16:38   Anyone know what's up with the not so working wifi these days? —AlexMandel

2008-01-20 00:46:12   I am currently in my last year of med school, and I go there to have a cup of coffee and study. Great atmosphere, and great staff. —Dr.Lindsay

2008-01-23 11:26:59   To clear up a few questions:

Delta of Venus was named not for the book (although the title was definitely taken into consideration). Instead, we (myself and my friend Audrey Park, co-creator) thought of how delta can mean "change" and that Venus conjures images of love. We wanted to create "a change toward a more loving time". We wanted everyone to feel comfortable at D.O.V. We were inspired by the Saturn Cafe of Santa Cruz and other cafes in San Francisco and Seattle.

We did have live music then, and Lee among others, played on the "Willow Stage." In fact, I fell in love with my husband Roger when he sang and played a Leonard Cohen song on the guitar. We opened in January 1993. We had no espresso machine when we first opened. We served Sacramento Baking Company's wheat walnut bread. Hello to any original employees and customers! Thanks to Lee to continuing the dream and doing such a great job. —RuthFankushen

2008-03-06 23:45:21   Prices on the menu (at least for the beverages) need to be updated. —at86

2008-06-01 00:30:53   I love this place! I had a veggie omelet but will come back again for something else. The people were friendly and I loved eating outside in the morning. —Esther

2008-06-21 22:53:00   Odd: We stopped by today around 8pm and the place was all closed up.... —Angel.York

2008-06-24 13:05:09   I was just in and they said that they will be closing up at 2pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Can anyone confirm? —SunjeetBaadkar

2008-08-03 12:20:58   My family received absolutely appalling service when we came to Delta of Venus for breakfast 8/3/08. The service that was so bad that we do not intend to return to the Delta, despite having been weekly patron’s of it for over 7 years. The young woman serving the front of the restaurant/cash register was rude and dismissive, obviously annoyed having to help us with our order. She got into an argument with my husband about our five year old son holding the front door open for a minute too long (she told us he, ”was old enough to know better” and suggested that we should keep better “control” of him!) When our food was ready she slung it down on the table without a word. When we approached the counter to purchase additional items and coffee refills we had to call to her in the back of the restaurant multiple times before being served, despite the fact that we were the only two families present. Things turned almost abusive from then on! When we asked for a to-go coffee cup it was slammed down on the counter with the message that we, “better put the glass cup away before leaving.” As we left she shouted (actually shouted!), “thank god they are finally leaving.” When asked what had angered her so much, she told us that we had “left the table a mess” and failed to “leave a tip despite having spent $50.” We were outraged! If any restaurant employee was undeserving of a tip, it was her! The “mess” on the table was one coffee cup, all of the other items had been cleared. When we informed her that we would never be returning to the Delta again after such abuse, she shouted that we “were not welcome” to return. She made certain that we will not do so ever again. We have never had such appalling service at a restaurant. —SarahRees

  • I'm not one for complaining about employees that I may not like or have disagreements with because I understand most people depend on their job to live, but this employee obviously doesn't value her job at all if she treats customers like this. From your side of the story, it sounds like you didn't do anything wrong to cause her to act this way. I'd recommend making a formal complaint with the manager and/or owner. I'm wondering if there is some history between your family and this employee cause it seems like you had bad service from the start. —SunjeetBaadkar

"2008-08-06" Last Sunday morning my family visited Delta for breakfast. There was one hostess there who was completely hostile toward us for our entire visit. We met another family for an early breakfast (8:30) and sat together indoors. The hostess was rude to the point of rolling her eyes at us and told us to "never come back again" at the end of our meal. When I asked for a "to-go" cup, the hostess glared at me, ignored my "thank you" and then told me sharply to put my glass cup in the tray and not on the counter. We were completely appalled and still as I write this, I can't believe that this woman has been hired to be the face of Delta of Venus that customers interact with. When my husband asked her why she said to never return to Delta, she blew up about us not busing our table (which we did 100%) and not tipping. To this, we say that tipping is for service, for which we received zero. We ordered at the counter, we got our own silverware/napkins, we bused our own table...and we did it all with a really bitter hostess who made us feel totally unwelcome the entire time. We did send a formal complaint to the owner and explained the entire ordeal. While we don't want to penalize an otherwise great local restaurant by terminating our patronage there, it would be hard to return knowing that a paid employee thinks it's ok to treat people like that (and who is allowed to keep her job). LisaKrebs

