4735 Cowell Boulevard
(South Davis, near the Interstate 80/Mace Blvd. intersection)
Office Hours
Mon- Fri, 9am-4pm
Closed Sat & Sun


  • Pets allowed
  • Fitness center
  • Community room
  • Two picnic/barbecue areas
  • Study lounge
  • Pool/spa
  • Computer mini-lab
  • Laundry
  • Cable TV in the rec room
  • All units cable ready
  • Instaconnect wi-fi for a fee
  • Central Heat/Air
  • Dishwasher/microwave/garbage disposal
  • Two-Door Refrigerator
  • Patio/balcony
  • Storage
Floor Plans

El Macero Village Apartments offers one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments, with a washer/dryer in each three-bedroom apartment. There is also a laundry facility on the premises for occupants of the one- and two-bed units. The two-bedroom units have one bathroom attached to the bigger master bedroom and one regular bathroom across a hallway from the other smaller bedroom. No application fees. A security deposit of $500 is required prior to move-in, along with a $250 deposit for each cat (up to two cats), and $450 for each dog (only one dog; a dog walk/exercise area is provided). The community room features a service bar, color TV, stereo, and full kitchen; additionally, both barbecue areas provide easy access to the community room.

This complex is located on the Unitrans A bus line and the P/Q Bus Line stops a block away. There is also the S bus line and T bus line right outside the complex. Residents appear to be a diverse mix of undergraduates, grad students, and families. Also nearby (two blocks away) is the South Davis Nugget store. In addition, the new Target is a few min drive away or just take the A bus line (get off the 2nd stop, not counting the stop where you got on) or the P/Q Bus Line (get off the next stop).

Currently the deposit is $400 for any apartment unit and the rental rates are

  • 1-bedroom unit: $945/month
  • 2-bedroom, 2-bath unit: $1,170
  • 3-bedroom, 2-bath unit: $1,650

The above rent is for new residents; the typical policy of the management is that continuing residents get a discount. The rent above includes all city services; there is no extra charge for water or garbage. The property manager is Brenda and the maintenance crew is Miguel and Alan; this place is not run by a Property Management company.

To find out about other rental housing options in Davis, check out our Rental Housing Guide as well as our Apartments pages.


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2007-07-14 20:09:32   When I first moved in, I really liked this place. It is quiet, the maintenance is great, they allow (some) dogs, etc. Over time, I begin to find it wasn't so nice as it first appeared. The property manager Brenda could be very rude. She seemed nice at first until you wanted to get your packages the week BEFORE Christmas (a sign on the door told you that you couldn't and *NOT* to knock on her door). . If you got locked out the policy was that you HAD TO CALL A LOCKSMITH AND PAY FOR IT . After I left, I heard they cut down a bunch of trees without telling anyone they were going to do it. They would also water the sidewalk and the side of the buildings, so much so that it caused rotting; obviously not a very eco-friendly management. —john75

2007-10-09 02:16:05   I have lived there for five years, and have found Brenda to be nothing but accomodating. Whether it be maintenance or repairs, she has been very effecient. We get a pool/jacuzzi, exercsie room, and a great quiet location for cheaper rent than most crappy places in Davis. —DCWine

2008-03-30 22:16:31   We just signed a lease for 08-09. They allow dogs (with breed exceptions, such as pitts, rotties, etc. per usual property insurance regulations) for a $400 deposit. We got a two bedroom for $1080 a month which is twice the size of what we have at the Trees now, for almost the same price. Brenda seemed very nice and helpful. I'm looking forward to moving in. —CParker

2008-04-18 00:17:13   Hi Cparker, can you tell me more about the apartment and was it had for you to get a hold of the office management??Also, is the 2br with 2bth or just 1? —Dreabo0

2008-04-24 13:09:40   Hi Dreabo0, the El Macero apartments are very nice. It was pretty easy to get a hold of the manager, Brenda, I used the number I found on this very website in fact. The unit we rented is a 2br/2bth and very spacious. What really made the deal for us was the size of the private patio, it's quite large (enough room for a table and chairs or a hammock or something) and fenced (private). It seemed like they had a few more available for rent next year, and there was an empty unit she showed us. The inside of the apartment looks newer than what we have now, and rally nice kitchen appliances. There's also a pool/spa, rec room, study room, etc. on site. The grounds are very well manicured, and Brenda was very nice. Hope that helps :) —CParker

2008-06-09 23:12:55   I just signed a lease here and I agree with Cparker. Brenda is nice and the grounds are very well maintained and the apartments are a good size and a great price for a 2/2 plan! Whats great is that they allow dogs, big and small which is super hard to find. Also if you are reading this and need a room to rent I am in need of a roommate!! I'm moving in 8/10/08. send me an email v83arias@yahoo.com =o) —Nessa

