Ditch is the grow up version of hide and go seek!

Basically one person is it, and the other people have to ditch them. The game usually has an allotment of time for hiding while the person being ditched counts or sings a counting song or something similar to those lines.

Any spot you can get to is a great spot to hide it, but enter private property at your own risk.

A game of ditch can be played on a street, or three, or a section of greenbelt or whatever.

First person to be found, chased down and tagged is the next person to be ditched.

This game ruled when me and my friends played it in my youth, we would all dress in dark sweats and or camoflauge. One of my buddies had the super savage pattern cammo and reported that I missed him from 2-3 feet away and I "stared at him for several seconds" before determining there was nobody there. —StevenDaubert