Website (UC Davis Student Chapter)
Faculty Adviser
Greg Pasternack
Jason Emmons

The Environmental & Water Resources Institute (EWRI) Student Chapter brings together UC Davis students, interested individuals, and professionals to promote the sustainable use, conservation, and protection of environmental resources such as water. To orientate and prime the next generation of professionals in their knowledge of current water related issues and scientific explorations in preparation for careers in water resource related fields; especially with regard to technical expertise and public policy for creating ingenuous and environmentally sustainable solutions. While at the student level, the focus for the student chapter is to groom scholars for meeting with professionals, gaining invaluable opportunities for collaboration through internships, and helping them focus their studies on real-world applications to confront the problems of today.

This is the closest thing UC Davis has to a hydrology club and seems to fill the vacuum left by the currently inactive LAWR/ESP-sponsored Environmental Science Club. Of course, the organization welcomes folks from all majors.


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