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The dogs on the main site seem to be having fun so I thought I'd give this restaurant a try. Sadly, I forgot that dogs will eat about anything, even their own poo. I was invited along to Dos with an e-friend. Wandering in, it seemed like a pretty neat place to sit down and grab some food. But its only good for maybe sitting down and getting a drink. The burriotes there are awful! A taint to the name of tex-mex cuisine. Okay, so it doesn't have any lard or MSG...but I'd rather have my mouth orgasm with delight than gag at the attempts of healthy food.JasminCamacho

I think it's fairly tasty, actually. But it's not Mexican.ChrisTakemura

I think the food is generally quite good, but really more southwest than tex-mex. (Where's the chili, huh?) Excellent salsas. Too bad they skimp on the chips.jr

  • You know you can ask for more? -GeorgeLewis
    • I never really thought to ask. So like you can get a 'chip refill'? I'll have to try that. -jr
    • Yep, just you can just walk up and say you didn't get enough chips. Make sure to say please when you ask. hehe. -GeorgeLewis

I'm quite enamoured of their chicken ranchero burrito a la carte with extra cheese on top. Mmm mmm good. Their massive salads, unfortunately, don't make up for taste with stunningly large volume — stay away.Paul

  • I think their adobe salad is pretty tastey. The yucatan salad is kind of bland, though. Some of the salsas can also double as improtu salad dressing if things get a dry. -jr
    • You can also ask for more dressing. Thy will give it to you in a little salsa cup. I have found that the extra side of dressing is almost essential to the salad. -GeorgeLewis

Just get the shrimp burrito and be happy!NxTx

They have a great selection of 'alternative' sodas. Everytime I go I try and get something new.ImranKhan

Great place for kids. Inexpensive kids' menu, noisy, fun things to look at in the rafters and no big deal if they make a little mess. Food is great, especially the salads.TomSands

As a former employee at the North Davis location, I advise against the Border Burrito. There are much better items with more interesting flavors.TracyPerkins

This place is very noisy because of the hard surfaces everywhere. It's hard to hold a conversation here. I wish they would put in some accoustical tile or soft surfaces to absorb the noise.TurboCat

The one in South Davis has free WiFi access, which is sufficient reason to go there. The Cubano burrito rocks. Not Mexican but who cares, very tasty!RayValdes

Good food. The ranchero burrito and adobe salad are both very tasty. However, when you order takeout, they tend to scrimp on toppings like cheese, sour cream and guac. If you can, eat there.SiennaGrass

2005-10-10 09:21:12   When I go, I almost inevitably order one of four things: The chicken ranchero burrito ala carte, the paella burrito (fish and sausage with white sauce), the navaho nachos with steak, or one of the salads with extra southwest vinagerette on the side. The burritos are tasty, the nachos are huge, and the salad dressing is fantastic. —AlexPomeranz

2005-10-10 12:12:22   Have gone it a couple of times, both with kids and without, but it is always to noisy, bangy, clangly we leave and without eating. —RocksandDirt

2005-12-02 22:59:27   I went once with my friends and I didn't like the food, and the table was sticky, and they gave me beans when I didn't want any beans. —JoAnnaRich

2005-12-03 03:29:57   the other Coyote is his ex-wife...I am 99% sure —BenjaminRosenstein

2005-12-06 18:14:52   barfy food, not even southwestern. I don't know what to call this slop —DudeNude

2005-12-21 04:30:52   I'm pretty content with the Cowell Blvd. location. I've only been to Dos Coyotes once. I've seen the chain all over Sacramento and I thought it was more of a sit-down type place (from the outside) than a stand-in-line-and-order dealy. That said, I rather liked their salsa bar and the quesadillas I got were not half bad. —SS