This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.

Tristan Rozzze, Edward Walsh, Joe Policarpio
Payment Method
Check or Cash. Rates vary, contact for exact quote. Discounts for UCD clients.

Doc Jekyll Productions is the premier DJ company providing DJ, live sound, LASER and lighting solutions for various NorCal venues. Their sound systems are state of the art, totalling over 10,000watts. Their music library is comprised of over 20,000 tracks from oldies to brand new hits from all genres. They spin both CD's and vinyls, and can provide live sound for concerts as well. They will be playing house parties, fraternity and sorority parties and formals, grade school dances, concerts and various other exciting events in Davis, Sacramento and the East Bay this year.

A list of their upcoming shows and events can be found on their Facebook page along with pictures of recent gigs.

They are looking for bands, music producers and other DJ's interested in gaining publicity, and venues interested in hosting large parties or raves.

380mW Red-Green-Blue ILDA computer controlled LASER available for hire.


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