This entry refers to a departed payphone — a phone that has been removed or stolen.All information here is for historical reference only.

Payphone of Venus on the Downtown Phones node

Phone Number: (530) 757-9736

Location: This phone is located on the Delta patio. Delta of Venus is on 2nd and B St.

Description:You're likely to have somone pick up the phone if you call during business hours. Even in cold weather, there's likely somebody outside smoking who may pick up the phone. This phone has a reputation for ringing on a regular basis. If you pick it up, there is often no one on the other end. Unless perhaps it's YOU that is calling it after finding the number through the Payphone Project.

Charge: 50 local (15 mins); 75 instate (3 mins); $1 US or Mexico (3 min)

Please note Rob Roy on the left (04)