Drunko is a drinking game.


A deck of Uno cards You'll need a basic mixed drink for the players as well as something for shots.


Playing rules are taken from Uno with a few modifications

Modified Uno Rules

  • You may take cards from the draw pile before taking your turn even if you have playable cards in your hand.
  • When a Draw Two or Wild Draw Four is played, you may shift the draw to someone else with the use of a Wild Draw Four or the legal use of a Draw Two or Reverse (following the rules of playing the same color or same card). The draw count increases with each subsequent Draw card.
    • The player before you plays a Wild Draw Four and calls “Red”. You can play a red Reverse and send it back at the 1st player or play a red Draw Two or a Wild Draw Four and send it on to the next person who has to pass it to someone else or draw six cards.
    • If previous player played a blue Draw Two, your options would be to play any Draw Two, a blue Reverse or a Wild Draw Four.

Drinking Rules

  • Whenever you’re skipped, you take a drink.
  • Every eight cards you draw without playing, you take a shot.
    • If you’re forced to draw eight, you take a shot
    • If you’re forced to draw six and draw two more without playing, then you take a shot.
    • If you draw eight cards without playing, you take a shot
  • If you call Uno on someone and the have more than one card left, then you take a shot
  • If someone calls Uno on you, you take a shot
    • Ties go to the challenger as the other person can announce Uno before discarding.