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Part of University Communications, Egghead is the official UC Davis blog news source that covers research going on in the various departments. Editor Andy Fell posts news stories about research and publishes links to UC Davis research in the news.

Named for The Eggheads, the blog uses them as the logo.


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2017-10-23 03:33:37   My name is Ronald Darrel Garr and I am trying to get more information on the Eggheads see no evil hear no evil because I am getting ready to graduate from Rishis Institute of Metaphysics where I am trying to get my thumb cut and third eye open. As well as I am the head of the Eggheads that is not moving. I would like to attend Davis Law School to further my education in Criminal Law and International Law so I can take the Foreign Service Officer Test to the Ambassador to Canada like my Grandfather Chief Joesph Brant the Mohawk Indian Chief in Bradford Canada was for his people. —garrronald

  * Hey, there's information at the The Eggheads entry.  #DELETEME