This page is for discussing the contents of Dental Questions.

Hello all Wiki people!   I am simply not very active on the wiki any more and the last few years the questions on this page seem to be less from the community and more from the outer reaches of the internet.  Furthermore, the questions are not really educational to anyone but the person who asked them.   So I am thinking about changing this page just to an archive/ educational reference. That is to say I will no longer actively be answering questions here.  I welcome your thoughts.

It's a fine page, and very educational. It isn't Davis-centric, and if you're not feeling like continuing to answer, I can't think of an argument to persuade you otherwise. Thanks for your efforts over the years. -DougWalter

  • I agree with Doug entirely. Pages grow and fade from importance as time rolls on. A *lot* of what we have done here has been supplanted by Yelp.  -JudithTruman