Though earthquakes typically only result in minor cracks in Davis, the possibility exists that more extensive damage could occur. This gives Davisites something to talk about with relatives from the midwest.

Winters holds an Earthquake Street Festival on the the third Friday each August, which commemorates a magnitude 6.6 earthquake that shook the region at 3:15am on April 19, 1892. Every single brick and stone building in Winters was leveled either by this temblor or by another magnitude 6.4 quake which struck two days later on April 21. These were both followed on April 29 by a magnitude 5.6 aftershock. Damage was reported as far away as Chico and Napa. One man, Jeff Darby, was struck in the head by a falling brick as he tried to escape, badly injuring him. He died three days later.

  • Read the headlines about "El Temblor" from the April 23, 1892 Winters Express.
  • More information on the Earthquake Street Festival can be found on the Winters Events webpage.

There can be legal consequences for Italian earthquake scientists. The lack of impact on Davis scientists calls the actual relevance of this factoid into question, especially considering there are still plenty of places that prosecute witchcraft.

If you think you might have just experienced an earthquake, check this map to see if anything happened nearby.

Earthquakes felt in Davis:

October 17, 1989: The Loma Prieta earthquake was felt in Davis and resulted in water white capping in local holding ponds.

May 23, 2013: A mild earthquake was felt in Davis at 8:47 PM. The USGS is reporting it as a magnitude 5.7 earthquake 1.5 miles NNE of Canyondam, Ca.

  • Our couches felt like they shifted a bit, and the cord from the ceiling fans was swinging. Not a big deal, but definitely noticeable. —CovertProfessor

March 31, 2014: A small earthquake occurred in Davis at approximately 7:52pm... or maybe it was Jusnideo Quintos III's butt. 

August 24, 2014: An earthquake was felt at around 3:22AM.

* Not that mild IMO: 6.1 There is substantial damage in Napa, the epicenter. A lot of wine bottles were lost and buildings (i.e. Wells Fargo) damaged. Three persons (including one child) are critically injured and about a hundred persons injured. State of Emergency is declared in Napa.

I already tweeted on August 6. 2014 about drought-triggered earthquakes (in Northern California); I find this a very interesting angle, because now it seems to prove itself. ConstantiaOomen

  • USGS reports it 6km NW of American Canyon, California 2014-08-24 03:20:44 UTC-07:00 —JimStewart

    I felt it it lasted 30 seconds with building intensity ~SD