Banner covers the name of the previous chinese restuarant

5XX main st. Woodland
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Cash, Credit Cards

One of the many Mexican eateries in Woodland. The quality of the food is considerably better than most of the places in Davis. However, the big screen TV and the decor make for a pretty not so comfortable atmosphere. They are a fairly new restaurant, and the owners are there to please, very nice people.


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2007-06-30 10:34:49   When i went here they were out of pastor, so i had a lengua taco and the Mojara Frita (fried whole talapia). It was all quite good, but the lengua really stood out. It was better than any lengua i have had (way better than the places in davis). And get this, they comped everyones tacos since we originally ordered pastor. Super nice! will be back. —MattHh