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(530) 753-0922 - North
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January 9, 1991
December 13, 2000
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South Davis location

Dos Coyotes is a locally based chain of restaurants in Northern California that serve southwestern (not Mexican or TexMex) style food. Their doors first opened in North Davis on January 9, 1991 and South Davis on December 13, 2000. Dos Coyotes has grown to eight locations in the greater Sacramento area, including North and South Davis, Arden, Roseville, Folsom, Elk Grove and East Sacramento. A new location at the Sacramento International Airport opened in late 2011 along with the new Terminal B. Their slogan is "Have you had your DOS today?" The back of their menu (and their website) has a letter which is signed "B. Coyote" and lauds a visit to a Davis location.

The name "Dos Coyotes" derives from the owner's name— Bobby Coyote, a longtime Davis resident and the fact that him and the wife were the "two coyotes"

Some people believe the North Davis location (the original) is somewhat better than the South Davis location in terms of quality and portion size. Others prefer the South Davis location, which just goes to show that food preferences are subjective. The North Davis location is significantly noisier (both inside and out) and the South Davis outside patio is significantly nicer. Both locations serve a sizable variety of salsas, with options ranging from guacamole-based to old standbys like pico de gallo, and from mild to hot. The quality of meat used is quite good, including premium Angus beef. Dos Coyotes also orders their produce daily so you know that your food is always fresh when you order it. The food is prepared without lard, MSG and trans fat. Their daily specials can be very interesting and are written on the chalkboards in each restaurant, as well as on the Dos Coyotes Website. Their menu is divided into burritos, tacos, Southwest plates, antojitos (quesadillas, nachos, taquitos etc.), salads, kid stuff, side orders, and beverages. On the back of the menu you will find the Dos Coyotes Feeding the Pack- Catering Menu. They offer several seafood and vegetarian options — they are particularly famous for their immense salads (for other immense salads see Pluto's). They also have a "guilt-free" light menu, and a menu card listing Gluten-Free choices. They have more than 30 varieties of beer, priced $2.00-$2.50. Both the North and South Davis locations boast Freestyle Coke; machines that offer over 100 options. Unfortunately, it is not an "all X plus all Y" combinations concept, but rather a branching tree: pick base soda and then pick from listed flavor options. Orange Coke is noted as a particularly tasty option. (n.b. if you're German, this is Mezzo Mix (Spezi))

Note that they do not serve Mexican (or TexMex) food, and they make that fact very clear on their website and other marketing materials. Despite this, many people lament such "inauthentic Mexican food." It's a bit like lamenting that Jimmy Buffett or John Denver are bad country singers... when neither sings country music, but rather something vaguely similar but regionally distinct. Southwestern cuisine has a heavy influence from Mexican cuisine, but also inherits a good deal from the chuck wagons of the old west cowboys and other non-Mexican sources.

They have free WiFi and participate in the Off Campus Meal Plan. Dos Coyotes also donates toward the fireworks of the city's annual 4th of July events, Celebrate Davis and Davis Farm to School.

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Read a story about owner Bobby Coyote and Dos Coyotes in Davis Life Magazine.

Read a review of Dos Coyotes in Davis Life Magazine.


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2008-01-22 21:43:31   For an entertaining time, check out the "hair incident" or whatever it's labeled under for a hilarious anecdote of Amy Lee finding a hair inside her salmon burrito. She and Bobby Coyote have a battle of emotions that amounts to nothing. Really, it's good reading! —Chronoz

2008-05-16 14:14:40   Always like the food here. I usually go to the north location, but went to the south for the first time today. I always get the shrimp burrito. Both places makes it well, but for some reason I prefer the north burrito....more sauce or something? —tgdavis

2008-05-16 15:26:58   I used to eat at the North Dos several times a week. It was convenient and the food is decent. Now, while I don't mind going there from time to time, I don't really understand why people rave about this place. Yea, the food is good (although, I've been served cold food on occasion) and I enjoy the salsa bar, but still. . .this place is way overrated. It is what it is, cheap tex-mex. —CurlyGirl26

2008-06-09 19:37:01   they're really really tasty, but they need to keep the flies out of the salsa. —Adaleen