2008-10-26 18:07:22   Hi, I am looking at these apartments as a potential grad student. It sounds like a great place to live, but the distance does seem a little far. Does anyone know if the UC Davis campus is accessible from the El Macero apartments via bike? If not, is parking near campus a complete pain or would that be a viable alternative? Please let me know! Thanks! —mmartin

2008-11-18 10:22:31   its a tad far for a bike, but the campus bus system would be free with very little to no inconvenience and there is a stop right outside. I like this place alot more than the trees. Has a very nice pet area, except for the ones who cant clean up after their pets, even if the pile is right by the can and scooper. Brenda is really nice and accommodating with like 5 or 6 places to eat and a shopping plaza/Nugget right across the street. —patrick82

2009-02-07 16:33:24   The buses are only free for undergrads. Grad students have to pay for the buses, but I believe that grad students at least get a little annual pass discount. —JW

2009-02-07 17:09:15   My friend lived here and her neighbors cooked a lot of curry dishes. Her apartment reeked. The manager told her the only way to get the smell out was to "oxygenate" it or something and it would cost a fortune. It was gross and she finally had to move out. —EricaMacGregor

2009-03-02 13:46:52   my roommate and I have had an easy time meeting with Brenda with complaints like the noise above us. Shes been friendly and helpful. Must just depend on the individual. —patrick82

2009-04-14 19:18:58   I lived here for the 08-09 year, and resigned for the 09-10 school year. It is an older apartment complex, so, of course, you will fine some issues with things. Eventually, toilets, showers, etc need to be replaced or upgraded, and they seem to be doing on an as-needed basis, which suits me just fine. The apartments are very large considering the price, and it's the best deal I found when looking for a 2 bed, 2 bath. The downside with living in a dog friendly complex is always the poop that owners don't pick up - but here it's pretty minimal. Brenda, the office manager, has some quirky office hours, and I've noticed she has left early on occasion (don't we all?). But she's prompt to return phone calls, and very good at handling the few issues and disputes I've had. She's not afraid to reinforce the no party addendum - which is great for me, since I study a considerable amount. The maintenance crew is quick, and very friendly. All of the maintenance issues I've had were solved relatively quickly and painlessly. The laundry room leaves something to be desired. It's operated with a card that you load money onto, and the machines have eaten my money on more than one occasion. The gym is nice, and rarely crowded. It's not terribly far from downtown, but you do sacrifice some of the conveniences of living in central Davis. I would definitely recommend living here! —ElizabethAbinante

2009-07-06 15:41:37   I just spoke with Brenda about affordable housing, and she says they are discontinuing the program. ~~~ —ErinBlackman

2009-08-07 16:11:22   We'll be moving out at the end of the month, but only because we're moving closer to town. Nothing at all because of Brenda, who has been nothing but accommodating. There was a gap originally of when we'd have to move out and when we could move into our new place, and she even offered a room to us for a week if we needed. The grounds crew were very friendly, even if just passing by, and always really quick to come fix a repair. You can tell the difference between someone who owns and runs a place and someone who works for a large management company. —patrick82

2009-10-02 14:16:09   This place has gone downhill in recent years as management has been unable to fill all units & rents to some very strange/creepy people (mostly clustered on one side of the complex, away from the families). Carpets smell like pets and one of the maintenance guys (bald dude) is a peeping tom. Agree with previous comments about Brenda — very nice and accomodating at the beginning, but once you don't resign a lease gets pretty nasty. I'd lived there many years w/o a single noise complaint, then shortly after i didn't resign my lease I fell asleep in my bedroom with a 'Lost' marathon still playing. The next day I saw a nasty note on my door from Brenda saying she'd call the police if there was another noise complaint!!! So much for warnings/any pretense at civility - I'm sure she was trying to kiss up to the new ppl who'd moved in next door. Items of gym equipment broke 6 months ago and still haven't been fixed/replaced as of my moveout. —davisGeek

2010-01-14 10:12:03   I only have Silverstone to compare this place to and let me tell you- it's a breath of fresh air. True, it's an older complex and has problems, but when there are problems I haven't been given hell for it. The unit kitty corner to us got upgraded to new white appliances with a microwave/fan unit over the stove. I don't know if that's going to be standard to the new leases, but it's nice for them at least. :) It's quiet (minus the dog upstairs) and the gym is better than Silverstone's & they have a study area, kitchen area open for get togethers (not parties really). The only not so great thing we encountered was the luke-warm temp of the hot tub. Seems like it just breeds bacteria at it's cool temp, and there were these nasty biting bugs in it the one time we used it. The bite I got swelled up to the diameter of a softball. But Miguel and the other maintenance guy are really prompt, helpful & friendly. And Brenda is too. In reference to her becoming bitter about not renewing a lease I can't say cause we haven't been here that long, but I'm 100% happier here than at Silverstone- cause that manager's a bitch. —EmC

