The Clarinet. Just one of many instruments you could learn to play at UC Davis. Picture taken from Paris Mountain Sign Company.

Location (office)
Music Building 112
Mon-Thu 8am - 10pm
Fri 8am - 8pm
Sat 1pm - 5pm
Sun 1pm - 7pm
(530) 752-5537
(530) 752-0983

An effort to fund a new Recital Hall is currently underway.

The Department of Music at UC Davis offers a music major, music minor, and a graduate degree. Areas of study include performance, theory/composition, history, and ethnomusicology. They host all sorts of events throughout the school year, including many free events. The free concerts typically are at the Mondavi Center and start promptly at 12:05PM. There are also scholarly events (open to all) such as the composer forum and Valente lectures. The schedule is different every quarter. See events calendar. Printed events lists may also be available.

The department was established on July 1, 1958 though its pre-history goes back to 1952. It has had illustrious artists-in-residence such as David Tudor (Winter 1966-1967), John Cage (Fall 1969-1970), and Jaap Blonk (1996-1997).

The Music Department maintains an Early Instruments Collection for use in period musical performances, such as the concerts by the Baroque Ensemble.

The Music department is one of the most down-to-earth and happy departments on campus. Lifelong friendships often start here. Not only that, but the academic program is solid and the professors are brilliant and accessible.

Music students/majors/graduates on Daviswiki include ElenkaProulx, MargieHalloran, EricPrice, AndrewBanta, and IanMartyn. And most of them practically live in the music building because they have solely music classes for the majority of their time at UCD.

If you graduated from the Music Department as a major or minor or are an "honorary" member (you know—played in UCDSO forever, worked in the library, etc.), you can join our Myspace group. You may have fond memories of Blue Polo Shirt Day, a traditional holiday unique to the department.

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