2008-06-13 20:58:29   Dos coyotes is the best! My favorites are the shrimp burrito and the Adobe salad —jrendler

2008-11-11 00:13:39   I used to order the Howl'n Tostada ensalada (get the dressing on the side if you are health-conscious) here a LOT...but now I am kind of burnt-out on the place. They give you SO MUCH FOOD it is kind of overwhelming at times, and they are not the cheapest place in town. Aree Rating: 7/10. —ArianeMetz

2008-11-13 09:08:44   This is the worst Mexican food I have had in a long, long time — and since I eat it at least 2-3 times a week, that's saying a lot. As others have said, the enchilada sauce is so sickeningly sweet and reminiscent of chef Boyardee that I could only eat a few bites. The rice and beans were bland. I had some of my friend's burrito, and it was nothing but said bland rice. Bad Tex Mex... never going back. —mattf

  • It's not Mexican. It's Southwestern. By the same reasoning, Silver Dragon is also bad Tex Mex, with very bland rice. —jw
  • As a member of the American Chuckwagon Association, I've been to many chuckwagon cookoffs, and having previously been judged on authenticity, I have never seen a "grilled corn with sweet chilli lime butter," or "Petaluma Pesto Jack and fresh Mozzarella cheese in a Parmesan crusted tortilla, with baby heirloom tomatoes marinated in garlic, fresh basil and olive oil" (real items from the presumably "southwestern chuckwagon cuisine" of Dos Coyotes). Fresh mozarella didn't last long on the dusty trail. chuckgirl

2008-11-16 18:12:38   VEGETARIANS BEWARE!!!!! i was at dos coyotes last night with a big group, and one person ordered a veggie burrito (the ranchero i think). this person is so vegetarian he wont eat marshmallows. so imagine how upset he was when he found a big chunk of steak on his plate! it was a big stew sized piece of beef mixed in with the sauce that was poured over the burrito. one would hope that a place like davis could handle the "enormous" challenge of not serving meat to vegetarians, but sadly, dos coyotes fails at this simple task. this was the marketplace location by the way. —aro

2008-12-26 14:18:46   Loooooove the shrimp burritos. The Covell location is cozy, but be careful to sit in the back if you go to the Cowell location in winter—it's smaller and if you sit too close to the door, the cold air will waft in over you every time someone comes in! The food has always been good & tasty—and when I've ordered take-out, they always give me a big bag of chips (so make sure you've got extra salsa at home!). —RHeinman

2009-01-26 17:41:44   I came all the way from BC Canada Just to get my Border Burrito fix! nothing fills me up more than a Border steak. I would loved to eat one of those right now. When can we get a Dos in Canada? Im dieing out here !

CR —CurtisRobinson

2009-01-30 20:42:13   My sons and I eat at the South Davis Dos Coyotes about once a week. We enjoy the noise (my boys are noisy) and the floor-to-ceiling windows, and my Southwest Vegetarian Burritos are pretty tasty. Mostly we keep coming back because my boys like the food, because it's nearby, and because we appreciate the excellent customer service. The employees are friendly and remember what we order. Manager Suzie, in particular, offers first class service to the diners. When the place is not too busy, she checks on each table asking about the food. Once I saw that she discovered that the kitchen had made a mistake with an order, and she immediately went to prepare the meal herself, returning quickly with an apology and the correct order. Later I followed this family out as they commented on the excellent service, and the Mom put a five dollar bill in the tip jar. Everyone was smiling and well fed. —DrandyJones

2009-07-21 00:28:10   Decent food and service, but I'd much rather take the short drive over to Chipotle. Their menu isn't as vast as Coyotes, but the food sure makes up for it. —longboardlover

2009-08-17 21:01:11   Dos Coyotes is by far one of the best restaurants in Davis. I have been eating here for over 15 years and in that time they have always been consistent with food quality, kept a clean restaurant/kitchen and continued to satisfy my taste buds with new creations. The owner also supports the Davis community in many ways. Why longboardlover would choose to support Chipotle (McDonald's owned) over a local business is beyond me. As for the criticism that the food isn't real mexican food....I'll take grubbin southwest "mexican" food over crappy "authentic" any day. I love Mexican food and Davis just doesn't have any restaurants that even come close to satisfying my craving. Seriously, La Esperanza is probably considered "authentic" and it has gone way down hill over the last 15 years. They will charge you almost four dollars for a bean and cheese burrito that's a fifth of the size of a Dos bean and cheese burrito. And for all you vegetarians out there-uh, this is a busy restaurant and mistakes happen. Get over it. Thank you Dos Coyotes! I love you! —shelanagig

