516 Second Street
Daily 11:00am to 12:00am (Midnight)
(530) 753-8883

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Dot Island Grill, formerly Fish's Wild is a restaurant in downtown Davis. Their menu emphasizes grilled fish, including grilled fish tacos. Pick from house, lemon pepper, garlic butter, and cajun seasonings on your fish or shrimp. It has a few other items such as grilled chicken, katsu, grilled short ribs, and fish-or-shrimp Caesar salads. Standard side dishes include flavorful brown ri and steamed veggies; other options include grilled zucchini, mixed green salad, fries, and white rice. Most of the menu items are healthy and under ten dollars; grilled fish entrees are $6-$10. This is a good dinner size portion of tasty food.

Place your order at the counter, get a number, and your food is brought to you. If you liked the veggies at Teriyaki Express, these will be familiar in presentation, but even better.

It is located in the space previously occupied by Mishka's Cafe and Cartridge World. They have another location in Torrance, CA.

The Grand Opening was (presumably) 2011-12-08. Presumably the first 88 customers got free food that day.

Dot Island is now serving beer and wine. They have beer both on tap and in bottles. Pitchers of Sierra Nevada are $8.



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2011-11-09 19:23:15   I have lived in Davis for 12 years and have often wondered why there are no seafood restaurants here. I know about the Mermaid place that was not so impressive and did not last because of that I suppose. This place sounds like a fast food type of place so who knows how it will be. I am certainly not expecting much. —Sherri

2011-11-21 22:52:03   I ate here tonight for the first time. This restaurant has a varied menu, mostly emphasizing fish. There were several TVs on the walls, and the place has a nice atmosphere. The food was great and not expensive! It's about time Davis had a good seafood restaurant. —WillShakespeare

2011-11-28 11:01:20   Much bigger portion that I expected :). I ordered the salmon (cajun style). It was cooked perfectly and came with two decent sized pieces that were quite delicious. Also came with a large helping of brown rice and perfectly cooked veggies. I can't wait to go back and try the other varieties of fish!

My husband had the short ribs and really liked those. —DjMisschiff

2011-11-29 12:34:02   I just picked up some lunch to-go from here and was very pleasantly surprised. The special today was the grilled salmon for $6. I chose the garlic butter seasoning and it came with brown rice and steamed veggies. The salmon was delicious, way higher quality than expected, the brown rice was very good, and the veggie mix was also very tasty (I'm picky about my vegetables and usually don't like restaurant steamed veggies). It was a lot of food for $6, and I had my order in 5 minutes or so. The girl who took my order was in training and was very friendly and helpful. I'll be back! —KianaFreitas

2011-11-29 19:06:29   As mentioned above, I also got the grilled Salmon special today for $6. The amount and quality of the food was amazing. Highly recommended for a quick, cheap, and healthy meal. —aroach12

2011-11-29 22:53:44   I got the garlic butter grilled salmon today with white rice.......I was really impressed! The Garlic Butter was really tasty, and my salmon was not overcooked. Great food for a great price, I hope it gets enough business to stay open, their food honestly is great. Check it out —ShawLik

2011-11-30 20:40:40   does anyone know the hours? they aren't posted on the website or their to-go menu. —SallyVo

2011-12-01 15:33:47   I had the grilled salmon with garlic butter for lunch. The salmon looked slightly under cooked, but I gave it a try. Overall the salmon, brown rice, and veggies tasted like cafeteria food. The portions are generous and the price is reasonable, but I won't be back. My stomach felt a little queasy after eating. The interior of the restaurant is nice with comfortable chairs and tables. The guy who took my order wore a T-shirt and had tattoos on his arms. He reminded me of one of the inmates in the MSNBC series "Lockup." Okay, that may be an exaggeration. It would help with their image if the employees dressed professionally. —nowhereman

2011-12-03 15:17:12   Shrimp tacos are wonderful, cabbage, carrots, a little bit of spicy peppers. Perfectly cooked on soft corn tortillas. ala carte tacos are only $2.99.


2011-12-06 21:50:42   Wow! This place is my new favorite fast food alternative. I had the Tuesday salmon special with Cajun seasoning for $6. Only 6 friggin' dollars! That's a ridiculously good value for the amount of fish you get, and it comes with veggies and brown rice. The fish was a brilliantly cooked medium, which is generally the default standard for salmon at quality restaurants unless you tell them differently. As for the guy above who says his salmon was "slightly undercooked", I call that ignorance. That's how it's supposed to be if not even rarer. Many Americans these days are just so convinced that anything that isn't firm and tasteless as cardboard will kill them. If you like terrible seafood or have a compromised immune system, specify that you want your salmon well-done next time.


