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The Doody Guy will come to your place and clean up after your dog and can perform light landscaping services as well.

The Doody Guy Provides:

  • Full Service Pet Waste Removal
  • Eco-Friendly Equipment and Waste Disposal
  • Extremely Fair Prices

Note from the owner:

Hello, my name is Victor and I am the DoodyGuy. The Doody Guy turns 3 in April (21 in dog years) and I can now say that business is great! Throughout the U.S. there are thousands of Pet Waste Disposal companies, in the Sacramento area over 25, but in Yolo County I am the only one. Even though Doody Guy is the only pet waste company in the area, we still strive to provide the best possible service with the best prices anywhere.

Doody Guy primarily focuses on picking up your pet's waste, removing it from the property, and disposing of it for you in an environmentally friendly way (including composting). I also design compost systems utilizing dog waste, as well as pet repellent technology that keeps your pets from going to the bathroom on your child's outdoor play equipment or rosebushes for that matter. We are also proud to be the first Eco-friendly landscaping company in the U.S. utilizing equipment that does not use gasoline or oil. I am also working on a patent for an advanced green fertilizer/paint to cover urine acid spots left in the grass by female dogs. I stress to people that my service is somewhat like that of a landscaper, maid, or pool service in that I charge low rates, come to your home weekly, and on most occasions I'm in and out in less than 5 minutes.

Our service is ideal for the working professional who does not have the time to pick up after his/her dog, the house-wife or house-husband who doesn't want to step in poo then track it in their home, or for seniors who have trouble crouching and/or do not want their waste bins filled with poo. It's not uncommon to see me talking to your dog and trading stares and whispers with your furry friend.

I not only pick up your best friend's doody, but I also look for healthy and unhealthy trends in their pet waste, make diet recommendations, and point out anything out of the ordinary that I notice. I also have a network of quality professional groomers and trainers should you have any questions or need their services.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call me or learn more about us at

Thanks for your support,

Victor (AKA the Doody Guy)


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2009-05-31 19:30:36   The "Doody Guy" came to my house (actually my back yard) and did a one time clean up. I had let things get out of hand! He was very flexible schedule wise, came before I left for work, in the early am, and did a great job. I recommend Vic as a great way to take care of the smelly side of dog ownership. My dogs liked him too! —HazelWatson

2009-07-29 16:26:10   Wow! Great service! Why didn't any one think of this before??? Victor was very nice and on time! He is eco friendly too! Cant wait for him to come again and clean up after my dogs! —Sarahplainandtall

2009-09-05 18:30:34   Amazing service! The 'Doody Guy' and his friend came by, cleaned up our backyard and also did an amazing job with the landscaping!Great to know that they employ environmentally sound techniques in their service. Would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs their yard cleaned up after their dog has had its way or simply if you need your yard landscaped! They also went above and beyond by helping us dispose of some appliances in an eco-friendly way! —Niwhsa

2010-04-18 20:30:58   We have been very happy with the Doody guy, who does weekly yard maintenance for us, in addition to cleaning up after our dog. Not only are his rates better than our previous yard service, but also his include the poop pick-up and he uses environmentally friendly equipment (a non-polluting lawn mower, etc.) He is super responsive, and does and great job. Highly recommend his service. —MEW

2010-04-23 09:33:22   Really professional and friendly service, amazing rates (too low?), and kind of cool electric yard equipment which is quiet and eco-friendly. Might just have saved my marriage! What else do I need to say? —Higgins

2010-06-12 13:21:27   My new puppy wreaked havoc on my lawn this year. Doody Guy comes over once a week to clean up after him and even fixed up the brown patches. Today, he came over and cleaned up my backyard and did an AMAZING job! Vic is a really cool guy to deal with and very professional. Also, his rates are incredible for the quality of his work! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! —PhilZ