  • Just because something is locally owned does not make it better. I personally think Chipotle puts too much rice in their burritos and Dos Coyotes overcharges for everything (I usually end up spending seven dollars on a basic burrito and six dollars on chips with beans and cheese). My favorite restaurant with burritos has to be Taqueria Guadalajara because I can spend six dollars for a pretty big burrito that comes with guacamole and sour cream (yea, amazing, does not cost extra). —hankim
  • Chipotle is no longer owned by McDonald's. McDonald's sold their stake in ownership in October 2006. Chipotle is now an independent company.

2009-08-18 23:11:54   the burrito was wrapped terribly. it fell on my pants. good job americans. —jasonwon

2009-09-26 21:03:21   Beware! It'll cost you an extra $10 to get a carafe of margaritas! Two glasses of margs are about $5 each and each carafe, which is equal in volume to two glasses, is $20! We went through this whole thing proving it to them and they gave us a free carafe rather than our money back. Yet, still, it sells for $20 a month later! —mbyars

2009-11-08 20:59:23   the enchiladas SUCK... they always put onions in the sauce, and it tastes like it just came from a can. ew. However, they do do a nice job grilling the chicken, although they dont really separate out the good and bad meat. The only thing I order is the ranchero burrito, big enough to split, pretty damn good! they always put lots of cheese, but they should start serving it with SOUR would be alot better.


2009-11-10 16:08:43   We also got over-charged for the carafe of margs. What a rip off! I wish we had spoken up! —ashleyinthemist

2009-12-03 23:04:49   The food is pretty good but the burritos need more meat. The last time I got a burrito there, the last fourth or so was just rice. However their green salsa is really really good. —jrz

2010-04-10 18:10:40   Went and had a burrito. It was not so great. Chipotle has much tastier burritos and better salsas. The 'hot' was not very hot and the prices were not great for a burrito that wasn't anything to write home about.

They have several beers but it seems that they only have them in bottles.

The margaritas are okay- kind of like a gas station slushie texture and tasted like alcoholic sorbet.

I might come back here, but it is not my first choice. —KenichiSan

2010-04-19 20:22:01   They offer a gluten-free menu!! I had the Howlin' Tostada with no adverse side effects! And, also, I enjoyed the slushy margarita - but I am no margarita connoisseur. (About South Davis location) —nataliesadler

2010-04-26 11:21:03   @mrandmrs just to let you know the sauce used on the enchiladas is the ranchero sauce the same one you get when you order the ranchero burito. So that lacks credibility if you like it on one thing but not the other. —zach33333

2010-05-22 19:52:43   I love this place, from being born and raised in Sacramento(which they have a location near the Arden Fair Mall), their quality and taste of menu items is delicious for being Southwestern. If you're a a paella(rice, andouille sausage, mahi mahi, shrimp combination) fan, get the PAELLA burrito and you won't be disappointed! Their salsa bar is awesome, especially the refreshing hicama, mandarin orange, cucumber salad/salsa and the salsa verde(green salsa) is made to the right texture and flavor. All the food is grilled MADE TO ORDER, not like the meat just sitting around in chipotle or the tough meat at guads. OH and the SANTA FE NACHOS is a HUGE PORTION with tons of grilled steak, guac, sour cream, and fresh fried tortilla chips. If you're looking for something healthier, their seasonal Salmon Salad is addicting. :) —MissAmyQ

2010-06-25 22:48:21   I had the Mahi Mahi Burrito at The Marketplace. It seemed a little dry. Emily, the server, was very friendly and took a moment to chat after she delivered the burrito. Interesting that she's a nutrition major. I didn't like that they only offered Dasani bottled water. It's reported to be municipal tap water that has been processed and repackaged.


