Didley Squat was a local indie rock/new wave/dance band whose inception was in '03/'04 and whose existence was very short, despite their strong fanbase. They tended to be very wild and energetic on stage regardless of whether or not the crowd was as wild as them. They frequently played at no charge at venues such as Delta of Venus, Old Ironsides in Sacramento, and The Boardwalk in Orangevale, and participated in events such as Battle of the Bands at Freeborn Hall. Aside from their studio recordings, their music appears on the KDVS mix CDs Audioversity in the Little Tomato and Davis Wiki Dot Org Slash Music. Their albums were recorded locally; their EP at Sacramento's Velvet Tones Studios and their LP at the now-defunct Sacramento label The Americans Are Coming Recordings.


• Jacob Barcena - guitars, vocals

• Casey James - drums

• David Mohr -vocals

• Stuart Nishiyama - keyboards


The Cloudy Stem Taster EPThe Smile Box, 2004

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