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Land, Air and Water Resources (LAWR) is a department in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Most of the programs seem to have grown out of agricultural research, but the environmental science/remediation aspects have gradually increased as well in recent years. Several of the professors/researchers work with the Cooperative Extension.

Most of the departmental offices are located in PES, Hoagland Hall, and Veihmeyer Hall. The rest are scattered throughout campus as appropriate (for example, Dr. Mike Whiting hangs out at The Barn, because that’s the CSTARS home base). There was supposedly some talk years ago about moving the latter two into Hunt Hall, though none of that has happened. At time of writing, the first floor of Hunt Hall is occupied by offices and classrooms for Landscape Architecture.

LAWR is probably the largest department on campus by land surface area, since it operates the 72-acre Campbell Tract.

Fun fact for grammar/style geeks: The serial comma (i.e., the comma between air and and) is omitted in departmental publications/memorabilia, but makes a comeback in places such as the general catalog and, of course, this page’s title.

To the disappointment of some, the department is not affiliated with the likes of Captain Planet. (Earth! Fire! Wind! Water! Heart!)

Academic Programs

The department serves as an umbrella entity for three undergraduate majors, a handful of minors, and various graduate groups.



Graduate Groups

Discontinued Majors

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