North end of the Earth & Physical Sciences building... obscured by a lot of trees.

The Earth and Physical Sciences Building (EPHSCI or EPS) opened beginning of September 2009. The building houses the Department of Geology along with teaching lab space for organic chemistry and physics. It includes teaching labs, academic offices, research labs, lab support facilities, and departmental administrative office space. Most offices are located in the southern end of the building. Geology courses are generally taught on the first floor while physics courses tend to be taught on the second floor. Geology labs for research purposes are housed on the 3rd floor and will eventually have a 100 particulates per m3 clean room for isotopic analysis.

The building is bordered by the Arboretum to the south and Academic Surge to the west, on the former site of some old operations and facilities buildings at the corner of La Rue Road and California Avenue. The entire facilities management complex will eventually be moved; this project is only slated to take over the southeast corner of the complex. Occupancy began September 2009. The project budget was $65 million.

Construction details of this $50 million project can be found at the UC Davis website.

Construction Photos

The first sign posted in 2004 The sign has been updated

The state of construction on Picnic Day 2008 Continuing Construction... walls are a good sign I think Construction as of 01/25/09 West View

Construction as of 01/25/09 South View 01/25/09 North View with those all glass building corners that every new building here seems to have


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2009-09-29 00:01:21   Had my first class in here, Physics D/L. Very nice building, but very confusing. The maps posted on the walls seemed upside down and it was hard finding simple things like the bathrooms and elevators. It's was still nice to be in a brand new building and the Physics classrooms are perfect for D/Ls. —mperkel

2009-10-04 21:11:21   So far the building is nice. But lacks simple things like garbage cans, white board erasers, and most notably wall clocks :-0 The walls are super bare right now but I think eventually the first floor will be eventually decked out with geological gems. —RyanMikulovsky

2009-10-05 01:49:28   Has the building been finished? The page on the physics building suggests that Geology has moved in already... —IDoNotExist

2009-10-05 09:39:35   Yay! I'll check it out. I was biking by there the other day, and it looked like the offices (labs?) were empty. Is much of the building occupied yet? —IDoNotExist