Departed Business

This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.



417 Mace Blvd. -#D
in the El Macero Shopping Center
El Macero Pharmacy closed in May 2014 
Payment Methods

El Macero Pharmacy sold its prescription files to Rite-Aid Pharmacy in South Davis in May of 2014 and closed. I want to thank all the great community support and the support of our customers.  -BBrazill  


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2008-04-29 15:41:02   They are now open, pharmacy and herbs opening soon. —HeatherP

2008-05-03 17:43:15   I popped in for a moment today and the gentleman working at the counter described it as a "European Model Pharmacy." He seemed very nice/ passionate about the business. —AynReyes

2008-05-24 00:01:09   we have switched from long's to here. They are small an intimate and seem interested in keeping business. I Loved the experience and I hear they deliver which is a great need for many in the community! —jmpember

2008-06-03 20:45:51   I really enjoy visiting this pharmacy — the service is excellent! The pharmacist is very helpful and friendly. He seemed happy to discuss and recommend sunscreen options for my daughter's sensitive skin. He also mentioned that if I have a child sleeping in the car or one too sick to want to go into the pharmacy, I can call them and ask to them to bring the prescription out to my car. I'm moving my family's prescriptions here. —2kids4me

2008-07-01 23:13:11   A great addition to our Davis community! The pharmacist was friendly, helpful and ever so personable. (He called me himself to let me know an awaited prescription was ready) An absolute breath of fresh air after using Longs for many years. And for someone who just temporarily lost their insurance the cost of my prescription was more then half of what most others were charging. Please support so we can keep this hard working business in our town:)


2009-02-25 19:10:23   It's been almost year, and I still love this place! I used to just go there for prescriptions because the pharmacist is so personable and the service is excellent — no sitting on hard chairs waiting for your number like Longs. The atmosphere is really nice, so It took me a while to realize that the other stuff in the store is not all as "high end" as it seems. Yes, the cosmetics are fancy and pricey, but they have an esthetician on staff, so it's not surprising. But I also found every price point on other stuff (shampoos run from natural and organic to Suave) cheaper than local drug and grocery stores. I also saw that Heidy Kellison of the Davis Enterprise says that it is the best new business in Davis for 2008 ("... so my pick for Best New Business of 2008 is ... El Macero Pharmacy — an independent, service-plus, European-style health experience, coming soon to a column near you"). Seriously, call or stop in, ask for Brad the pharmacist and enjoy the small town Davis experience. And, no, I am not related to the owner or being paid, it's just my favorite new business, as well. —2kids4me

2009-10-05 00:09:46   This place is GREAT. Just what the doctor ordered. After the Longs and Rite Aid experiences, at last personal, speedy service and a feeling of neighborhood. This is what we need in south Davis and El Macero. Excellent! (PS==I am just a local south Davis customer with no other personal/business ties to this pharmacy.) —tps5352

2009-10-10 13:35:34   As a mother to 3 kids, I've used several pharmacies in Davis. El Macero is my favoite—and now my only—pharmacy. The pharmacist/owner is bright, friendly and EXTREMELY knowledgable. I work in healthcare so I recognize when someone knows his stuff. You will NOT find a better pharmacist in Davis. —catsndogs

2011-02-23 18:25:00   I would highly recommend this pharmacy to all Davis residents! This place has a really welcoming environment with a super reliable staff :) They offer services beyond pharmacy, including a full time aesthetician and a part time herbalist, both of which rock!!!They are always really quick with filling my prescriptions. Their pharmacists are super knowledgable. It provides a wide variety of products as well, ranging from what you would normally find in a pharmacy to fun makeup and beauty supplies. Overall I love this store and would say it is definitely worth the trip to experience such great and dedicated customer service!!!!!! —lindaread

2011-05-25 13:57:08   An all together great pharmacy. Excellent customer service. Although one of the pharmacist while helping me, stopped and answered his cellphone and had a long conversation about who knows what. I personally found that very rude. But other than that one expirence I love this place —jordansmith

2011-05-26 12:53:39   Jordan Smith; thank you for the kind words and the support for El Macero Pharmacy. We take customer service very seriously and strive to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. I apologize for the situation that occurred but I have used this opportunity to review with our associates the policy on cell phone use. On behalf of all the employees of El Macero Pharmacy, again thank you for your support and always if you have any concerns or suggestions on how we can improve please let us know. —BBrazill