2010-01-26 20:56:14   Update: management was incredibly shady about refunding security deposit, vastly overinflated costs and charged me for things Brenda said wouldn't be charged for when I was moving in. Be warned! I think it might be the owner's policy to withhold all security deposits until you threaten them with a lawyer (which I did and got every penny back). Now I know how they can afford to give you that discount on the first month's rent!!! Make sure to take digital photos when you move in and move out and demand a walkthrough before you move out. I HATE the way slumlords in Davis like to bleed the poor for money.

The Owner's contact info: 'Santa Clara Capital, Inc' Sylvia P. Boeme 9818 N. Fairway Drive Hayward, WI 54843 —davisGeek

2010-01-30 13:32:37   Does anyone know if the cable tv is basic cable or just a few channels? Also, is it free? Thanks! —sm0729

2010-02-09 11:58:16   I have lived at El Macero for 15 years. In that fifteen years this complex has gone through a lot of changes. Everything has it's down sides, i.e the age of the complex, so no problem. My appliances have all been updated. The rec room is a wonderful facility with a gym and study room and I personally love the barbecue picnic area in the summer when I can accomodate my grandson's birthday on the quaint little patio then go for a swim in the well maintained pool. My biggest complaints are ignorant neighbors and former tenants that lived like slobs and like to blame their shortcomings on management. But hey, ignorance happens. I have heard a few sob stories over the years and let me tell you, they are pathetic. Brenda is a very pleasant lady. She has been short with me once that I can think of over 15 years and that's pretty impressive since I'm an asshole. Good complex, great management, great response time to maintenance and very friendly help all around. Well kept landscaping and buildings and for the most part minus a few idiots, great quiet neighbors. I just gotta say to davisgeek, get over yourself, bub. Bald peeping tom? You mean the 65 year old Brazilian guy that has a gf fifteen years his junior? yeah sure buddy. Gotta love it. —giants2010

2010-02-09 11:59:28   oh and sm0729, what cable? the one you buy from comcast? yeah its free. for only $55 per month. —giants2010

2010-02-18 12:21:29   Reply to DavisGeek: This place has gone downhill in recent years as management has been unable to fill all units & rents to some very strange/creepy people (mostly clustered on one side of the complex, away from the families). <- REALLY?? you were able to go into every apartment and check if anyone lives in there? didn't think so. FYI, all apartment is filled and people are waiting to move in.

Carpets smell like pets <- if that is so, why didn't' you contact management when you moved in?

and one of the maintenance guys (bald dude) is a peeping tom. <- really? he peeps? how come you are the only one complaining? oh, and if he does peep, he'll get kicked out. OH! more importantly, where is your proof?

Agree with previous comments about Brenda — very nice and accomodating at the beginning, but once you don't resign a lease gets pretty nasty. I'd lived there many years w/o a single noise complaint, then shortly after i didn't resign my lease I fell asleep in my bedroom with a 'Lost' marathon still playing. The next day I saw a nasty note on my door from Brenda saying she'd call the police if there was another noise complaint!!! So much for warnings/any pretense at civility - I'm sure she was trying to kiss up to the new ppl who'd moved in next door. <- WOW! this must be a joke. One, there must have been multiple complaints before she will give you a letter. Two, you fell asleep with loud music on is very disturbing to those around you. That means while you sleep so peacefully, the others cannot. So how can they not complain to Brenda? Three, she is nice to you even if you do not resign a lease. She was nice enough to help someone moved out on the day i moved in.

Items of gym equipment broke 6 months ago and still haven't been fixed/replaced as of my moveout. <- Then you must have moved out at the right time. ONCE you moved out, all the gym equipment got fixed.

management was incredibly shady about refunding security deposit, vastly overinflated costs and charged me for things Brenda said wouldn't be charged for when I was moving in. Be warned! I think it might be the owner's policy to withhold all security deposits until you threaten them with a lawyer (which I did and got every penny back). <- Umm, you do know that management is not the one who refunds your deposit right? It is the OWNERS who determines how much to give back. Oh, don't even trust this guy. You can ask Brenda for pictures of his apartment when he moved out and see how filthy it looked. He should be glad that he received his full deposit back.

Now I know how they can afford to give you that discount on the first month's rent!!! Make sure to take digital photos when you move in and move out and demand a walkthrough before you move out. I HATE the way slumlords in Davis like to bleed the poor for money. <- Brenda gives you the option to have a pre walk-through or not. The only way that you will not get a pre walk is if you declined it. And you can always request for a pre walk through if you want, but i bet you DavisGeek never did.