  • Interestingly, you can look things like that up on the internet:
  • Yeah, whats wrong with Tap Water anyway? The water in Davis is particularly tasty, but its generally good in most places. A bigger problem though is the processing and packaging you refer to, of bottled water in general. Its pretty wasteful, I try to at least get some calories when I buy something to drink. -NickSchmalenberger

2010-06-30 15:59:27   Hello nowhereman~ I saw your post about the Dasani water at Dos Coyotes. I did a little research on the water they serve, and it turns out that the water is no different than the water you can get at H2o Togo here in Davis. Both Dasani & H2o Togo use a process called Reverse Osmosis. Ted. —TedNorth

2010-07-06 00:25:25   I'm in love with their guacamole!!! Everything else is, well, decent but not the best. Feels a bit overpriced too... I go here once every month or two. —susiekim

2010-08-03 15:05:06   I eat there way too much. The "Hank's Cubano" sandwich is awesome. Wish they had it all the time. (Or actually no, because then I would be 20 pounds heavier). —dejavidor

2010-10-02 16:04:31   I've been coming here since they opened. Was pregnant w/my daughter & craved their SW burrito. Used to drive to Davis from Natomas twice e week, just to get my Dos. Love their salads, too. The best ingredients! Daughter is away at college now, and I'm still a regular. Healthy, and delicious. —DeliaDeMa

2011-01-04 01:43:56   They seriously have to have reduced the size of their soft tacos in half since december or so. Those things were massive! I couldnt ever eat one in like 4 bites like im able to right now. And they think people wont notice! Disappointed. Why am i paying 3 bucks for a taco the size of guads for like 1.40 —Shakazalabas

2011-03-05 15:40:08   Dos Coyotes used to be one of our favorite Davis eateries. Last two times convinced me that they have really lost their touch. Both times,the Southwest and Border Burritos were tasteless. The nachos came with a generous amount of meat, but was tasteless too. The chips had such a bitter after taste that we put them in the garbage. This may be a symptom of not changing the oil frequently enough. Struck out twice....Hope they get back sometime to their unique grilled, fresh-flavored food. We will not be going there any more. —BarbaraGoldman

  • An interesting observation. They started asking us if we would like our Southwest Burritos mild or spicy, something they didn't used to do. We order mild and they are pretty much tasteless. We were happy with them before and spicy might be too much for my wife. Next time I'll try to order them "the old way". —jimstewart

2011-05-14 17:36:59   The food isnt that good anymore. I would much rather go to one of the taqueria places. —rachealgalante

Funny, I was just going to ride my bike with my dog to the Marketplace location to get a bean and cheese burito. —BruceHansen

2011-06-03 15:53:50   will NEVER EVER EVER eat at Dos Coyotes again, especially the one in South Davis. Look out for Keith. He has a horrible attitude and work ethic and is the most unprofessional worker I have ever come across. I will never pay to get treated how I was. I really hope I never run in to customer service like I did! So unfortunate to have to go through what I did. If I EVER disrespected customers like Keith did, I would be fired instantly. If you are going to go to Dos Coyotes, please go to the other one at least! —mwfran

2011-06-26 18:40:26   We had Dos cater a party for 50 people the other night. It was awesome! The man who dropped off the food was super nice and friendly, everything was fresh and hot things hot and cold things cold. Would recommend!!! —jsbmeb

2011-08-05 17:01:09   When it first opened, the original (North) location was half the size it is now... thus the 2 sets of doors you see today (can't remember what was originally next door). I guess they expected most people to order take out, but it was always packed inside. Needless to say, it was with much appreciation (and common sense) that they expanded into the adjacent space. —OldDavis73

2011-08-31 14:46:01   Dos Coyotes has to be hands down my #1 favorite restaurant of all time. I love it for the food quality, prices, ambiance, and environmental awareness. The food tastes very good (and it always fills me up). This is hardly going out on a limb when I say this, it's better than any Mexican restaurant (authentic and unauthentic) that I've ever been to (there are many here in the Sacramento region). I've been a loyal customer since 2004.

I don't know what people are talking about when they say the portion sizes have shrunk. If anything, they overfeed you. More than half of my coworkers cannot eat an entire burrito from Dos in one sitting. With Americans as fat as we are, we should reduce our portion sizes anyway. I don't drink soda or bottled drinks so I can't comment on others' views about the Dasani water other than "Who cares? It's just filtered water. If you really have a problem, just filter your own tap water and bring it with you, it's more cost effective that way anyway. You're worried about the wrong things."

