Park Location
Outside the Vet Med Teaching Hospital
Really small

"Edna's Playground, for All Dogs Big and Small" was created and opened in 2006 thanks due to donation by the Gorland family. Located just outside the CCAH building of the VMTH, Edna's Playground is a very small dog park and sitting area. An outside sitting area has several benches on top of carefully laid bricks, with some of them dedicated to certain donaters and even laid as memorials for loved pets. Unfortunately, it's also located near a large field that often contains several horses and a donkey, hence with a light breeze a corresponding smell is noticeable.

The main focus is of course the agility park! Agility is a common dog sport seen both on TV and showcased at notable UC Davis events such as Picnic Day. There's a pause table, weave poles, a couple of jumps, and contact obstacles such as a dog walk, a see-saw, an A-frame, and a tunnel.

Also see Dogs for more information and on other local parks


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2009-03-01 14:12:39   It may be small but it's the only one that's free in the greater Sacramento area. Anyhow, my dogs love the place and it's good place to work out a high energy dog. —atwong

2011-01-17 19:48:07   Oh, this is free? I always meant to ask, and now I know! —ChristyMarsden

2015-04-20 00:41:24   Park may be free to use, but you have to pay for parking during the week. I don't think they enforce parking permit requirements on the weekend; can't be sure though. —dvmshane