Phone Number: (707) 745-6691 Office: From 680 north, cross the Martinez-Benicia toll bridge, and exit Bayshore. Go left at the stop sign and under the highway. Take a right onto Park Rd. beyond the stop sign and past the railroad tracks. Personality: Very friendly, but reserved.

Dixie was a fifty-foot tall brachiosaur quite prominent from I-680; she is 71 feet long from the tip of her tail to the end of her snout and stands 50 feet tall. Dixie has one child, yet to hatch — it's feared the youngster may be stillborn yet Dixie continues to watch over it faithfully. Before moving to Benicia with her egg in July 1996, Dixie resided off I-80 in Dixon at one of her new owner's Cigarettes Cheaper! store, a national chain of retail cigarette stores. In the photo at right, Dixie is seen departing on her flight to Benicia. It was while living in Dixon that Dixie adopted her name, and efforts to change it to the more masculine Bennie have thus far failed.

Note: Rumors circulated in late 2004 that Dixie has again moved, but to an undisclosed location. Do you know where Dixie is??

Update: The dinosaur was moved from Benicia to the owner's private home in the Napa area, and is no longer viewable to the public as of mid-2005.

Update: Sorry but Dixie is dead. Burned to death in a wild fire on June 22 2008 while at the home of her owner Mr. John Roscoe at 17 Twin Sisters Rd, Green Valley, CA 94534. The area is not reachable/viewable from public roads.

You can see Dixie before she was burned via Google Earth

Update: Dixie is very much alive and well. My wife and I visited the site last Monday to assess the damage and to determine the likelihood of bringing her back to the public view. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that although there was some fire damage it was very minor. She does need some work, and we can use some volunteers. We aree working on securing a location for her. For more on how you can help us save Dixie and bring her home feel free to contact us at

  • That dinosaur isn't looking too alive or well. But that's what I said during The Land Before Time, and then SharpTooth's eye opened... Best of luck bringing Dixie home, do you think you're going to be able to get an I-80 venue? — mikeycrews

*The photo does not do her justice... She does need a lot of work, but considering that everybody has written her off as being burned to a crisp, we were just grateful that that was not the case. I-80 would be the most ideal of situations for Dixie and we are working hard on making that happen. AaronHammock

Huzzah! resurrection of the Dinosaur! You should see if the original mart is trying to do anything! The grassy knoll still exists Daubert