  • Wow, I'll be shopping here just because of this response.-Davidlm

2012-01-31 18:41:30   I HIGHLY recommend this pharmacy. Truly one of the best new businesses in Davis. Our family has quite a few prescriptions, and I was really used to getting them filled (and sometimes misfilled) at the "big box" places like Rite Aid and CVS. El Macero Pharmacy is a breath of fresh air! First, the recognize you—what's with that? No one ever gets personal service these days! And the people who work there actually know what they're talking about! Not only that, they'll fill a perscription while you wait (in minutes, not an hour). They have an herbalist, an esthetician and there is always someone on duty who knows about all of the products in the store. I also have seen signs that they are a compounding pharmacy. I haven't used them for that. They have ALL of the medications that the big box guys have, and a selection of QUALITY over-the-counter products. And my HMO insurance covers it here, just as it did at the big guys. THE PERSONAL SERVICE HERE IS FANTASTIC! Truly a small town experience in our quickly growing community! Tori Bovard —toriac

2012-03-01 20:51:07   I drive from north Davis to get our prescriptions here. I credit this pharmacy's services, skills and devotion to their customers for helping us sustain a very difficult pregnancy. They compounded a hormone therapy for a $30 co-pay that another pharmacy wanted to charge us $500 for. The pharmacist here stepped up to the plate and helped us right away with no hassles. They communicate well with physicians. I also had to utilize the herbalist who stopped everything she was doing to research an herbal supplement for me. Another time they immediately filled our child's prescription for a painful ear infection and told me I did not have to come in the store. They would have brought it to my car. The skin esthetician is a wonderful and knowledgeable lady whom I love to work with in choosing cosmetics and other items in the store. I've found wonderful gifts here and earrings that have become my favorite. Their prices are very reasonable. They carry many of the products I use, so there is a convenience factor. I cannot speak highly enough of them and the expertise they offer. They stand so far above the rest.


2012-07-30 16:43:20   I am not a big fan of "alternative" medicine, so I avoided this pharmacy for awhile. However, I was in the shopping center and really need something, so I thought I'd give them a shot. I was pleased to see that they offer some "traditional" products as well, including generic brand products. Also, the staff was extremely friendly and helpful. It is definitely nice to have a small, personal pharmacy in town. —CovertProfessor

2013-05-15 11:25:06   AWFUL I have been using them since they opened for their convenience and liking to support a locally owned company. But am very unhappy with their service and will take my business elsewhere. Their customer service is very bad overall. Most of the employees and the owner are unfriendly. I was in there to pick up one item once and their was a person being helped with a very large and complicated order. The owner was on the computer and made no effort to help me so I wouldn't have a long wait. He seemed oblivious to the situation and frankly unconcerned. Now I have found out that because they didn't put our insurance information on my daughter's account we have paid over $700.00 in the last seven months for a medication that would have been covered by our insurance. I gave them the insurance information when it changed last year, and I am usually the one to pick up the medication. Because we have a large deductible I assumed that our insurance didn't cover this. Not one of the employees or the owner has ever questioned the fact that the account didn't show any insurance information any time that I went to pick this medication up. And when one of the (the only good one) that I have dealt with finally questioned this on my last visit, the owner said that he would call the insurance to see if I can get a refund of this $700 plus dollars, but I haven't heard back from him. And again, he didn't seem at all concerned. It was the employee that wanted to check for me. There have been other incidences but the pharmacy is just so convenient to my house. But this is the last straw. I don't know how they stay in business!! —Yogagirl

2013-07-08 21:19:22   I have only been in here twice, but WOW these are the friendliest people ever! Today I asked about compounding a medication for my rabbit, and instead of just charging me and making it, they took the time to explain a more affordable way for me to do it myself - AND gave me a bottle to mix it in. Wish they were closer to my place, but I'll make a point of shopping here again when I'm in the neighborhood. —MeggoWaffle

Small pharmacy. Locally owned. Very pleasant interior.

I want to commend them for putting in a container to collect people's unused prescriptions. I don't know much about this program as of yet, but I think they pay to have this service available to people. I wish all pharmacy's would have such container's. And I hope we can pass legislation that requires the pharmaceutical industry to set up programs for their safe disposal. Like in Canada and Europe.

For more info, refer to California Product Stewardship Council. In the meantime, THANK YOU to El Macero Pharmacy! —Yogagirl

2014-05-17 15:03:37   To my distress—and, if truth be told, annoyance—the El Macero Pharmacy has CLOSED!!! (It happened at the end of April-beginning of May 2014.) This is a real loss for the south Davis area, and for all of Davis. I assume that it just was not profitable enough (the robo-call prescription-holders received said that the owner wanted to explore other career options, I believe). What a shame.

It also points to a larger problem: the continuous loss of good, small, customer-oriented businesses (e.g., independent doctors, bookstores, restaurants, etc.). Is it mostly about profit (or lack thereof), insurance fees, the healthcare system, or what? I don't completely know. —TimStevens