I've been here for about a year and i am very satisfied with this complex. Okay, it is not the newest apartment around but for the price we are paying, it is very good. We are close to so many bus lines and we live about 3-4 min drive away from target. It is a great location and everyone here is community friendly. My housemates and I are very glad that we chose this place and we plan to stay here for another year or so. Oh, i love you their contests and stuff, it is so much fun to participate in and look at others decoration. FYI, i don't get paid for saying all these. I just don't like people twisting the truth. This place is really friendly with children and UCD students. People should really check this place out. —Hollen

2010-02-23 22:13:07   Reading the inflammatory comments of some of the posters here have compelled me to contribute my two cents. I can't stand it when people write things out of boredom, ignorance, or spite.

I've lived at El Macero Village Apartments in South Davis for a total of 3 years, and given any choice of apartments either in Davis or Sacramento, I would pick El Macero Village any day. As a matter of fact, after 1 very happy/productive year at El Macero, I moved away to Sacramento to try to reduce my commute. I ended up moving back right after my Sacramento lease expired. Why do I like living at El Macero Village so much? There are many reasons, but it starts with the people who keep the property running well. The property manager Brenda, and property maintenance staff Miguel and Alan are a class act—they are kind, fair, friendly, professional, efficient and helpful, in a way that simply puts other managed properties in Davis and Sacramento to shame. They do their very best to make the residents feel comfortable.

In terms of practical benefits, living at El Macero was a godsend to me—it's the perfect place for a studious graduate student to live and study. I've broken it down:

NOISE: The complex is quiet—no loud parties, no people drunken late at night, no walking out in the morning to find vomit on the bushes, etc.

LOCATION: I commute to Sacramento, and it's right off of the Mace Exit (last Davis exit before the Causeway), and while it is near the train tracks and freeway it is set far back enough that the noise is not a problem. Super convenient to be literally 2 blocks from the freeway entrance.

SPACIOUSNESS: While it is an older apartment, this also translates into larger floorplans; the master bedroom in the 2br/2ba is huge, check out the dimensions on the website. I was able to fit a small sofa, a full size bed, and a large desk in there and still have room for two bookshelves. I previously lived at the Lexington Apartments and Glacier Point Apartments, and know friends living at Tanglewood and other complexes. The rooms there were tiny, able to fit a full size bed and a small desk. While these other complexes were newer, the environment was uninhabitable for a serious student. Between the loud parties, drunken/stoned neighbors (mainly at the Lexington) I found myself caring only that I got my sleep. I didn't care how bright and beautiful the apartments were.

NEIGHBORS/ENVIRONMENT: El Macero is a quiet complex, spacious, friendly (nice neighbors, mostly pet owners, students, and young families) with good people running the place. I love how it feels laid back. It is also very much affordable. It's pet friendly, it's nice coming home and seeing neighbors walking their dogs and stopping to chat. It's possible to grow a small garden in the private patios (for ground-floor units). The patios are just big enough to accomodate a small garden table and four small chairs. The management encourage residents to decorate their homes for the holidays, with decorating contests. In the summers it's nice to lay out by the pool or on the lawn.

GYM/WORKOUT: It's great to have a gym that's not very crowded. I love the fact that if I don't feel like running indoors, that I could just head down the street—it's very safe to jog even late at night in South Davis. I'm not much for swimming, but we have a clean and well-maintained pool and a jacuzzi.

VALUE: I also love the fact that my roommate and I each had our own room and bath for at least $100-200 less than what my friends were paying. It helps to get in on a sublease; though the rental increases have been incremental and not outrageous.

PARKING: Parking is ample, first come first served. They have hoses near the parking lot for those who like to wash their own cars.

LOCAL RESTAURANTS/BUSINESSES: I love having the Nugget, Cindy's, Guadalajara Grill, Subway and Thai Dynamite (yum) within walking distance. I'm not a big fan of the Chinese place in the Nugget complex. I've frequently walked to take a dinner break for cheap and tasty Mexican food, or make a quick run for last minute groceries. For someone who commutes to Sacramento, it's perfect because the gas station and freeway entrance is literally two blocks away. It's nice to be able to drop by at the Nugget on the way back home—very convenient. I have a Honda, and I can say it is REALLY nice to be able to drop off my car for an oil change or major service, walk two blocks home, and walk back to go get my car.

LAUNDRY: There is a pretty large laundry room, it's usually not crowded. It's card-operated, and the machines are quite new and work well. I haven't had any problems with the machines "eating" up money. And if I did, I'd simply talk to Brenda and I'd be confident she'd fix the situation.

