The Elmendorf Beast was a beast in Texas that couldn't be positively identified after being fatally shot in Texas. It was a blue, hairless creature that closely resembled a chupacabra. Or it may have been a werewolf that was killed during metamorphosis. Although the truth may never be known, some DNA tests have suggested that it was either a coyote or dog with mange. A DNA sample was sent to the UC Davis VMTH that ended up being inconclusive. Other DNA samples were sent to laboratories in Quebec, New York City and, of course, Texas.

Some more information can be found on the Wikipedia article, but the linked media has gone the way of the farofour bird. Even the official site is down, which may indicate the beast's relatives are now hunting down and slaying websites documenting their fallen cerulean brethren.

Some say that the beast's ghost runs through the Morris Fountain when the moon is full.