For better or for worse, this academic program no longer exists at UC Davis.All information here is for historical reference only.
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Merlyn Potters (advisor):

Environmental and Resource Sciences (ERS) used to be the general environmental science major at UC Davis. It was offered by the Department of Land, Air, and Water Resources, which is part of the College of Ag.

Sometime in early 2008, the higher powers decided to fold (or rename, depending on how you want to look at it) the program into the Environmental Science and Management. The 08–10 General Catalog states that that the major will be discontinued as of Fall 2008, though a select few (like AlisaKim) snuck in just in time, most likely because it still appeared on the new student application back in November 2007.


The ERS major has a base as a general environmental science major, but allows students to pick specializations such as soil science, hydrology, atmospheric science and geographic information systems (GIS) / remote sensing. The major is sponsored by the Department of Land, Air, and Water Resources, which belongs to the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

Official Description

The environmental and resource sciences major is a program for study of the biological, chemical, and physical features of environmental resources, and the economical and social considerations associated with their use, conservation, protection, and management and restoration. Students who choose this major include those with an interest in careers associated with environmental resource utilization and management, as well as those pursuing post-baccalaureate, academic, or professional training.

The Program. The curriculum for the major provides flexibility in meeting individual needs, interests, and objectives. At the same time, certain courses are required in the basic physical and biological sciences areas. Upper division general environmental resource sciences courses, a resource economics course, and a specified number of units of environmental and resource-oriented courses are required for all students in the major. Students select environmental and resource-oriented courses in consultation with and approval of the student’s adviser. Considerable care should be taken to ensure effective utilization of the flexibility of the major, and to meet individual academic and career objectives. Students may specialize their study by selecting one of the options within the major or, in consultation with their adviser, pursuing other specializations. — (Description from LAWR ERS website).