Halden Field is the Football and Track and Field facility for Davis High School. It is located on the corner of Oak Avenue and West Covell Boulevard. It is currently undergoing renovation. The field replacement is complete and the bleachers and ticket booth are under active construction. The adjacent parking lot is closed during the construction.

Before renovation, it was notorious for its very uncomfortable, and rickety bleachers, which are always covered with avian excrement, it's strangely lumped field, and overall crappiness. It was not uncommon for the scoreboard and lights to go out in the middle of games. Shady people could sometimes be seen engaging in shady activities behind the stands during games, prompting the Davis Police Department to block people from going behind the bleachers during games. Many people were afraid to use the rest room facilities for fear of walking in on students engaging in unwholesome activities.

2008 saw the movement of the front gate to be on the parking lot side, rather than the Oak Avenue corner, and the addition of event staff security from Raley Field, both for unknown reasons.

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