El Patio sign and restaurant - photo taken Dec 2, 2010.

667 Main Street, Woodland, CA
7:00AM-9:00PM 7 Days a Week
(530) 661-9000
Price range
Cash, Check, Credit Cards, Other

El Patio is a restaurant in Woodland that serves very casual, but very good Mexican food. Seating is either outdoors or under a permanent tent-like structure. This restaurant also features drive through service.


El Patio drive through menu - photo taken Dec 2, 2010.


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2007-03-19 13:36:56   I checked out this place today — got a chicken burrito and a fish taco. The fish taco was a double-layered large soft-taco shell, with deep fried fish, white sauce, cabbage, and a mild tomato-onion salsa. The chicken burrito has very little rice or beans, but rather seems to be mostly chicken, salsa, and guac. This gives it a flavor different from most burritos I've had in this area. Both the fish taco and the chicken burrito were tasty. Also included were some small containers of spicy salsa that is excellent. Overall, a good place to eat for lunch — relatively inexpensive, with great quality vs. price ratio. I will have to come back and check out some other items on the menu. —AlexPomeranz

2007-03-19 14:58:10   Having lived in San Diego for 5 years I'm always searching for a carneasada burrito that matches ones that are so abundant down there. That is basically a burrito with only carneasada, guacamole, and maybe some cheese and pico de gallo. No rice or beans. Near Davis, El Patio is closest I've found to that. —JimEvans

2007-06-16 11:01:09   Slow service and way expensive for what you get. Chips do NOT come with burritos. They also do not have any salsa for your chips, if you choose to pay for them. Reg. Chicken Burrito, Chips (with no salsa), and a Fountain Soda will cost you over $8. Screw that! —CaseyBarc

2007-07-13 21:34:00   The fish burrito here is very, very good, and not overly expensive at $4.50. Basically, it's a tortilla filled with fish, some pico de gallo, and cabbage, along with a very tasty white sauce (no idea what it is). It typically comes with 2-4 lime wedges and a couple little containers of hot sauce. With the lime and the hot sauce, it's fantastic. —AlexPomeranz

2010-12-02 14:22:14   The carne asada fries here are very tastified! —RodneyBlackwell