Denison Drive is a wide bush-blocked road sits a few feet from and parallel to East Covell Boulevard. It is on the south side of Covell. Some of the street signs spell it "Denison Drive" and others "Dennison Drive".

When Denison was first built Covell had a 55mph speed limit and the separation gave residence an opportunity to pull out of the driveways without having to back onto a freeway.

Denison on the left, Covell on the right

Denison on the right, pine trees and bushes form the separation from Covell

Intersecting Streets

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2006-01-16 15:26:34   I don't see why this is dumb. No one wants to live directly along covell. Can you imagine trying to back out of your driveway? What happens when your kids are playing on the lawn, and the ball goes on the street? Where do the kids play stickball/soccer/hockey/etc? What if there's a traffic accident? It ends up on your lawn. —ArlenAbraham

2006-01-16 15:37:03   True, but there are houses with driveways that go onto Pole Line and it's not like Pole Line is that much safer than Covell. —VivianPham

  • Pole Line has one lane of traffic in each direction, Covell has two.
  • Pole Line has a speed limit of 25 (where the houses are), Covell has a speed limit of 40/45 (where Denison is). (source).
  • Pole Line has an average daily traffic of 10,478 cars north of 8th St (where the houses are) whereas Covell has 15,338 cars east of Pole Line (where Denison is), about 146% more (source).

I would argue that having less traffic moving a slower speeds is "that much safer" — ArlenAbraham

2006-01-16 15:38:23   It's safer. It's better. It saves lives. How dumb. —JabberWokky

2006-01-16 15:46:53   Most roads like this are named the same as the road they parallel. It's dumb that it's not named Covell. —BrentLaabs

2006-01-16 16:10:09   I think all the houses in Davis should connect directly to a freeway. —AlexPomeranz

2006-01-16 17:01:05   Methinks someone got lost on their way to a Denison Drive address...... —JeffSpeckles

2006-01-16 17:11:06   Denizon Drive looks to be about four+ car widths wide, they typical arrangement of suburban streets that allows traffic in two directions and parking on either side. I'd propose that they could deal with something less than that immense width at least. A narrower road perhaps with grass on the extra space would be less unsightly and better suited. Except of course its probably decades too late for that to be implemented... Next time you urban planners you... —KrisFricke

2006-01-16 18:22:08   The houses that were built along Denison were built at a time when Covell was still devoid of development; Covell was originally a county road, so I'm sure as some of you have pointed out, safety played a role in deciding how Denison would be laid out and aligned. Given the fact that Covell has a higher speed limit (for example, at the bend where it turns into Mace, the speed limit used to be 55 mph once upon a time) even these days, I'm sure people living there, biking along there, etc. appreciate that it's separated from Covell! —CentralDavisite

2006-11-22 13:40:15   A friend of mine who currently lives on Denison notes that it is spelled differently on different street signs. One sign (pictured) spells it "Denison," and at the other end of the street the sign is spelt "Dennison." So, as he says, it it named after the school or the chili? —MattJurach

2007-11-29 15:23:43   I live on this street. It's actually not that bad a street to live on — who wants to see the neighbor's dirty lawn everyday when you can see all the speeding cars. My only issue is that the developers decided on pine trees instead of the nicer trees in central Davis. By the way — Denison houses were the model homes for the East Davis homes. —DerrickUm