2008-08-27 00:01:36   Great place to be social. They pretty consistently don't have decaf. —Angel.York

2008-08-28 23:18:15   I'm a big fan of the tea here. It is also the only place i've found that serves black and tans. Delicious! —ascapoccia

2008-09-03 18:39:47   They've extended their hours to midnight, which attracts me like a moth to flame. Goodbye Mishka's, it's been adequate. —JesseSingh

  • And they are having a special on their brews (coffee and beer) for the night time. I forget the details, but they have flyers there for those interested! —SunjeetBaadkar

2008-10-26 15:04:48   I'm not sure whether bad service is just a feature of Sunday brunch or what, but on a recent Sunday the service really upset me. I've worked in food service before and so I try not to be a difficult customer, but when I see a friend of a server stroll up and get his omelette while I haven't gotten mine half an hour after ordering (and it's not that crowded), I think that there is something wrong with the way management is communicating its priorities. It was especially frustrating because after waiting for about 25 minutes I told them that I would have to go soon and there just didn't seem to be any sense of urgency. It was my first time there so maybe there never is any sense of urgency, but I really wish I hadn't tipped. —bluebird

2008-11-11 21:12:29   Aside from the great food, the place takes us somewhere else. Laid back, hair down, flip-flop, art on the walls, greatness. Potatoes et al. Yeah baby. —bhdjtd

2009-02-02 11:25:28   Usually I love to have breakfast at the delta, but I had breakfast at the delta about a week ago, and the potatoes were tough and chewy. They seemed like they had been made to long before they were served to me. It made me very sad because the potatoes are usually awesome. It was probably an anomaly, but I just wanted to mention it. —Haruesays

2009-03-01 12:34:53   My boyfriend and I went to Delta for brunch one rainy Sunday afternoon. It was a fairly long line, and we wanted to guarantee ourselves a table so he snagged one and sat and waited until I was done ordering. There was a group of 3 older people in front of us talking so loudly about how it is so rude to grab a table before ordering food, how it is customary to get a table after ordering, and they talked about this for 5 minutes at least. The one guy said "or else a couple could just walk in behind you and grab a table even though they got there after you"- it was super awkward, especially because there were like 5 open tables that they could have grabbed, and they were still there after they ordered.

But really, isn't it right to want to know if you can get a table before you order, to know if it is a "here or to-go" order? I don't want to be sitting outside in the rain. So... this isn't a rule, right? just curious. It made for a very uncomfortable, awkward time at the Delta.

PS, I really like this place- their food is wonderful! —Lala

  • I believe the theory is (and it doesn't always work this way) is that you are taking the table from someone whose food is ready to consume and that if everyone respects the process then there will also be a table once you are ready to eat so relax and wait your turn. It "sounds" fair. This is the same practice at Crepeville. The problem, of course, is that it doesn't always work out that way. We've gone to Crepeville at times and ordered our food and looked around for a table and still hadn't found one by the time the food came out. We finally did find a table and it was outside and this was still cold and rainy season so we froze our butts off, not to mention the food was cold in about two minutes. If that's the policy at Delta, or any place, there should first be a sign recognizing it, and second some kind of discount returned should you find yourself without a table once the food arrives. Essentially, restaurants like that are making money above their capacity, but at a cost to their customers. That all being said, I love both Crepeville and Delta. The food is delicious, beverage choices excellent and service quite good (which is why I return). —condemned2bfree

2009-04-26 21:14:36   I go to this place at least twice a week for oatmeal and coffee. Their oatmeal is the best! I like talking to the staff: Lee, Blake, Sharon, Autumn, Noe and Iwaca. They're very friendly.


