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Dione Armstrong, LMT and Doula

617 G Street , Suite A1
Across the street from the Davis Food Co-op

Dione has moved on from Davis but we miss her very much!! 12-16-14


Dione's massage style is slow, deep, and based on extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Her own experience with acute injury and pain led her to embrace a style of massage that is focused on relieving pain and creating a healing potential for injured areas of the body.

She draws on her experience as a birth doula and mother to provide her pregnant clients with massage that relieves the aches and pains of motherhood.

She offers a $20 student discount on services, as well as online booking.

In addition to Deep Tissue and Prenatal Massage, Dione practices the following modalities:

Swedish Myofascial Release Trigger Point Therapy Muscle Balancing Techniques Reiki Hot Stone

Read on for her story:

"Between the ages of 13 and 20 I was in two major accidents. I was rear ended by a car going 30mph while at a stop light at the age of 13. The whiplash from that accident caused severe migraine headaches and the onset of TMJ within a month.

During the better half of my twenties, I suffered from chronic and debilitating lower back pain resulting from a fall from a 60 ft bridge at the age of 19. This caused unbearable nerve pain and muscle spasms that impacted my ability to work and study. I was diagnosed with degenerative and ruptured discs, prescribed pain medications, and told that the only solution would be surgery. I felt intuitively that there were alternative therapies to relieve my pain and help me to manage my conditions, so I began my journey into bodywork and herbal medicine.

I discovered a combination of chiropractic, muscle balancing, and deep tissue massage to significantly reduce my pain and enable me to live an active and productive life. I also found yoga, homeopathic and herbal medicine to be effective in treating and preventing acute flare ups.

I worked for a chiropractor in my late teens and was trained in Swedish massage. It seemed to come very naturally to me and was told that I have an intuitive touch.Giving massage put me into a very tranquil and relaxed state and I love the feeling of helping others. I moved away from massage work when I went to college, and had only really experienced it as a relaxation treatment. It wasn't until I began seeking treatments for pain management that I discoved how effective massage could be as a medical therapy.

In 2005, I lived in Guatemala for 6 months. During my stay there, I lived in a small village on a lake that was very geared toward healing and spiritual practice. I began working as a massage therapist there at The Holistic Centre. I studied Kinesiology, Indian Head Massage, Accupressure, Reflexology, and Bach Flower Remedies. I also took a course in Herbal and Ayervedic Medicine.

When I returned to the states, I decided to become certified in massage therapy at a small institute in Oakland, CA. I really wanted to have the opportunity to help others find liberation from the kind of pain and suffering I had been living with for years.

Since then I have studied and practiced advanced deep tissue techniques, hot stone, and prenatal massage in medical, spa, and private settings. During my pregnancy I participated in a prenatal yoga class and worked with numerous expectant moms. Having gone through all of the changes and discomfort that comes along with pregnancy, I have been able to continue providing very tailored and specific stretching and deep tissue techniques for pregnant moms. I also have Doula training and have provided massage and labor support for moms in the past few months.

I am passionate about healing work and providing relief from chronic pain as well as supporting individuals on their journey in this fast-paced and stressful world. I am able to apply my experience with injury, chronic pain, pregnancy and delivery as well as an extensive knowledge of herbs and natural medicine to my treatments. This is not just a profession for me-it is a calling."

Dione Armstrong moved back to Davis this year with her son, Odin, age 3.


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