Being a vegetarian, I find that restaurants are generally disappointing with their vegetarian options, they often treat it as a meal for birds or extremely overweight people on diets. Dos Coyotes is aware that vegetarianism is much more than getting healthy. They ensure that their beans, rice and whatever else going into a vegetarian plate does not include animal byproducts (other than cheese). Mistakes happen, meat found it's way into my quesadilla once, but I showed the manager and she gave me a replacement meal so I wasn't at a loss at all (handled it perfectly). They also don't cook with lard or MSG which is a positive note for everyone. They're proportion sizes are right on target.

Environmentally, they don't use Styrofoam or plastic bags. They use paper bags and foil for takeout.

I am a loyal Dos customer. My co-workers have even come up with a catch phrase for me (and the restaurant): "Have you had your daily Dos?" I came up with another one: "Uno, Dos, Coyotes!" I hope they expand all over America to disprove the nay-Sayers. —KyleG

2011-08-31 20:15:32   @KyleG, your loyalness is noted, but IF you work for Dos Coyotes it is okay to mention it on the Wiki, because your comment is beautifully scripted, I will admit that. Either you work for them, or you are a customer who should get a tattoo on your leg of DosCoyotes. I am leaning toward that you are a customer. The food at DosCoyotes is OKAY. portions are a Exactly what you pay for. Chips are a tad bit greasy though (I am not a fan of that, but that is my personal opinion, many people like the chips greasy) —NikhilDahal

2011-08-31 22:05:07   Huh. I'm surprised I haven't left a comment here. Go figure.

Dos is awesome. It's not traditional Mexican. If you're looking for really good, traditional Mexican food, check out Taqueria Davis. If, on the other hand, you're looking for really tasty, cheap, quick Tex-Mex, this is the place to go. Their border burritos are excellent, especially with chicken... my wife and I rarely get anything else. On the rare occasion I do stray, I get one of the nacho "starters," which is a full meal by itself.

It's also worth noting that they've got the best damn salsa in town: their green tomatillo. It's fantastic. Sweet, a little spicy, little bit of crunchy texture.

Personally, I don't find the chips particularly greasy. Certainly far less greasy than Guad, although you do wind up with some semi-transparent spots on the paper bag they come in. —TomGarberson

2011-09-01 19:54:18   Back when I was freshman, it used to be quite decent.

Four years later and ate there yesterday, immediately regretted it after tasting the salsa, it tasted sweet?! no spice no sour. The burrito is flavor-less, beans was tasteless, rice was disgusting. It was just really bad. Whoever like to put sour cream in the burrito should go to jail for it.

Pick up some hot source and damn, the hot source was Louisiana hot source, it just taste wrong, its like putting soy source on hotdog. Will never come back again. —manyip

2011-10-16 10:54:51   I was chatting with the bicycle police officer downtown at the park yesterday (2011-10-15), and he stepped away to listen in on a report of an armed robbery at Dos Coyotes. I didn't find out which Dos, nor any other details, and can't find any info online (e.g. Google News). Anyone know anything? —BillKendrick

2011-12-31 14:28:55   I'm rarely in Davis but I'm at Dos Coyotes right now, enjoying the Navajo nachos. They alone are worth the trip! —MikeIvanov

2012-03-23 12:33:00   If you're going to get the shrimp burrito, I'd suggest not getting "the big catch", to add extra shrimp. The shrimp they use when you order the big catch are smaller and of poorer quality than the regular shrimp burrito. —WalterGray

2012-04-25 10:22:10   I always enjoy coming to Dos Coyotes. Their burritos are huge and I usually end up splitting half. I've had their paella buritto, which was delicious and unique. I also enjoy their border burrito, which is more standard Tex-Mex fare, but still delicious. What really makes Dos Coyotes stand out is their salsa bar. I live closer to the South Davis location, but I actually prefer going to the North Davis location because its salsa bar is hands down the best in town. It offers about a dozen different salsas, all of them delicious. My favorites are the black-bean and corn salsa, the roasted tomato salsa, and especially the green tomatillo salsa. I'm not usually a big fan of tomatillo, but the one at Dos Coyotes is the best salsa in all of Davis. It's the perfect combination of sweet and a little spicy, making it extremely addictive. I always get an extra order of tortilla chips and load up on the salsa. Half a burrito and chips, with about 10 helpings of salsa, makes for one amazingly cheap and delicious meal. —AlexHirsch

