Doug Douglas has changed their name to Echoes Fade. They have recently signed a management contract and are negotiating the terms of a 22-date tour with an established marketing company.

Doug Douglas was a Davis band formed in 2003 by Christian Warner and Domenic Santangelo. At first, they were an acoustic duo, performing at Picnic Day 2003 as such, and throwing out hundreds of their homebrew CDs. Quickly they added their friends Erik Levinson as a guitarist and Ben Vanderplas as their drummer, rounding out their full-band crew.

The members of Doug Douglas believed that their unique sound among the other bands of Davis would be welcome; instead they discovered that although a significant portion of the general Davis population found their songs likable, their fellow bands and cooler-than-thou fans had no place for a new band with demonstrable talent.


In spite of this unwarranted and spiteful behaviour, Doug Douglas won the 2004 Picnic Day "Davis Rock Challenge" by impressing the panel of judges which included a KROQ DJ, a UCD Music professor, members of the Brodys, the manager of the Sacramento Virgin Megastore, and the owner of a recording studio. Their prize was $1,000 and recording time with which they recorded a 4-song CD.

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