There is a small room in Robbins Hall that is dedicated to the elevator. Once you walk into the building, there are about 3 or 4 stairs, and there is some ramp around back. However, I guess they decided to make the elevator wheelchair accessible. So... there is an elevator room. It used to have chairs in there, but it seems that they have since found a new home. It's kind of quirky, I suggest you check it out. Perhaps, ride the elevator up 2 feet of stairs to the first floor.


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2008-10-23 09:16:00   The elevator that connects the Bookstore with the MU Games Area has a similar short-run option for wheelchair accessibility. The doors first open to the north down in the lower level, stopping at the lane rental desk. Then you can take the elevator down another four feet or so, where the doors then open to the south at the level of the actual bowling lanes. —MattJurach