Dog Parks are fenced-off areas in which dogs can be let off a leash and allowed to socialize with other dogs and humans. It is beneficial for the dogs and can help teach them how to have positive interactions with other canines. Please make sure you understand what not to do at dog parks. In addition to this list, the City of Davis provides information on public Dog Parks.

  • Caution - On Sunday morning Aug 2 2009, several cars parked at the Toad Hollow Dog park had windows smashed and purses stolen. The thief was very quick as the vehicles were left unattended for less than 5 minutes. Please take whatever steps are necessary to keep your belongings safe while at the dog parks. —jimstewart

Fenced off-leash dog parks and runs in Davis:

Unfenced off-leash dog parks and runs in Davis:

Davis nearly wound up with a fancy new dog park after local resident Sue became a finalist in the 2011 Dream Dog Park Contest.