The Downtown Halloween Treat Trail is a Halloween event run by the Davis Downtown Business Association. The purpose of running this event is to provide a safe environment for kids to do their trick-or-treating. Almost exclusively treating, though. Some parents get really into it, others just wander in their regular clothes, a few feet behind their kids. Most of the businesses downtown take part in the Trail, so one could rake in a decent haul without too much walking.

Some teens make half-assed attempts at costumes (read: they put on the mask from their 5-year-old costume, if they put in that much effort) and try to scam candy from businesses. It should be noted here that the Treat Trail is intended for those 10 years of age and younger, and candy is not free.

The Downtown Halloween Treat Trail will run from 2:00PM to 5:00PM on Monday, October 31, 2011.

The web page for the 2009 Treat Trail is:


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2020-10-25 14:14:44   FYI: the Davis Downtown Business Association has canceled the Treat Trail for Halloween 2020. They have created alternate events that will take place October 25-30. See the event lineup at —paultakushi