This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


Those hours are for teachers, keep that in mind

A new eatery named Cafe Diablo opened in the same location in March 2012. Like the old eatery, it is staffed by students.

Davis Senior High School
6:30 AM - 10:30 AM last order 10:00
Tues - Fri
Don White[RETIRED, we wish him the best] / DJUSD
In time my friends
Payment Method
Cash only buddy

The Educated Eatery is the ROP food service class taught by Don White at Davis High School, It specializes in breakfast. It is known as the eatery around campus / town. They serve awesome hash browns (which are more like home fries) and biscuits and gravy. It's cheap and damn good. One of the most popular items is the "Big Joe" named after 2000-2001 DHS basketball center Big Joe Chambers. It's a crispy tortilla, eggs, sausage, and browns with some cheese, price to come. You can also get a 12" paper plate heaping with browns for one dollar, and the turnaround time on said order is always PDQ.

Mr. White does all the shopping for the eatery every day before it opens, it's always fresh and great tasting. Be warned though, entering the DHS campus is tricky business, you can just go the office and sign in visiting Mr. White and be sure to be insistent that he knows your coming, or you can sneak in the back through the MPR, just watch the yard narks cause they will give you grief. The restaurant is primarily designed for teacher and student populations, rather than the general public. But this is Davis, we're nice and friendly so you should at least give it a shot!

They also make cookies hot and fresh, about 4" in diameter for 35 cents. The eatery closes around 10:30 for students and the general public where it transforms into a restaurant for the staff only. The staff food is more than damn good as Mr. White is a full fledged chef. They make steaks and chicken etc for the teachers.

If you fancy yourself an eater go and get the "Boss Hog" which is an order and a half of browns, 4 eggs, 4 slices of ham, and a plate sized pancake, plus a small glass of OJ. It costs $6 and you get your name on a list if you finish it in one sitting.

Mr. White is known for his "no-bull" attitude and often encourages students to "walk in the light with Mr. White" and "don't get doped up on dope". He (or one of his students) developed a sort of gang sign one year to be used amongst Educated Eatery students. It consists of holding your hand out sideways (as one would a gang sign) and then flashing index and middle finger, then index finger, then index and middle finger again. This signifies the number "212", or the boiling point of water. Some of his other favorite subjects of conversation are politics, extraterrestrial life in outer space, and the virtues of aluminum foil.

How was your experience @ the eatery?

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2006-12-07 16:37:41   I was pissed I didn't figure out about the eatery until halfway thru my Sophomore year, I was pretty pissed I had missed out for a semster. If you ever go there spend $3 on the Daubert it's a Big Joe x2 except for the browns. If you want it with gravy get the Dirty Daubert —StevenDaubert

2006-12-07 16:55:46   Is this open to the public? —ArlenAbraham

  • From the entry: The eatery closes around 10:30 for students and the general public, although I'd prefer more clarity as well. Sounds good. —jw

2007-06-23 15:58:48   I had a big joe. It was cheap and awesome. Definitely a good way to eat cheaply if you don't mind getting permission to visit and dealing with the annoying yard guards. I'd go back some other time, but it looks like the ROP food service program is being cancelled. Boo. :( —WilliamLewis

2007-11-13 10:21:52   So...we have to contact him if we're going?...and where is it in DHS? —ArianeMetz

2007-12-25 17:54:56   I worked here when during senior year. It was a lot of fun, and the food wasn't bad at all. Good times! —thelonepiper555

2008-04-09 23:17:08   A good way to troll Mr. White is to order a "Daubert" (it's a big joe x2 except for the taters which remain the same)

a good add on to that is to get the "Dirty Daubert" (smothered in gravy) —StevenDaubert

2008-05-19 21:55:42   Where in the high school is this? I feel awkward walking around searching for it... —SunjeetBaadkar

I don't know if this still is open. If it is, the map point is over the eatery. You're gonna have to call ahead to get to it because there is a closed campus policy. -wl

2008-08-01 16:38:19   good food but flimsy schedule...when the man doesnt show up...bailing sometimes! some people r very annoying there —davisrox