Donald Cohen-Culter was one of two independents in the Winter 2005 ASUCD Senate — in some sense representing the little guy/common man. The Aggie did a profile on his campaign promises shortly before he left the Senate.

The LEAD candidates on Senate like to think of him as a member of their slate. This is primarily because he has a few leftist tendencies which tend to agree with Leadite values. However, he is still very independent, and is likely to push an issue further than anyone on LEAD would — he has no slate to support, making politically risky manouvers more beneficial and less costly than for slate members.

As evidence of his sanity, he is often heard muttering something about how much he hates working in ASUCD. Keep this in mind before you consider running for office.

Donnie is also the 2004 Greek Man of the Year. This is a very prestigious award given by the Interfraternity Council to a Greek who excels on campus and at his house. Congrats Donnie!

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Cohen-Cutler and Internal Affairs Commission Chair Kahliah Laney have a mild disagreement during Senate

He has recently told the senate, "I like yelling at you people! It makes me feel good!" —Yes this is true but it only goes for those who sit around the table...not everyone in the room. Though sometimes that happens as well-dcc —


He did good stuff for the students; be nice to him.

Hey DCC congratulations on your award, you da man! Look out for me next year ;) -D. Holloway