MAINTENANCE/SECURITY: They've refunded what was fair to me in terms of deposit; when I had emergency problems they were able to solve them promptly if not immediately. For example, within 5 minutes of my calling about a broken kitchen faucet Miguel was already over to my apartment, and had replaced it within 15 minutes. Miguel and Alan are always working on the grounds, taking care of the property so that everything is well-maintained. They have an excellent work ethic, have been entirely professional in addition to being warm and helpful. It is upsetting to see that some posters here on this site have taken to falsely maligning really good people. Miguel and Alan have gone above and beyond to help me with a dead car battery (multiple occasions) a lock out when I thought I lost my key. In case people are thinking I'm biased, I happen to know that Brenda, Miguel, and Alan volunteered to help my new neighbor move their piano so that they wouldn't have to pay for professional movers. Several of my friends have lived here, and have felt the same way as I do about El Macero. This kind of neighborly concern for each other is what I think sets El Macero Village apart—living here I felt like I was part of a community, and people know and watch out for me.

I'd highly recommend El Macero Village as a place to call home. If you are lucky enough, take over a sublease so that you can request to continue the lower rental rate. This is the place for you if you want a drama-free, affordable, clean, quiet and friendly place to call home. —JMDavis

2010-05-04 15:34:27   Seems like my previous comments have ticked some people off. Please note that 'giants2010' and 'hollen' have never posted anything on daviswiki except pro-El Macero management comments in response to mine (and one snide insult). Hollen is Brenda herself (Hi Brenda!) since #1 she claims to have seen pics of my apartment after moveout and #2 uses Brenda's favorite buzzword of 'filthy' (used liberally on my moveout claims form). Just think for a minute about how these responses sound like promotional ads for the paradise that is this apartment complex. Also didn't know it was standard procedure for management to take pictures of dirty apartments after moveout and offer to show them to others! I guess Hollen cares so much that she's intimately familiar with former tenent's lives despite 'having lived there a little less than a year.' Giants2010 sounds like Brenda's unemployed teenage son (the one that likes to blast loud music in the gym while people are studying for finals). He probably has lived there for 15 years, but read the rest of what he says... normal people tend not to call themselves assholes as a way to establish how great and tolerant management is! Old people (ie grandfathers which he claims to be) also typically don't insult strangers over the internet (ie the comment about comcast).

I stand by everything else I said. The lat/pulldown machine in the gym had a broken cord that was never repaired despite me writing notes to management about it. Interestingly the sign I posted in the gym saying it had been broken for six months was taken down the next day. Two exercise bikes that I used regularly broke and were taken away and never replaced. I ask you the reader - which is more likely? An apt complex being tightfisted with a buck and delaying repairs or me flat out making stuff up? Also, consider the overall bulk of comments posted before I started posting at all.

As far as the bald maintenance dude: I would never lie about something that implicates someone's character. There is a locked door between the laundry room and the kitchen area of the gym room. I noticed that sometimes it would be unlocked, which is strange since the regular gym key doesn't fit the lock. One day I was in the gym and the bald dude came rushing out of the laundry room and headed straight for the window overlooking the pool. He basically stood there without moving for a while and didn't notice I was there (I was in the corner using a machine and held very still since i wondered what he was up to). Because this particular gym is covered in mirrors, i was able to see what he was looking at — it was basically the shapely rear end of a girl who was walking down the sidewalk! I saw this same behavior repeated EXTREMELY regularly. He never did it unless there was a hot girl walking down the sidewalk... figured he saw her in the laundry room window and rushed out to get a second, longer look from the gym window. Another part to the story is that my special lady friend was often in my ground floor bedroom in a state of undress.. who would often happen by except the bald dude? Considering the amount of mowing, weedwhacking, edging and god knows what else they do he always could find some reason to be around when she was in the bedroom. Rather than report him and risk ticking management off, I simply made sure the blinds were always closed and bought a blackout curtain. But GF or not, that is what this guy was all about. I NEVER saw Miguel, the head maintenance dude lingering near my window or even looking. —davisGeek

2010-05-04 16:04:20   Oh, one last reply to 'Hollen' (ie Brenda)

I never once received a single noise complaint of any kind prior to the 'Lost' incident. Neutral readers please note that Hollen is convinced I'm lying because 'there must have been multiple complaints before mgmt gives you a letter.' You attack me for not being able to 'prove' many of the things I say — so where is your proof there were prior complaints?