2009-06-12 14:29:17   Caters to the judgmental hippie crowd. Don't get their chai, as it is usually watered down and expensive. This place puts on local events and stuff. 5/10. —strawberry

2009-08-15 23:58:21   In my opinion, pretentious, unfriendly, and over priced. The coffee is good, and they have a nice selection of beers. If you are into the coffee house art thing, this is the place for you. —Darren22

2009-11-16 22:27:34   my two friends and i were carded by the cashier, which i didn't mind (it's nice to look younger than i actually am ;D) however, she was a total twat about it. she asked us our addresses, how long we've been living here, told us to stand up straight, and after we answered all her questions correctly, and nicely, she tried to refuse us service!!! didn't see her harassing anyone else. i guess they are on the lookout for a local gang of underaged alcoholics. either way, don't think we're coming back. —ChelsAlex

2010-03-07 04:14:16   Me and my girlfriend's favorite place to get breakfast, it is definitely kinda pricey, but we both usually get the house special ($5), which is a pretty good deal. —KtotheF

2010-05-06 19:07:50   Cool hangout, but slightly overpriced drinks ($2 for a glass of iced tea?), and strangely they're NOT one of the 150 businesses that accepts the Downtown Davis Gift Card. :( —jsogul

  • To accept the Gift Card, a business must be able to take Mastercards as well. That may have something to do with it. —SunjeetBaadkar

2010-05-08 14:47:22   I have been going to the Delta Venus for years and have always appreciated the food, atmosphere and service. On the morning of Saturday the 8th I went there for brunch and it was quite busy. I ordered a baguette and some scrambled eggs and it didn't come out for 45 minutes. I went in to ask the cashier how much longer it would take and she was extremely rude to me. The same cashier has been snotty to me in the past but this time she was so disrespectful it soured the entire experience. Before I left I went in and told her how I felt I was being treated and she ignored me and turned her back to me. —erindeacon

2010-06-06 12:57:04   Definitely get the "stuck up vibe" people mention, but I still love this place for coffee, for food, and especially the atmosphere. I wish there were more places like this in our little college town. My one gripe was yesterday, I wanted to come for lunch and stay a bit longer to study after. I walked in and looked around, not a single open table, inside or out. I understand it can be busy, but this was mid afternoon, past lunch time, and the majority of people either had nothing and few had coffee. Times like this I like the signs on certain tables for customers only. I'm usually not one to complain, because I myself will go to places like this and study, but usually I order a drink or something, only common courtesy. I ended up heading to crepeville which had multiple tables open. Just disappointing, that I couldn't order lunch from them because there were no open tables and none looking to be opened in sight. —mperkel

2010-10-10 17:42:09   I was pleasantly surprised to find it open today since the street out front was being torn up. I was even more surprised at how empty it was! No wait at all. The food was excellent and served fairly quickly. I'll have to come back and try some of their dinner dishes. —BoogabaahWeesnaah

2010-10-30 16:09:54   I love this place. It's way over priced but it's worth it every once and a while. Also, a lot of people don't realize that, if you ask, you can tinker with the menu. —elgreen

2011-01-30 16:45:44   Wary of this place because I've heard so many people say customers/waiters are snobbish. But so far I haven't had a bad experience in my 2 times there. The ginger beer (non-alcoholic, think ginger root-beer) is interesting, try it! —Tparkeressig

2011-02-06 12:52:57   Never be wary of the Delta! It is the best watering hole in Davis. Fabulous food, superior selection of drinks, amazing atmosphere. Well worth every penny, and a tip. If you haven't been, check it out. I recommend the breakfast burrito, and the baguette with pesto. —Alexa

