South Davis
Less than 100 people
Past Residents
MikeyBurke, Jerry, DanMasiel, GonzaloEyzaguirre, BudCutino, Brett Hart, RishiTrivedi

The empty house had nothing but a stereo in it, hence it was named 'Empty House'. Eventually it had couches and a kitchen table. It was also known as the house 'with the pool table'. The garage was almost a complete music studio as well as a place to crash after parties. GnarToon liked to party at Empty House!

  • Canseco played one of their first shows in the living room.
  • PBUHKGHGH would rock blackstonergoredoomthrashpowerdeath metal daily in the garage.

Empty House was also home to Keith the Dog. He shared a room with Mike.

An inside view of Empty House:

Brett doing graphic design and being a stud AT THE SAME TIME
That's bud. Bud likes certain things and doesn't like others

BudCutino and DanMasiel used to live here until they were banished in what has come to be known as the "Great Cultural Revolution of '04". Screams of the innocent victims of that dark summer can still be heard in the long dark hallways of Mt. Haus.

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