Drummond Lane is the southernmost road in the Drummond set (Drummond Avenue, Drummond South, Drummond Lane) in South Davis. Putah Creek Winery is located on Drummond Lane. South of the Yolo County Line the road is private and should not be travelled upon without permission of one of the various property owners.

Intersecting Streets

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2011-04-11 21:17:14   Google maps shows Drummond Lane as being any other street (and a continuation of Drummond Ave). Well, I mapped my long run through there to Levee Road and on the way was stopped by a very angry farmer who told me that I was trespassing. He made it clear that if he were to see me again, he would call the authorities on me. I have no desire to run on private land - it was a mistake because of map data. I did notice a very weathered and torn up "Private Road" sign at the entrance to Drummond Lane as I was running back, but that's only because I was looking for it. It's definitely not clear.

I just want people to be aware that this is not an acceptable place to run or wander, and that the owner is very serious about this despite poor signage. —AsmaMaryamMohseni

  • Just a comment: I have no idea whether this is private land or not. It may very well be. But this person would not be the first person to say that a road was private when it was not in fact private. —CovertProfessor
    • I'm considering that, and will contact the city to confirm that it is in fact private. He also said that Levee road is private, and I will confirm that as well. If true, the Google Maps data should be revised. —AsmaMaryamMohseni
      • There's a corrections contact for things like that if you dig around. Google data is far from infallible. There were some heinous errors in a town in Pennsylvania I noticed (roads that were cut to prevent traffic were not shown as cut, including several that claimed to run through the center of Penn State campus, which the route finder would always use). They corrected them. The US Virgin Islands are still fairly incorrect, however. I understand they still miss the occasional really tiny town in the middle of nowhere (and of course, have famously dropped a large Florida city from existence, but that was a mistake, not an error in data). -jw
      • Thanks. It would be good to note that here, too. I am curious to know if those roads are indeed private. —CovertProfessor

2012-01-01 23:31:54   South of the bike path the roads (slayback ranch and Drummond) are all private roads. —ChrisDietrich

2012-01-02 07:20:19   One could check with the county to see if it is a private road. I have experienced, in other states,landowners claiming a road is private, yet the road is maintained by the county. If so, I do not believe they can deny public access (although they will act like they can). Common practice for landowners to want the county to maintain roads on their private land, but not allow public access. Our taxes at work. —RichardL

  • This portion of the road is in Solano County, not Yolo, if someone decides to look. The small portion of the road in Yolo County is certainly public. I would be shocked if this portion were public because this road is only partially paved (mostly just gravel) and I have not seen any maintenance done on them in the 15 years I've lived in this area. —ChrisDietrich
    • You mean the portion in Solano is private? —BruceHansen
      • That's the question that's under discussion, yes. No one seems to know for sure. —CovertProfessor