2011-05-05 12:52:57   Love this place!! Very cool place to get a beer and chill, or drink some coffee and study. Good ambiance, decent food. —bobobb

2011-05-05 18:03:11   Delta is eternal: the physical aspects change over the years, and the mix of patrons changes the vibe ever so slightly... but the general comfortable feel of a well worn and long loved institution remains. —JabberWokky

2011-05-12 16:06:20   Does Delta still host a Go night on Wednesdays? Or any other time? —TomGarberson

2011-05-15 22:55:36   I love their food and the whole vibe of this place, but I do have to say that one of the cashiers/waitresses is VERY rude and seems to be in a bad mood all the time. I don't expect her to be friendly and in a great mood all the time (I go there maybe trice a week), but I also don't expect to be treated poorly every time I go there. Does anybody know what I am talking about? She's the one with the bitter face... yeah, that one. Other than that, cool service and nice people. —JaySanchez

2011-06-24 21:15:30   I went to the Irish jam session the other day. Fun times. —BarnabasTruman

2011-07-08 23:31:58   Carribean food: hot and spicy chicken 5/5 = this dish was excellent and the vegetables (especially the yellow yams) were tender and cooked to perfection. I've never had Carribean food but this was a really good firs impression. Also, the portion size was good. (not too much not too little)

sandwiches: Greek sandwich 4/5 = the bread was chewy and the red onions were limp but everything else (olives, feta, lettuce) was good. Just can't justify spending 6 dollars on such small portions. —rootmeansquare

2011-08-22 07:22:50   I did not think this place could offer me anything that I would really crave but my gf convinced me to try it out. I got hooked on the bagel with over easy egg, pesto, and a side of potatoes. I have been for dinner twice, both times for the Red Snapper which has some great sides with it. The DJ that was there both of the times I went for dinner was great! —KurtG

2011-12-23 12:40:03   I love the art that hangs all over the walls, but especially in the bathroom, and more specifically the toilet seat. Some day I'll take a picture and post it on here. The ginger beer (non-alcoholic) is like crack to many of my friends. This is a great place to hang out. —ActionFigureBarbie

2012-04-21 21:34:50   Maybe this place had a "cool vibe" years ago, but now it feels dead. I don't know if it's the one cashier with a hornet's nest permanently stuck up her ass, or the cluster of faux hipsters chain-smoking on the patio... it's just sad.

The food is good. The prices and the service are not.

The first time I ever visited in 2004 was also the first time I ever met the infamous "Party King of Davis", Rob Roy - dancing naked on one of the tables. This is what this establishment became known for - "crazy", "cool" stuff like this. It is not known for good service, reasonable prices or welcome atmosphere. —Chronoz

2013-02-24 15:27:17   I guess the website doesn't get updated, because I checked it before leaving Mishka's (too crowded!) and it said Saturdays and Sundays they are open until 6. Sad and annoyed to have to walk all the way over there to find them closing at 2. —OhHey

2013-05-07 12:49:48   I used to go there a lot more often when at UCD. Now a days I get to go occasionally, I still like atmosphere and the food. Breakfast is mostly what I get to go for- and these guys are still doing a fantabulous job on food and service. I would highly recommend to anyone to give it a chance! —RajwantSingh

2013-05-24 14:37:35   The employees aren't super friendly. I've never been greeted as I've walked in, and the cashiers never talk to you except to cooly ask you what you want. The place seems a little run down. super good bagels though —AnBan

2013-06-23 10:30:25   This place is pretty awesome, has been for a while. Breakfast food could be better, but it's good. Ital food is amazing, try it. I wish it was open more often as they often have good music and atmosphere. —bunsey

2013-09-16 20:22:04   OK, please somebody, enlighten me. We were here on Monday 9-9-2013 and today 9-16-2013, in the evening. It was very clearly closed. Do we miss something? I thought they were open on Monday? The competition benefits. PS: lol: linkConstantiaOomen

