The Reason

Have you ever needed a piece of equipment or a special tool for loan to get your project done on campus and can't buy one yourself? This is always an issue with limited budgets and no easy way to communicate with other labs and departments to try an borrow the item. It is highly probable that the item you are looking for is sitting somewhere unused on campus. This page and associated email list will hopefully help alleviate this issue and help labs better connect so we can borrow tools and equipment from each other. If there were a database of tools and equipment on campus (there probably is one somewhere), that folks could search we could easily facilitate some exchange (either for loan or for rent), but for now maybe we can use this wiki page and email list to act as a database of sorts.

The Email List

The email list can be used much the same way as a Freecycle list or Craigslist free section. Folks can subscribe to the list and post requests and lists of available tools and equipment that they have.

To join, send and email to with a single line in the body of the email: "sub equipshare firstname lastname"

For requests your email subject line should look like this: "[Wanted] Stroboscope" or "[Wanted] Small test tubes"

For available tools your email subject should look something like this: "[Available] Sports Bio Lab: torque wrenches, radar gun"

The Wiki Page

This page can also act as a database or sorts for equipment availability. Just post what your lab has available for short term loans or rent.

Available Tools and Equipment

The Gravel Detection Lab (an example)

Contact Info
Phone: 530-752-5555
Stuff for loan
gravel hardness measurement device
gravel shovel
gravel sorter
Stuff for rent
Gravel mini bulldozer


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2013-04-14 20:05:27   Is this open to anyone in Davis or just for students and faculty? —JoshuaRestad