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Michael Lazzaro
June 2010
Payment Method(s)
Cash, Check, Beer

Hi, I am a Mechanical Engineering Student at UC Davis and I provide a welding service, doing business as Dirty Cheap Welding. I have been welding for a few years now. I am capable of welding up to 1/4" steel on my welder and can do almost any light fabrications. I operate with two types of payment methods: I work hourly, or I can bid for a job. I can provide a cheap and fast service for a fraction of the cost of a professional. I specialize at repairing mufflers starting from $40.


Muffler repair starting at $40 Fence repair starting at $50 Hourly rates starting at $15/hr. plus cost for materials.


Call or E-mail with a description of your project for a fast free quote.

Recent Projects

Small Sailboat Dolly

Another welder in town is GC Welding Services


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2010-07-20 11:09:09   I might have a job for you... swing by the shop and we'll talk. —Aaron.Curtin

2010-07-20 17:49:51   Do you have a spot welder too? I wanted to seam weld a chassis and get it spot welded also. —David.Tran

2010-07-20 18:52:37   Aaron- I will try to stop by the shop tomorrow mid-day and we can talk.

David- I don't have a spot welder, sorry. If you know how to use one you might be able to rent one at a local weld shop, such as Fresno Oxygen. Good luck! —cityfrontsailor

2013-03-10 18:57:48   Hi Michael, are you still welding? —StevenDaubert