2011-12-10 12:02:37   We are here right now eating the shrimp taco plate and it's very fresh and the fries are delicious!!! They ate the skinny type of fries like in n out, but these are cooked to perfection. Very impressed so far! Next time will try the plate with brown rice and veggies. You get 5 shrimp on each taco. Very nice! —StephHolm

2011-12-10 16:17:49   The salmon is quite good, and served with tasty veggies and rice. Very healthy. Service was reasonably fast (maybe 10 minutes with a lot of people in the restaurant?) Prices were about $10 for a good dinner. I wish that the rice had some sort of a light sauce option, but that's really the only thing that I would change. I'd definitely come back here. —IDoNotExist

2012-01-04 16:30:20   I had lunch here today. My wife had grilled cajun talapia with brown rice and steamed vegies, I had a shrimp and mahi taco with fries. The fish is very good here and the portions of fish on the tacos are generous. Prices are reasonable. I really like how they offer quick, healthy options. And if you want fried food they have that too. The chiken Katsu is also very good, it has a nice crispy breading with a yummy sauce that is sweeter than I have had before. —DagonJones

2012-01-05 22:32:17   Finally! A gem of a restaurant in Davis that serves large portions of delicious grilled fish options (beef and chicken served too). My fiance and I eat here at least twice per week. I LOVE the grilled salmon (house style) and grilled shrimp (garlic butter style), with brown rice and vegetables steamed to perfection. The side salad is a generous portion of colorful vegetables and the miso dressing is delicious, homemade and complements the salmon. I'm not sure why "Sherri" above felt compelled to negatively judge Fish's Wild without actually eating there. —JTSmilowitz

2012-01-16 23:47:00   The name Fish's Wild is disappointing to me because wild fish are generally healthier for people to eat than farmed fish. From what I've seen so far, this place doesn't at all address the issue of their fish being wild. —BruceHansen

  • I think this is a very fair criticism. They've chosen the name "Wild" but offer no indication where their shrimp is sourced (to pick a food that has both good and bad sources). Not much chance the catfish and tilapia are NOT from farms. There's nothing criminal about misrepresentation-by-name, and perhaps the restaurant can be encouraged to disclose their sourcing. But disappointing to me that they're not a fish restaurant ahead of the curve. —DougWalter

2012-01-26 23:20:06   This place is great! I ordered the grilled salmon with garlic butter and it was very tasty. Great portions for a decent price. I highly recommend! —OliviaGlass

2012-01-31 05:06:37   Please support this restaurant! Considering the poor turn out, it's not likely to stay open much longer. We support a lot of mediocre restaurants here in Davis; why can't we keep one of the very best going strong?! —ScottMeehleib

2012-02-02 10:54:00   I eat here quite frequently. I tried the short ribs yesterday and thought they were delicious. I like how they give you fairly decent portions with brown rice and a ton of veggies on your plate (and at a decent price too!), so it's a relatively cheap healthy place to eat at. —Ravyn

2012-02-02 12:55:24   A great place to eat if you are looking for delicious grilled fish with healthy sides. Don't be fooled by the fast food appearance. They have daily specials and also 20% off for UCD students and staff. Please support this restaurant before they go under. I literally eat here more than 3 times a week and love it. —bordiga

2012-02-05 07:16:06   This place is fantastic! Casual, quick delicious and healthy. We have needed a light eating healthy alternative in Davis for years. We have healthy, but it always includes lentils, rice and other carbs that some of us try to avoid. I asked for all steamed veggies instead of the brown rice and had an outstanding meal. I hope they get discovered by enough folks to stay in business. They have my vote many times over as a top spot for an easy quick dinner. —donnagary

2012-02-08 19:53:47   This place is a little too healthy for me. I need some grease, cheese, butter, or something. Can't do the plain rice and steamed vegetables thing. That said, my partner really liked eating here and asked me not to use the phrase "More like Fish's Mild" in my review. I will commend them for fitting an impressive amount of mahi mahi into my taco. —MikeyCrews

  • You can always "upgrade" your sides to french fries. It's mainly a healthy restaurant but they don't force you to be healthy. - SM
  • I'll bet you could also ask them to slap a pad of butter and/or sprinkle one of the seasoning options over your rice. —TomGarberson
  • Sounds like I should have explored my options. The mahi-mahi itself was pretty darn good. - MC

2012-02-08 22:11:20   This place is a great option for eating healthy in town. But don't think that healthy = nasty tasting. This food is so good! I've had the barramundi with garlic butter sauce, the shrimp skewers, and the chicken katsu and they were all delicious. Even their brown rice is tasty and has a great texture. You get huge portions for great prices and they've always been very friendly. And as something of a diet coke connoisseur, I can tell you their soda machine is perfectly calibrated. I highly recommend this place :) —KatieSahyouni

2012-02-17 12:01:45   What's the 20% off for "UCD Students And Faculty ONLY" all about anyway? What about the other half of the population of Davis? Everyone else has to pay full price? That's not right. I think they are alienating a great many people. We won't be eating there until their policy changes and that offensive and divisive sign comes down.