2012-12-18 10:56:04   Although my wife and I love going to the North Davis one, the South Davis one is absolutely horrible! Always a problem there in the three times we've tried it. I'm not sure why they're so different. South Davis undercooked their rice, their staff is always rude, and the place is always dirty. If you're going to go to Dos Coyotes, no matter where in Davis you are, spend the extra time to go to the one in North Davis. —ChuckG

2013-01-30 23:26:54   The crispy tacos here are good, although they're maybe $.50 more than I like to pay per taco. They're one of, if not the only place in Davis serving crispy tacos that are fried in house. They forgot our chips on the to-go order tonight so I'm a little bitter, but that was the first service error I've noticed in 4+ years so I can't really complain. —MikeyCrews

2013-02-06 22:41:59   Please, can somebody figure out how to give feedback that management and owners will hear? There seems to be no contact area on the website, and I haven't found anything while searching around the 'net. I ASSUME they'd like feedback. I love the restaurant and the food - I only wish that a locally owned business like this concentrated on more local offerings. There is NO reason to be importing beer from the East coast when we have some of the best beers in the world within 100 miles of Davis. The local businesses need to support each other better! And while I'm on the beer... let's get taps in the S. Davis location, please! —DarellDickey

I recently contacted them through the "Contact" link on the website (about an issue with the airport's subpar franchise), and heard back from multiple people. The "contact" area of the website is at the top right where it says "Contact." —ScottLay

2013-04-07 12:27:16   Several days ago, my two girlfriends and I decided to go to this location to grab something small and quick since we weren't that hungry. I politely asked for a coke and two water glasses for my friends and paid for the food. The female cashier only gave me a cup for the coke so me and my friends ended up having to share the drink. I didn't make much of it. A few minutes later, I went up to her and asked for an extra plate, the same female cashier, with an attitude and rigid facial expression asked me: "What's the plate for?"!!! Confused, I replied: "To eat the chips with". In my mind, I was thinking, did I do something wrong? Why is she being so rude and hesitant to give me a plate!

I went back there a couple days later, after paying for the food, I asked for a plate again to eat the chips with because they have it in a bag. As the cashier goes to get me the plate, the same female cashier from last time went up to her and told her not to give it to me! WTFFFF!!!!! GTFOH!!!! I can't believe what just HAPPENED!!!! I am at a restaurant, just paid for the food, but they are refusing to give me an extra plate!!!?? I was BEDAZZLED as though they were doing it intentionally to piss me off! I was already having a bad day and now this??!!!

So I asked to speak to the manager. The male manager came up to me and told me it was COMPANY POLICY TO NOT GIVE ME A PLATE because they didn't want me to get the salsa with the plate, but instead, to use the tiny plastic containers they have by the salsa stand. I then asked for a refund and guess what? The manager said: "No, I cannot give you a refund because the food is already made!" At this point, I was furious, outraged, and I just exploded!!! I started cursing and yelling and created a scene. Finally, the male manager said: "Ok, I'll give you the plate". WTFFFF!!!! It took all the arguing, yelling, cursing, for them to finally hand me an extra plate to eat my chips with??? R you freaking kidddingggg meeeeeeeeeeee?!!!!! Even now, I do not know why they treated me the way they did. Maybe because I am Asian? I wonder, if my friends and I were White, would they have treated us differently? Would they have dared to refuse me a plate??! RACISM? !!!! Whatever it is, the owners need to look into it because it was OUTRAGEOUS to the EXTREME!!!!

Never again will I go to the North Davis Dos Coyotes location. NEVER, EVER, AGAIN! I will make sure none of the people I know go there either!