The reason there were categorically no prior complaints EVER is because I am a grad student and psycho about noise. I have complained about my neighbors multiple times for being too loud and all they got was a verbal request to keep things down. Thus it seemed incredibly, insanely unfair that I didn't get a warning for a first offense, but a nasty threatening letter, especially when the neighbor didn't even knock and ask me to turn it off first! I stand by what I said - pure animosity for not re-signing my lease. —davisGeek

2010-06-03 16:52:57   reply to davisGeek- I'm flattered you think I'm Brenda! Thanks —Hollen

2011-02-16 23:43:00   Because Davisgeek seemed to be getting flogged by a lot of comments I just wanted to add my own. I did live at El Macero apartments and I wish that someone had stood by Davisgeek and note completely thrown his opinions out the window. To a lot of people who read these comments to get a grasp of how living at a certain apartment is, you should at least take in some of the things he mentions. Some things I will say are that as far as grocery goes - it's convenient with a Nugget right there. If that's too expensive you'll have to have a car since buses don't run as often as apartments closer to campus. Also one thing to take note of is the amount of children there are. Since it's a little farther from campus you do get more families living there. While I lived there a lot of the children ran around in the parking lot and all over. Sometimes even playing on my stairway. They do fun things during the holidays, but it's not very genuine. It's like they have you decorate for them to make the complex look nicer then get angry if you leave it up because you're busy with class or work. It's a pet friendly place which is a plus but there's only one pet place and it can cause a lot of conflict with other people. I would warn about one thing which is that there is across the way a fire department and YOU WILL absolutely hear fire trucks all hours. Also they run leaf blowers all the time and blow leaves all over your patio and balcony. As far as management goes. It's like management anywhere else. They're not the best and if you don't spend the time to get on her good side you might have to watch out.

It's an okay place to live. I really wouldn't recommend it if you're a student for reasons I mentioned before: the kids, the sirens, and the location isn't that great.

Everyone here has a different relationship with management and once I moved out it was a big relief. Also a lot of the apartments are close together so people WILL complain about you. The hours are inconvenient to meet with management as well.

The apartment itself is okay, but the rest of it might not be worth it. I'm just writing the review I wish I had read before I moved in. Once I moved out I've been a lot happier. It can be really stressful living in a place where so many kids are, or where so many residents stay in their apartments all day and lodge complaints against one another.


2011-03-15 12:50:11   Overall I had a positive experience living at El Macero Village. I lived there from Summer 2006 through January 2011 in three different apartments: three bedroom, two bedroom and one bedroom. For me the main draw in staying there for 4 and 1/2 years was the value for money, management, maintenance and location.

Few other apartment complexes in Davis have a remotely competitive rate per square footage. I found Brenda a likable, responsible manager. I appreciated that actually lived on site. Any maintenance problems I had were quickly attended to within a week or sooner. Location-wise I appreciated living on both the A and P/Q lines for commuting to campus: about 20-25 minutes. I would normally walk to Nugget for groceries.

For the negatives I have to say the complex is aging. Most of the apartments have thin walls which makes even ordinary activities easy to hear through the walls. On the upside this place tends to be quieter than most. The mix of residents seemed to me an even mix of grads, undergrads, young professionals and families. I didn't mind the noise of the children that lived near me, but I was usually not home during day-time hours. I've lived at El Macero through two fairly extensive but needed exterior renovations: one of the decks/patios, exterior wood, painting and one reroofing. These were minor annoyances but definitely show me that some care is being taken to maintain the complex.

Some folks have also stated having issues with Brenda herself. I've never experienced any trouble with money, deposits or repairs. I got the impression that she could be strict when needed, but I always found her to be fair. She was always responsive and proactive when I had an issue with a noisy neighbor or maintenance problem. —MarkHixson

2011-06-14 09:44:15   I just moved out of El Macero after living there for 4 years. My experience has been outstanding. They are extremely family friendly and pet friendly. They work very hard to keep the premises looking quite nice but still keeping rent low. The property management team is unbelievably responsive to any problems you may encounter either with the facility or other tenants (both of which were few and far between in my experience). Brenda is extremely fair in all matters and if you are a quiet, respectful, pay-on-time type tenant she will bend over backwards to keep you (i.e., does not jack up rent and will work with you whatever your situation). If you are looking for a quiet, safe place to live that is an excellent value, I highly recommend El Macero Apartments! —ccc4

2011-06-27 22:09:39   I initially found El Macero Village on Davis Wiki so I thought I'd return the favor and do a post that might help others. (Note: This review is a copy/paste job from my Yelp account fszeto.yelp.com) I've lived here for the past 2 years and will move out in September when I finish my undergrad. My experience here has been great.

El Macero Villiage is an apartment complex in South Davis. There's a 'no party' clause that all tenants must agree to, so if you're looking for a place to party, I wouldn't recommend El Macero. The grounds are kept beautiful at all times, but the buildings do seem a little on the older side. Certain parts of the floor in our apartment are creaky, and unfortunately we're on the second floor, so we've learned to take longer strides over certain places to minimize noise to the residents below us. Also note that walls/doors are a little on the thin side.

