Disco Man is a beloved blonde, curly-haired cross-dresser (real name withheld) whose presence in town lights up the lives of some especially open Davis residents. He has appeared at Delta of Venus in a dress; another time, in assless chaps, and probably in dozens of other cute and sassy outfits. He has been known to pick up some of his regalia from the SPCA Thrift Store, where he has been seen debuting a Holstein-hide skirt, skirts in general, off-the-shoulder pink blouses, and assorted purses. He is not always cross-dressed, but his clothes always seem to reflect a pleasant hippie aesthetic in some way.

Disco Man loves to dance and grope people dancing around him, though he does so not so much in a prurient way as in a very "free love" and "far left" sort of manner. He was seen groping men and women alike at UNCANNY 2007, and earned his moniker dancing in a corner and groping himself rather heavily at Disco Night 2006, held at Delta of Venus.

It has been reported that Disco Man has a son, appropriately bestowed with the title Son of Disco Man. Father and child were seen at the SPCA Thrift Store in July 2008. In negation of the aforesaid, the "son" has been found to be a girl; however, she shall retain the moniker "Son of Disco Man" for the pleasant ring of the name.

Disco Man departed from Davis circa 2009 (?) to live near Mt. Whitney (or Shasta?) or some mountain in California. However, he was seen at the 2011 Whole Earth Festival with Son of Disco Man in his arms, proving that he still holds love for and an allegiance to the city. =)