- You're joking right? Give everyone in town a discount? Has it occurred to you that college students generally can't afford to go out too often

because of tuition and books. Giving students 20% is a good incentive to keep them coming. -dntshoot


2012-02-23 11:14:15   I went there for lunch yesterday on a whim while walking by. I thought I'd stop in and check it out. WOW ! Finally a healthy alternative to fast food. I had the grilled salmon, and later I decided to return to try their grilled tillapia for dinner. The taste was great (for the price) and I was happy to get a good healthy meal at a restaurant for a change as I have to cook at home generally to get a healthy meal. I work out five days a week so healthy food is important to me. The restrooms, tables, and booths were clean as you would expect with a new restaurant. My only concern is the size of the place means they are probably paying quite a bit in rent so I hope they can get enough customers to sustain them. Also, I think the name is a bit silly and I think they could have done better! Overall this place is excellent and I highly recommend it if your looking to eat better and not spend a fortune ! Keep up the good work ! —brentgentner

2012-03-05 12:41:17   I was very happy to find out that a new fish restaurant opened up in Davis. However, I was a little disappointed that their portions got smaller since their opening month. I was further scandalized by an incident that happened last week. My chicken katsu was not fully cooked (it was visibly pink in the middle), and I showed that to the lady who works there. Instead of being apologetic, she told me that it was ok to eat raw chicken. I disagreed and she went to the back to talk to someone. Later on, an older gentleman (presumably the manager) acknowledged that the chicken was not fully cooked, but he very rudely and obnoxiously addressed me with the following diatribe: "So what do you want? Do you want your money back? Do you want me to give you a new plate of food?" He repeated those words over and over again and the tone was very condescending. There was no apology for the improperly cooked food throughout our very one-sided conversation. Eventually, they gave me some pieces of chicken katsu that was fully cooked, but I don't think they realized that getting my food replaced or getting my money back is not the point. They made a mistake in not fully cooking the chicken, but instead of acknowledging their fault, they tried to deny it and later tried to make it seem as if I was in the wrong for bringing this up. Such behavior is deeply offensive and I hope no other customer will ever have to experienced what I experienced last week. —EdLim

2012-03-06 20:50:26   This place is great for Lent! I was skeptical, but I had their grilled baramundi. I was down. Their daily specials are great too! PLEASE PATRON THIS PLACE! —CarlosOverstreet

2012-03-20 12:03:57   This place is great! —ashleyinthemist

2012-03-21 11:17:48   I'm disappointed that the portions are smaller now. I agree with Annie; I hope they change their policy re: student discounts. I would understand a small discount, but 20% is a lot and means I (a non-student) am being charged more to make up the difference. I usually order the high-priced items and the smaller portions and full price has tipped it into the "expensive" category for me, so I will be going here less often now. —Ravyn

2012-03-21 11:36:01   The first time I went to this place, I loved the food. But the second time I went, they put so much garlic butter on my salmon (I'd asked for some on the side that I could put on my rice), that the salmon was almost inedible. It was also super salty. I've been pretty ambivalent about returning since then. —IDoNotExist

2012-04-15 12:32:39   So far I've been nothing but thrilled with Fish's Wild. The shrimp taco lunch special was delicious and came out pretty quick, and the grilled mahi mahi cajun style was excellent. The seafood was cooked well and the spices delicious. I'm glad Davis finally has some affordable seafood downtown! —KelseyCondell

"2012-04-15 13:55:34"  . What does Fish's Wild mean, anyway? The Fish Is Wild? Maybe Barry "The Fish" Melton would know. A Wild Fish if ever there was one. GeorgeSantayana

2012-04-15 16:35:55   Dropped by to check it out......great food....good atmosphere.....and did I mention, very good food.....good fish is hard to find.....now we have found it! Each dish is plenty to fill the biggest appetites. We can't wait to come back! Mahalo! —BonnieCastle

2012-05-16 23:10:52   Not bad, would be nice to know that this is owned and operated by the owners of Ohana Barbeque and Quickly's Davis —NavLee

