Note: EMOSNAIL is now (2008) mostly about Kris' life and bees.

E.M.O.S.N.A.I.L., also known as the Echidna Media Organization's S.N.A.I.L. Project, was perhaps one of the best ways to find out about ASUCD news, particularly pertaining to the ASUCD Court and the Senate. It used to offer a relatively non-biased opinion of what is going on in Campus politics, considering how biased most people in ASUCD actually are. However, now that Fricke graduated, it's pretty much all about bees these days. Emos and snails aren't discussed at all. :(

The LJ emo_snal was created as a parody of emosnail.

On November 20th, 2003, the EMOSNAIL livejournal was discussed at length by the ASUCD Senate. The livejournal was being used as evidence in the removal hearing against Chief Justice Fricke. An interesting consequence of this was that casual comments made by various other livejournalers were used (and falsely attributed to Fricke), so PavelIvanov was quoted in senate as calling ASUCD President Sara Henry a "probably a bitch," and Sean Wallitch's social life, or lack thereof, was discussed because a comment he had made was mistakenly interpreted to defame the Senate. In response to this event, EMOSNAIL posted this entry the next day. Consequently, the livejournal appears to have gained the readership of a number of ASUCD career staff members; ASUCD head computer technician Alex Park is said to have remarked "it would be just like emosnail!" in response to a proposal that AGTV cover Senate meetings; student services staff and head of all ASUCD unionized staff, Mark Champagne have also been quoted as being familiar with the livejournal.

It usually has a picture of the day, which is a great source of photos of interesting moments in campus life. As you can see from the photos, Miss KritsyHeidenberger has unequalled beauty.

The goal of the EMOSNAIL livejournal is to portray events relevant to college life in context. Context is maintained by generally following the life and times of one Kris Fricke. He is not necessarily responsible for all views and opinions contained in the livejournal. One will notice that entries are sometimes written in first person and sometimes in third. We try to stick with third when possible, but often we find it convenient to portray an event in first person. Context really is the goal of the livejournal experiment however, and more than just relating things Fricke may or may not have been involved in, our goal it to portray all these events in context to eachother and everything else. Towards this end we were overjoyed by the advent of this wiki, as it allows for the exploration of a vast array of related material we couldn't possibly fill in.

This is the EMOSNAIL disclaimer:

DISCLAIMER: Emosnail International (henceforth referred to as "we") does not necessarily represent the views of any single specific person. Events and persons herein contained bear no relation to actual events or persons and any resemblance is entirely coincidental. Any appearance of laws or regulations of any kind being broken is entirely fictional and added merely to further the fictional storyline and character development. Opinions expressed or implied herein do not reflect the views or opinions of any actual or suspected members of the Emosnail International corporation, and any implication these may have on any actual or potential cases, defendants, or plaintiffs in any actual or potential case before any actual or potential judicial body are completely unbiased and without bearing on temporal reality. Use of anything contained in this livejournal (tm) including but not limited to any mention of the "Emosnail" livejournal(tm)'s existence and/or information gleaned therefrom is strictly contingent upon explicitly naming of this livejournal (tm) and proclaiming the unequaled beauty of Miss Kristy Heidenberger (henceforth referred to as "pumpkins"). © 2004 Emosnail International.

The Echidna Media Organization was also responsible for The Chosen Echidna, a humorous newsletter. It still aspires to resume publication of the newsletter, and still dreams of publishing it in physical form someday. ChEchn (Chosen Echidna) staff feel their publication is distinctly different than short-lived campus "humorous" publication The Sneeze, in that ChEchn does not stoop to vulgar shock humour to get a laugh — the ChEchn philosophy favours satire and other more intellectual and creatively driven forms of humour. The Echidna Media Organization also has the Office of Rational Influence, which endeavors to further rational and innovative politics.

Additionally, the EMOSNAIL livejournal does not necessarily endorse the genre of music known as "emo." The three letter acronym's resemblence to the aforementioned genre is purely coincidental.


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2005-05-18 05:29:40   Wow. That's kind of crazy, ASUCD doesn't know the difference between postings and comments on postings? "ASUCD discovers teh internets! [sic]" —JeyKottalam