Management is lovely. Brenda is friendly, welcoming, and helpful. She's always greeted me with a warm smile. Miguel and Alan are always maintaining EVERYTHING, from problems with the units themselves to mowing the grass, trimming the hedges, cleaning the pool, etc. They're always hard at work but they always take the time out to greet you with a smile and a 'hello'. Maintenance has always been very speedy for us on the rare occasions that we've needed it.

Parking is not a problem. The parking lot is the entire perimeter around the complex. Just make sure to register your car. There's also street parking along the outside of the complex. If you don't have a car, the A and 42A bus lines stop right outside Building 2. The Q and 42B lines are just across the street. Depending on the bus and traffic, it's just a 10-15 minute ride from Downtown Davis.

El Macero is pet friendly so there's lots of dogs and cats. And because there's a lot of families living here, there are also many children. A word of caution: sometimes the children running/biking/skating/playing around the complex aren't watched by adults so I'd especially watch out if they're playing in the parking lot.

There's a gym and a laundry room open for all residents to use. There's a washer and dryer in our unit so I've never been in the laundry room. I'm in the gym a couple times a week and don't really notice any problems with it. It's not the ARC, so there's a chance you'll have to wait to use the machine you want. If something breaks down, it can take a little time for it to get fixed because they need to contact someone to fix it.

El Macero is right across the street from Nugget Market, and less than a 5 minute drive from Target. There's also a fire station across the street so you'll occasionally hear the sirens but if that bothers you, you probably shouldn't live here. Sometimes you can also hear the train.

If you're a student, El Macero is a little far from campus, BUT it's worth it. It's much more affordable than many other places in Davis, and it's a beautiful place. I always tell my friends that if distance isn't an issue (just adjust your schedule for a slightly longer bus ride) then they should definitely consider El Macero —fszeto

2011-12-12 21:52:52   I accidentally had a package delivered to my former El Macero apartment last week (I moved to Placerville for work 2 years ago). Brenda, the office manager, was very nice and even offered to meet me on her day off so I could retrieve the package. And Thank You to the honest person in apt 40 who turned it in! —mpclark

2012-04-29 19:32:42   My girlfriend and I just moved here last August and we've made the best decision by choosing El Macero. We both love it here so much! The staff are very friendly and they will help you if you need help with anything, even small personal things (They jumped started my car when my battery died!). Brenda, who works at the front desk, may be the NICEST person I have ever met! She will help you out with anything and will do her best in keeping you as a tenant happy. They have a nice sized workout room, swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, and there are BBQ pits around too! There's a lot of parking for everyone in the apartments, and the parking lot is close by no matter which apartment you live in. Longest you will take to walk to your apartment from your car is probably 2 minutes. Unitrans and Yolobus are literally right in the front, so you don't have to worry about rushing to catch the bus and finding that you're either too early or too late. I don't have any bad things to say at all about this place, but all I know is that if you're a UCD student you will think it's a far drive. But trust me, you won't regret moving into this great place! —Jondguzman

2012-06-22 13:08:58   I moved into El Macero Village in September 2011. I share a 3 bed, 2 bath apartment with 4 other students. It's a great place for a somebody that doesn't want to be constantly surrounded by parties. Most of the other residents are families, so unlike other apartments, you have the choice of going to a noisy party rather than living in one. The apartment itself is by no means a 5 star resort, but it is comfortable and accommodating for a limited budget. The kitchen is a little small, but is sufficient for 3 people to do a coordinated kitchen dance while preparing large meals. Except for the bathrooms and kitchen, all floors have beige carpeting. It's not the newest, with a few stains, but once again....this is not a 5 star resort. Washer and dryer unit that is included is a great way to save money. The only negative thing I have to say about the apartment is that except for bathrooms and kitchen...there are NO CEILING LIGHTS. Needless to say, IKEA made some money off of us when we purchased multiple floor lamps. There have been a couple of things that needed to be fixed due to natural wear and tear. Maintenance staff consists of Miguel and Alan who are very friendly and always try to get everything fixed as soon as possible, sometimes even within 20 minutes of being informed of the problem. The longest I had to wait was 1 day and the door was fixed in 5 minutes. The property manager, Brenda, is professional, courteous, and a total sweetheart. When our upstairs neighbors were making noises at 3am like they were practicing jumping jacks or studying for a feng shui midterm, she wasted no time contacting them. When it happened again the next week, she notified them again and told us that if this was a repeated occurrence she would have no problem helping us move into a different unit. All in all, this is a good place to live if you want someplace that is quiet and not overrun with obnoxiously loud parties. It's relatively affordable and not a dump and the grounds are kept clean. Lots of trees, with manicured lawns and decorative bushes. The only sacrifice you make is slightly dingy carpeting and a longer (20 minute) bus ride to campus. —BabyMammoth