2013-12-07 13:10:15   I'm probably not adding much to what has already been said. This place is amazing. Great food for (vegetarian, breakfast, Caribbean dinner, etc.), great people (my social life in Davis basically began here), Lee is a great human being, great music, and probably a lot of other great things I'm forgetting. Although there's a hippie scene there as others have mentioned, they also definitely cater to an international crowd, musical crowd, queer culture, families, and dogs. If you're looking for an undergrad, trashy, Vito's/Ket-Mo-Ree vibe, don't come here. —ManojDoss

2014-01-02 11:06:17   Since becoming a vegetarian, I find myself here a lot more often. Everything I've tried is delicious. —ScottMeehleib

2014-09-16 12:39:51   I have breakfast here two or three days a week because they make the best coffee, oatmeal, black beans and toast in town, and the prices are very reasonable. A large bowl of oatmeal is $4 and a casserole dish of beans only $2. I substitute cinnamon for sugar on the oatmeal. Once in a while, I opt for the House Special with eggs and toast but substitute black beans for potatoes to minimize carbohydrates. The food is very healthy with a menu that includes vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free dishes in addition to eggs, bagels, granola, fruit, chicken, salads, and other items. The atmosphere inside and outside is casual and comfortable. Outside is a large rack of papers, flyers and posters that you can read while enjoying your meal.


2014-09-21 16:43:07   Stopped by for Sunday brunch when parents and sibling were in town. The weather was lovely, so outdoor seating was nearly full, with three tables left. The former taboos of not saving a seat while the rest of your party is standing in line may have passed, since I snagged a patio table while the family was inside ordering (and received no judgmental looks/whispers). Food took maybe a half-hour to arrive; the worst torture was watching and inhaling all the other orders that passed by in the meantime. A very laid-back, calm atmosphere otherwise! Lots of dogs sunning themselves on the patio.

Adam's Special (3 eggs, bell peppers, serranos, jack cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, and pesto) was filling enough for my sister and I to split. The side potatoes are divine — brushed with the butt dandruff of Zeus himself and basted in the boob sweat of Hera, probably. Good, solid meal well worth the ~$8. Will definitely be back to try the jerk chicken! —JaniceW

2014-11-12 12:41:16   I know the smoking issue has been thoroughly discussed. However, I want to point out that this is an accessibility issue for people with disabilities/chronic illnesses that make them sensitive to cigarette smoke. As someone with asthma, I love Delta but can't sit outside there because of the smoke, or I risk an asthma attack. While asking people not to smoke may work for some people, it means that you have to walk up to the smokers and breathe in smoke in order to do so, which is not safe for people with asthma or other sensitivities. Also, I've tried this in the past, and sometimes people are jerks about it. I would rather not go to a place that allows smoking (violating city ordinances) than have to deal with that every time. While Delta seems like a great hangout spot for all types of activists and social justice, it would be great if it were more accessible to people like me. —TaraNehemam

  • I agree. It's a little disrespectful to smoke on the patio while other customers are trying to enjoy their food. Even though cigarette smoke isn't health-threatening for most people, it's still smelly and generally unhealthy to breathe in. - fruitpunchsam

2019-03-19 23:05:18   Shout out to Stephanie Villa on YouTube for being the reason I know about this place! The Soothing Sista tea whose name Stephanie uses as her online tag is definitely quite soothing, although it's more of a special treat for me because I can't justify spending more than a dollar for a cup of hot tea, The ambiance inside is very warm and cozy without being crowded. Food is pretty decent, gets out reasonably fast, and the prices are really good. Delta of Venus is a fun place to get food with friends or even just study. I wish I could've visited back when they still had Caribbean dinners and more events, but I still love how much character the place has. I like that the menu has lots of vegetarian/vegan options, and I'm especially a fan of Potatoes Et Al. It's also really cool that they use locally source ingredients and bake so many things in-house, from scratch. —fruitpunchsam