"2012-05-28 18:31:55"   It's not the same owners of Quickly's Davis since Quickly's owners changed for a year already —-jiro-

2012-05-29 13:49:10   Went there for lunch and had the grilled fish salad and it was kind of blah. The person in my group that had the fish tacos was happy with ers. —LokiAbbi

2012-05-29 16:31:13   This place is great! The entrees are always fresh and tasty but, personally, the best part is their steamed veggies. Hands down best steamed veggies in Davis. Also, the staff is very friendly and professional. —SoggyWaffles

2012-05-30 18:03:32   Good food here and good prices, with reasonable portions. —lumali

2012-05-31 13:55:26   This is one of the best place is one of the best places in Davis. They give you really big portions of food at a good price. Everyday they have a special and they usually go for about $5-$6 consisting of big fish steaks, brown rice, and vegetables. I highly recommend this place. —dntshoot

2012-06-20 11:12:16   I tried the grilled mahi mahi plate with their lemon pepper seasoning & brown rice. Generous portions & a healthy, wholesome meal. Reasonably Priced. Highly recommended. —lucianatalie

2012-09-09 19:45:16   The garlic butter seasoned mahi mahi was very tasty and I too worried that the sides would be "too healthy" but the seasoning makes up for it. Will be back soon! —Babhari

2012-11-02 08:54:53   While I came for a fundraiser, this will be the second time I have eaten here and I must say, the food's taste has not changed much. Neither the size. To me, the portions stayed about the same size, which is great. If I pay the same price, I expect roughly the same sized food. Although, the grilled Zucchini weren't as great as I wanted them, but that is up to everybody. But 1.99 for four large pieces sounds good... I do recommend people to go eat there, because the place isn't bad. If you don't like the raw fish (Sushi/Sashimi) at Davis, go for the grilled fish then! —AWai

2012-12-02 18:35:58   I eat there at least 3 times per week. Great price and service. Love the clam chowder. Love the $2 beer! —eipp

2013-01-08 20:29:52   The food here is cheap and tastes alright. I've heard the tacos are a touch on the light side but all the bowls/meals I've ordered are pretty satisfying and I do eat quite a bit. —HarrisonM

2013-01-11 18:25:53   We came here after a movie and I got the tilapia tacos with zucchini fries and my boyfriend got mahi mahi tacos with a salad. the tacos were good and i really liked the zuchini fries. However, my boyfriend made the mistake of getting the house salad dressing. Their house salad dressing is a mixture of soy sauce and oil. SOY SAUCE?! It was gross and completely ruined his salad. He went to talk to the people behind the counter who also agreed it doesn't taste very well. :\ —Vero

2013-01-18 19:57:39   Pretty cool spot, good food —StevenTaste

2013-01-25 10:22:47   I tried to use a coupon here for $1.50 off my entree, but they would not accept it because they are under "new management." Maybe the new management should rename the restaurant to "Bait and Switch." That name would be more apt and would still reflect their seafood theme. —AlexPerkins

"2013-02-08 11:13:22"   Great clam chowder which is a screaming deal for $3.49. Also the short ribs are highly recommended, which is a nice addition for a fish place. Never had anything bad there... With the rice and steamed veggies, overall a great value. Glad to have them in Davis. -EdenMondanaro

"2013-02-09 10:47:59"   Is the fish they serve here Genetically Modified? If so, the name, Fish [is] Wild, is misleading. RaoulDuke

2013-02-21 17:06:49   Just read this article about mislabeled fish. I hope this place serves the real deal because I eat here 2-3x a week!



2013-05-13 11:12:53   Loved the food especially the clam chowder, the staff was fast friendly and fun. Good experience. —MelanieMiles

2013-07-07 18:05:50   I really like the food at fish's wild. I always get the tacos and its great. The only sad thing is that they don't accept student discounts anymore. And instead of fillets of fish on the tacos like in the picture above, they use scraps. =( At least that's what my last order looked like, I could tell it was the tail end pieces of leftover fish. Made me sad. Won't be getting the tacos anymore —annechan

2013-07-09 22:32:55   Personally, the most compelling thing about Fishes is the $6 pitchers of Sierra Nevada. However, I usually end up ordering some Ahi Tacos because they are delicious. —FamousHaze

2017-08-10 19:23:42   Are we sure this place is open? Because dotislandgrill.com is a domain-for-sale, not one showing the menu or hours. —DougWalter

  • Dot Island *Berkeley* closed. Yelp/Dot Island/Davis is quite active. I linked a different website that has some menu-photos.
  • Great catch, thank you, JT! - DW