NOTE TO MANAGEMENT/OWNER: Please look into this and fire these unqualified people. It does affect your business negatively! You just lost some customers and accrued some bad reviews. Keep it up and your business will see a downward slope!!! All it takes are some delinquent employees! —BKL

  • I'm a little confused by all this. My wife and I have been eating there for as long as the restaurant had been open. Maybe 12 years. We always share one meal and we always ask for a second plate. We've never had anyone bat an eye at our request or treat us any less than polite and pleasant. There must be more to this story —jimstewart

2013-05-31 18:02:52   Dear Dos: when I order a burrito, I expect the ingredients to be relatively evenly distributed, so each bite is equally delicious. The burrito I had today featured the chicken up top, all the rice in the middle followed by a teeny smear of guacamole, and the sour cream at the bottom. Almost $8 to conduct an excavation of my dinner :( —BombayCollins

2013-08-11 18:37:55   I had the California fish tacos tonight at the north davis restaurant and the fish was EXTREMELY overcooked - to the point of being hard to chew. My husband had the carnitas burrito and the carnitas was bland tasting. —TeresaKing

2013-09-15 05:53:00   Simple, fresh, quick and not to expensive. Cant beat it! —RonYniguez

2015-01-03 23:10:16   This Dos Coyotes, undoubtedly, has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I ordered a ranchero burrito earlier today over the phone, and immediately after the order was made, called back in order to specify that a food allergy prevented me from tolerating the guacamole. The manager refused to edit the order claiming that the burrito had already been made. This seemed incredibly unlikely, but nonetheless a food establishment shouldn't hesitate to accommodate for polite requests made by their paying customers. I felt dismissed, patronized, and unappreciated for being a customer at this restaurant. What I felt was the biggest insult of all though, was how the manager herself (Emma) questioned the legitimacy of my food allergy as a means to shoo me away. One would expect a little bit more of respect and professionalism from a manager. This restaurant will not send food back, regardless of the satisfaction level of their customer - even in cases of allergy. The "customer being first" is absolutely not a standard of service that this establishment upholds. Emma (the "manager") then proceeded to further aggravate the situation by laughing and mocking us with her employees, and I have truly never experienced behavior like this from a restaurant manager. I will never be returning to this restaurant and I advise all others who expect a certain level of respect from customer service to do the same. —samelmo2222

2015-01-03 23:10:57   This Dos Coyotes, undoubtedly, has the worst customer service I have ever experienced! I ordered a ranchero burrito earlier today over the phone, and immediately after the order was made, called back in order to specify that a food allergy prevented me from tolerating the guacamole. The manager refused to edit the order claiming that the burrito had already been made. This seemed incredibly unlikely, but nonetheless a food establishment shouldn't hesitate to accommodate for polite requests made by their paying customers. I felt dismissed, patronized, and unappreciated for being a customer at this restaurant. What I felt was the biggest insult of all though, was how the manager herself (Emma) questioned the legitimacy of my food allergy as a means to shoo me away. One would expect a little bit more of respect and professionalism from a manager. This restaurant will not send food back, regardless of the satisfaction level of their customer - even in cases of allergy. The "customer being first" is absolutely not a standard of service that this establishment upholds. Emma (the "manager") then proceeded to further aggravate the situation by laughing and mocking us with her employees, and I have truly never experienced behavior like this from a restaurant manager. I will never be returning to this restaurant and I advise all others who expect a certain level of respect from customer service to do the same. —samelmo2222


2016-09-08 The south Davis Dos Coyotes is NOT SAFE for people with food allergies, and their gluten-free menu isn't. The corn chips are fried in the same oil as everything else, so cross-contamination is a given. I make sure to order my food without the chips because I'm celiac, but last time I went there, the food came out covered in chips. When I complained, the woman who took my order (who was also the manager) said that I had ordered the food with chips and refused to remake it. I persisted, and she did, but I got so sick afterwards, either they have major cross contamination issues in their kitchen (likely given the chip issue) or they just pulled the chips off and re-arranged the food (also likely). My cousin was with me and she has a soy allergy so the white sauce for fish tacos isn't safe. Despite repeatedly asking for no sauce, the tacos came out covered in sauce and the manager pitched a fit when asked to remake it. She mocked both our food issues with the staff, and it took half an hour for the tacos to be remade.  Poor service, unprofessional behavior by the manager. NOT SAFE FOR FOOD ALLERGIES. - madanimalscientist