Eli Yani was a prominent political science student and ASUCD student body official, serving both as a Senator and Controller during his time at UC Davis (2007-2011). He has a lengthy and distinguished record of service and is noted for working his way up from the bottom.

During his freshmen year he began his service as an External Affairs Commissioner and intern to ASUCD Controller Paul Harms. During his time on EAC, he also worked on the Principles of One Community Executive Task Force and was one of ASUCD's signatories. He would later serve as the first Assistant ASUCD Controller. Following the Winter 2009 ASUCD Election, Yani was nominated by ASUCD President Joe Chatham and confirmed by the ASUCD Senate to the position of ASUCD Controller, the highest non-elected student position in the association. In that capacity, he wrote and passed the 2009-2010 ASUCD Operating Budget.

During the Winter 2011 ASUCD elections, he was elected an ASUCD Senator after running a humorous campaign under the "JEW" (Justice, Equality, and Waffles) Slate. He also was the Most Hated Person on Campus in that election, getting 150 last place votes. Despite the humor of his campaign, his unparalleled body of experience and ASUCD insight won him the California Aggie's top endorsement.

He is also a member of the Phi Alpha Delta (PAD) Law Fraternity. He pledged and was initiated during the Spring 2008 quarter and would go on to serve as the fraternity's Treasurer during the 2009-2010 academic year. With his election to the ASUCD Senate he joins the ranks of past PAD Senators including: Lula Ahmed-Falol, Tracey Zeng, Sergio Blanco and Naomi Amaha.

He studied abroad at Hong Kong University during the Fall 2010 quarter.

Eli is currently pursuing a Masters of Pacific International Affairs at the UCSD School of International Relations and Pacific Studies.

His personal page can be found at: EliYani