1015 Olive Drive
Sun Noon-5pm
Mon-Sat 10am-5:30pm
(530) 758-4610

Design House Furniture Galleries is a fashionable furniture store owned and operated by Noni Storm and features a fine art gallery on its west end. They have rotating shows and participate in the second Friday ArtAbout.

What was your experience at Design House?

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2008-04-04 18:02:36   Just ordered a couch through Design House and was overall very pleased. I felt that it was very reasonably priced (though I did get it during a big "sofa sale" over President's day), and the employees were all very helpful and nice. I didn't feel smothered or pressured when I was touring their warehouse, my sofa came in on time, the delivery people were very friendly, and the couch is just what I ordered. What more can you ask? —ABlack

2009-06-28 23:47:20   I went there today with some friends, one of which was looking for a new chair. It became obvious pretty quickly that the furniture was out of our price range (although for the quality the prices were very decent), but what really impressed me was that the two women working there were courteous and helpful, even after it was clear that we would not be buying anything from them. I really appreciate it when a store maintains that kind of decorum, and I feel like there's a pretty hefty percentage of the more high-end stores where such treatment is not present. When I have a bit more money, I will definitely have them on my list for places to find nice furniture. —JoePomidor

2011-04-16 09:46:20   Wow, sounds like someone has a very personal problem possibly an x-employee masquerading as a customer...think spurned x-spouse that cheated. As the eldest son of Noni..aka Tyghe A. Storm I can assure that we have not been in small claims court...that the furniture is not way over priced..otherwise we would not have endured for 30+years..and that any policies as in no returns on special orders are clearly marked in the store. Beyond that you will find friendly people working in designhouse that know their product and will bend over backwards to help you. As well you will encounter a wonderful garden store ajoined to the furniture store operated by my sister in law and her partners. So please by all means come in and enjoy this lovely store. —nedjenkins

2011-07-29 13:06:21   We've had great experiences working with Design House. We just bought a home in Davis and didn't know much about picking out furniture, but we knew that for the first time in our lives we wanted to get something a bit better than Ikea. We went to all kinds of furniture places in Sacramento and while the prices were good, it seemed that every single store stocked the same gross, squishy and boring/tacky pieces. When we first walked into Design House we immediately thought that it would be out of our league and were ASTONISHED to find that the prices often matched what we saw in Sac, but were much, much nicer! The ladies who work there are amazing and gave us advice about how to coordinate colors, light, and which fabrics would be friendly to our two cats. Unreal! We first bought a sofa and then came back for two living room chairs. The furniture is top quality and costs half of what it would at a place like Pottery Barn. Btw I had to laugh at the 2007 review - dead mice on the carpet?? Hahahaha. The place is super clean, they give you free water/coffee/tea and the furniture is NOT "dinged up"! What nonsense. I recommend Design House to everyone I know. —dizzyditz