980 W Olive Drive
24 hours a day
Payment Methods
For example: Cash, Check, Credit Cards, Other
Non Food Features

Dutch Bros. took over the Caffino kiosk, becoming Central Davis's only option for drive-thru coffee, the other in town being the Starbucks in West Davis. The new kiosk was under construction for months, it was completed late November 2012. They re-did the top of the kiosk into the signature blue, and added overhangs. There are two Dutch Bros. locations in Woodland.

For Father's Day 2013 (June 16), Woodland and Davis locations will be donating all proceeds to help 8 year old JT Davis battle against Gaucher's Disease, a rare blood disease. The funds you help us raise will help the Davis family cover the annual $187,000 treatments.

CAAA/Aggie Parents/SAA members get $2 drinks when they show their membership card.


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2012-11-05 14:17:49   Taken over by Dutch people? ☺ —ConstantiaOomen

2012-11-30 16:39:59   Free coffees of any kind all day today. At 6:30am there was no wait, at 11am it was backed up like 30 cars. The coffee was excellent and so smooth compared to the other options available in town. Very happy that Dutch Bros, has come to Davis. The staff was way excited and pumped up. —loneshark

2012-12-01 10:34:35   The lines were so long at 6 pm that they were causing traffic jams! I'd say it was a successful promotion. —DonShor

2012-12-11 13:53:56   I must admit that I was skeptical at first, but Dutch Brothers seems to be a great fit for Davis. Their coffee drinks are great because they don't overdo it on the sugar; their business is great because they have lots of specials and they give punch cards! They're also Davis's only 24-hour coffee stop. —Michi

2013-01-14 10:49:24   I plan to come over soon and order something in Dutch. Then we'll see if the 'Dutch' part is myth or reality. ;-) —ConstantiaOomen

2014-10-13 14:33:13   They add sugar from sugar packets which isn't really a big deal to me, except that today I found a portion of one of the packets in my coffee, and a few weeks ago I watched an employee fish out another packet from my coffee with her finger after dropping it in. (I felt a little bad, but made them make it over just for the sake of cleanliness. They also gave me voucher for another free coffee later to make up for it.) Again, I'm fine if they want to add their sugar this way as long as its sanitary and I realize I'm being a little nit-picky with this comment, but I kinda wish they'd just switch to a different system. —jefftolentino