1250 Stratford, Dixon, CA
21 Barnard Ct., Woodland
590 N. East St., Woodland
1568 E. Main St., Woodland, CA
4025 Lake Rd., West Sacramento
Daily 24 hours a day!

Denny's is the place to go if you want good portions of food, coffee fit for a trucker, or a place to go eat at 3 am that isn't more expensive than it should be (unlike Applebee's).

Be sure to try their appetizer sampler, although it's not the healthiest thing to eat on a regular basis. They have the best American style nachos you'll ever find, a huge plate of yellow corn chips loaded with everything bad for you. The salads are iceberg and carrot shavings: good for the rest of the country, but not California with many better options. The burgers and chicken sandwiches are good solid fare, reliable but not exceptional.

The 24 hour availability of breakfast is a big draw. From the heart attack on a plate of the Moons over My Hammy (try it with hash browns covered and smothered for a Cheney level of cardiac stability) to really good inexpensive deals on one and two egg "slams", there is an always available fix for your morning food munchies. Don't miss the single item menu — from fruit bowls to cereal to single eggs to grits, there are a la carte items for any specific yearning.

Denny's is rolling out free WiFi. All east coast locations have it, and some locations in the Bay Area.

There used to be a Denny's in Davis which opened and closed numerous times before finally being shuttered — the space was then occupied by Abe's Cafe & Grill. The West Sacramento location was originally an Eppie's restaurant, sponsor of Eppie's_Great_Race, the world's first (and still running) triathlon!

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2006-02-14 18:51:44   I wouldn't recommend the Denny's in Dixon, at least not on Sunday mornings. The last three times I've been there the service has been poor (and they weren't all that busy). Once we were completely forgotten about; had to corner a server to find out where our food was 30 minutes after ordering. Last trip the food was served cold. Next time we're trying the IHOP. —LisaBriggs

2006-02-18 05:03:12   I love iceberg lettuce. All alone except for some ranch and maybe a bit of cheese. Mmmm. By the way, Denny's has some kind of chicken breast with bacon on it that's quite good. I forget what it's called. Huzzah for 5AM posting. —RoyWright

2007-07-01 01:05:45   davis needs one BAD —DonaldJaye

  • There used to be a Dennys in Davis, but it had to shut down because it lost money when it started its no studying policy.

2007-07-01 13:16:36   I believe the Denny's in West Sacramento has always been a Denny's, never Eppies. The Eppies is still across the freeway on West Cap. —ssmith

2007-07-12 16:39:17   I love the west sac Denny's and Dot, a waitress there, is incredibly sweet. —RohiniJasavala

2008-03-27 16:26:36   I do not recommend going to the Denny's in Woodland(the one near the 5). I've been there twice and both times I've had to wait nearly an hour before getting my food with barely an apology from the staff. —GabeDavis

2008-04-08 13:53:16   1:30am last night and the girlfriend is depressed and needing a drive and food. No good sit down places in Davis open that late on Monday night so we hit the freeway and headed West. Stopping in Dixon at the Pitt School Road exit we first spied the IHOP but the place was poorly lit, had dirty windows and its freeway sign was burnt out. Across the street we noticed the Denny's and it appeared clean, well lit and we gave it a shot. Pancakes for her, bacon cheesburger for me. Food was prepared well, fresh, and served nicely. Kind of greasy but I didn't have the highest hopes. Still overall I cleaned the plate and needless to say we both left happier and with full stomaches. Certainly worth a shot if it's late night and you need to get out. —loneshark

2008-04-08 20:50:05   went to the one on Main Street in Woodland a couple months ago for breakfast. I asked for scrambled eggs: I'm pretty sure they took eggs from a carton, stuck them in a petri dish and microwaved them. It was pretty bad. —ElleWeber

2010-03-06 21:15:25   As of February 27, 2010, the Denny's in Dixon has no WiFi. Though the night staff was extremely nice and the food was regular Denny's fare, the closest place to get it is a McDonalds down the street. And I called the West Sacramento location and the guy on the phone says they don't have WiFi either. —facingit