Publication dates
Irregular: Feb 2005, August 2005, October 2005, March 2006, June 2006

Theses zines are gender queer and anarchist, hardcore and whimsical, and originate from our living room in Davis, California. They have a solid staple of Ms. A's writing along with Ms. Schnookums illustrations. However, we always manage to find interesting things to add in, be they flyers from a rhetoric flinging contest, to instructions on how to recognize an american fascist, to an interview with Wendy-o-Matik.

You can get hooked up with the back issues online through the queer zine archive project: in addition to basking in all kinds of other queer zine-y glory. There are so many zines there that put Deviant Recipes to boring shame. Like stuff from Vaginal Creme Davis and Bruce La Bruce. QZAP has stuff from gay, lesbian, trans, bisexual zinesters, parents, teens, and more.

And if you want a paper copy, scrounge up a buck and email Miss Althaea.


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2007-10-26 16:50:05   Mmmm.....great. —RussellMcCandless