2012-08-01 14:39:07   I lived at El Macero for the past 3 years, during my Undergrad at UCD. From the first moment I met Brenda, the apartment manager, I instantly liked her. She was friendly and understanding, and would lend a sympathetic ear when I struggled with school and relationships. Miguel and Alan, who do a lot of the maintenance, were always friendly as well. Miguel even gave me automotive advice, which was very nice. I lived in a 3 bedroom apartment, and I loved the space, as the price was magnificent. Not to mention the washer and dryer in the apartment, and the many cabinets in the kitchen for me and my roommates to put all our food and appliances. The apartment was nice and quiet, and was relatively cool. The parking was never a problem, as there are many open spaces for tenants and guests. I rode the A or P/Q buses everyday, and the bus stops were conveniently placed, A-line right in front of the complex, and P/Q-lines just at the corner. I loved to see all the pets, and the friendly tenants. I chose this place because of the great reviews, the price, and the location. I love the fact that it isn't too far from the I-80, as it is convenient when giving directions or reducing the time travelling through town. It is within walking distance of the Nugget shopping center, and different restaurants. There is even a fire station nearby, which to me, always made irrational fears of fire nonexistent. It is a very safe and quiet neighborhood, and walking alone at night wasn't scary. There is even a park nearby, if you want to play tennis close to home. I got nearly all of my safety deposit back after moving out, some was taken because a roommate had spilled some bleach near the washing machine, but it was fair. I can't express my supreme satisfaction with living here, and it is well worth the distance from campus. —LisaD@UCD

2012-08-23 14:28:56   Our family of 4 just moved in and this is a great place to live if you are looking for a quiet, family friendly, clean and tidy complex. Our apartment is immaculate, freshly painted, has brand new carpet, and brand new appliances. It is close to shopping and good places to eat. There is a bus stop right out front if you don't have a car. It is also easy for anyone that commutes to Sac. Brenda and Miguel are really nice and go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable. The other employees are also very nice and courteous. The other renters in the complex are considerate and always say hi, giving the complex a feeling of community. It is close to schools and safe for kids. It has a park nearby and it is a nice for people who like to run or take their dogs out to play. The pool is nice, clean, and the perfect temperature and we use it and the spa every day. I would highly recommend this complex for family and students that are looking for a quiet, friendly, safe place to study. —CatherineLamm

2013-02-15 01:20:28   When I needed to find an apartment with a non-standard lease, El Macero was one of the few places in Davis willing to provide one. Brenda was very accommodating during the application process and afterwards as well. Apartments are pretty nice and I did not run into any issues. I would definitely recommend this complex. —hankim

2014-01-31 08:00:18   The long and short of it is that they have older buildings. The apartments share walls there are cross over sounds that you would expect like voices or TV but in this instance can hear cabinets in kitchen or bath being snapped shut, garbage disposal run, oven fan going, sounds from dishwasher, and windows opening and closing, doors the same. The air vent system brings in cooking fumes from other apartments ex. you can tell how much salt pepper being used on fried steaks as if you were in the other apartment cooking it yourself! These things are structural issues, how walls were insulated when built or air vents designed - simply can't be changed. —FrankOmalley

2015-07-16 18:17:41   We loved this apartment complex. Brenda was very accommodating, all the staff was nice and the rent and apartments are nice! It's has a good location by a elementary school, the nugget, and target and the complex itself is nice with lots of trees. We chose this place in the beginning because it allowed pets, a 9 month lease and was a really good price for the quality. We would have loved to stay if only it was slightly closer to campus and if we didn't get a great deal on a house. Also unlike many places in Davis we got most of our security deposit back and Brenda was very clear about what we should do during move out and what possible charges could be. Overall 10/10. We will miss this place —7seasailing

2015-09-16 14:26:31   Several uptread comments mention this pollution hazard - problematic safe, healthy air quality from cross-over in the shared air (wall) ventilation system. There are excessive obnoxious cooking fumes, smells of burnt fats or oils, heavily exhausted getting crossed-over from one apartment to another. This might be considered comparable to a restaurant public safety ventilation problem. When it is becomes intense: it is recognized as acrolein, the smell of burnt fats or oils (used for grenades during World War I, because it caused irritation to the lungs and eyes) Single students and student couples may not have much time for cooking but some family residents do cook enough to create problematic cross-over ventilation. Air quality issues can be extremely varied from apartment to apartment depending on your neighbor's lifestyle. —viewer